Worst. Song. Ever.
―Star Butterfly[src]

"Perfect Princess Moon" is a song featured in "Face the Music". It is Queen Moon Butterfly's "Princess Song", written and performed for her Song Day Festival before becoming Queen of Mewni.


Perfect Princess Moon
She's great in every way
Everything she says and does
Is absolutely right

Her hair is silky soft
Her favorite color's pink
She flosses every day
And she never needs to sleep!

The perfect Princess Moon
She's nice in every way
Always in a sunny mood
Even on the cloudy days

Her sugar-coated heart of gold
Will make everything fine
She plays with puppies and kisses kitty cats
Eats her veggies and smells like lavender

Perfect Princess Moon
She's a fan of smiles
Perfect Princess Moon
Will be our que-ee-e-e-e-een!


  • On the BMI Music Repertoire website, this song is listed as work #24607797 and 24607798.
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