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"Party With a Pony" is the second episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered as a special preview on Disney Channel on January 18, 2015, and on Disney XD on March 30, 2015.


Star's best friend from her home dimension pays a visit and feels threatened by Star's new friendship with Marco.[2]


At the Diaz Household, Marco makes a plateful of his "super awesome nachos", which Star calls "triangle food". Before Star can try one, they are interrupted by a knock at the door. When Marco answers; no one is around at first, but the sudden appearance of a floating, talking unicorn head startles him. Star recognizes the visitor as her old friend Flying Princess Pony Head ("Pony Head" for short).

Pony Head invites Star out for a night of fun, and Star brings along Marco, who she introduces as her "best friend" (to Pony Head's chagrin). Marco isn't sure about coming along, but Star convinces him by pouting. Pony Head uses a pair of dimensional scissors to open a portal, and before she joins Star and Marco inside, she looks around to make sure no one is following them. As soon as their portal closes, another one opens, and three men in masks appear. One of them finds glitter on the ground, indicating that "she was here".

Marco, Star, and Pony Head end up at the Bounce Lounge, a dance club in the clouds. Star warns Marco to stay away from the edge, and Marco sees a skeleton impaled by spikes below. Star drags Marco and Pony Head into a photo booth for the three to take some group photos. When she leaves the booth so Marco and Pony Head can take some photos with just the two of them, Pony Head makes it clear that she doesn't like Marco, calling him "Earth Turd", and threatens to skewer him with her horn if he ruins this night for her.

Marco approaches Star on the dance floor and tries to warn her about Pony Head, but Pony Head suddenly shoves him aside and nearly pushes him over the edge of the clouds. Star saves him from falling, and Marco tells her it was Pony Head's doing, but Star explains it as simply being Pony Head's wild dancing. Marco also tells her about Pony Head's behavior in the photo booth, and Star admits that Pony Head can be possessive. Star suggests to Pony Head that they go to the Amethyst Arcade, but Pony Head still wants to dance. When she sees the three masked men from before appear, she quickly opens a portal to the arcade.

At the Amethyst Arcade, a large gaming arcade, Star suggests that Marco and Pony Head play Lance Lance Revolution, and their match is considerably heated. Star notices Marco getting sweaty from the game and goes to get some icicles. Meanwhile, the men in masks approach one of the nerdy square-shaped arcade patrons and ask if he's seen Pony Head. Pony Head hears their voices, and her shock and dismay cause her to lose the game against Marco. She goes up to Star at the icicle stand and pressures her into leaving for another club. Before Star can fetch Marco, Pony Head tells her Marco already went on ahead. They leave the arcade through a portal. Marco, having been left behind, wins again at Lance Lance Revolution. He notices that Star and Pony Head are gone, and the masked men surround him.

At another club called the Scum Bucket, Star doesn't see Marco anywhere, and Pony Head admits to leaving him behind. Star gets upset with Pony Head for abandoning Marco and lying, and Pony Head realizes how important Marco is to her. Back in the Amethyst Arcade, the masked men interrogate Marco about Pony Head's whereabouts. Star and Pony Head return to the arcade to rescue him. Pony Head gives Star her dimensional scissors and reveals herself to the masked men. As they chase her around the arcade, Star unties Marco. Pony Head avoids the masked men by blasting the arcade machines and crystal stalactites with magic. They eventually corner her, and Star and Marco leap to her rescue.

Before a fight breaks out, Pony Head's father King Pony Head appears. Pony Head reveals to Star that she's being sent to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses and wanted to have one last night of fun with her best friend. Star thanks Pony Head for helping to save Marco, and Pony Head begrudgingly accepts that Marco is Star's other best friend. After a group hug between Star, Pony Head, and Marco, the masked guards of St. Olga's school drag her off. Marco bids her good luck, and Pony Head thanks him, calling him by his name instead of "Earth Turd". The guards, Pony Head, and King Pony Head leave through a portal.

Star is happy that Marco and Pony Head are friends now. Marco is worried that they're stuck in the Amethyst Arcade dimension, but Star reveals Pony Head's scissors, saying they can now go anywhere they want in the universe. Marco says he knows just the place they can go, and the two of them return home to watch TV and eat nachos.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 派對與小馬頭 Party With Pony Head
Dutch Party Met Een Pony Party With a Pony
French Mes Meilleurs Amis My Best Friends
German Die Partynacht The Party Night
Hebrew מסיבה עם פוני A Party With a Pony
Hungarian Parti a pónival Party With the Pony
Indonesian Berpesta dengan Seekor Poni Party with a Pony
Italian I Migliori Amici Best Friends
Japanese ポニーとパーティ Party With a Pony
Korean 포니헤드 Pony Head
Polish Impreza z kucykiem Party With a Pony
Portuguese (Brazil) Festa com um Pônei Party With a Pony
Portuguese (Portugal) Festa com um Pónei Party With a Pony
Romanian Petrecere cu un ponei Party With a Pony
Russian Вечеринка с пони Ponies Party
Spanish (Latin America) De Paseo con un pony Walk With a Pony
Spanish (Spain) De fiesta con un pony Partying With a Pony
Thai ปาร์ตี้กับม้าน้อย Party With a Pony
Turkish Pony ile Parti Party with Pony
Ukrainian Вечірка з Поні Party with Pony


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  • A working title for this episode was "When Star and Marco Party With a Pony" before being shortened.[3]
  • One of the photos in the photo booth is decorated with the word "kawaii", which means "cute" in Japanese.

Revelations and continuity



  • In one of the photos taken in the photo booth, Pony Head's one open eye has a heart pupil instead of a star.
  • When Pony Head and Marco play Lance Lance Revolution, Pony Head uses a red lance and Marco uses a blue lance, but in the game, Pony Head's avatar has a blue lance and Marco's has a red lance.
  • When Pony Head crashes through the squares, there are five, but there are four when they fall to the floor. In addition, the bright green square's bangs are gone, and the blue square is an 'L' shape.
  • Pony Head's star pupils are missing in one shot where Star and Pony Head hear King Pony's Head's voice.


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