The Pie King is the duplicitous ruler of Mewni's Pie Island, the home of the Pie Folk, who appears in "Escape from the Pie Folk".


The Pie King is an adult man with cream-colored skin, short green hair, black eyes, a long and pointy nose, a very thin handlebar mustache, and a short, pointy beard. He wears a white, long-sleeved shirt with pink collar and light-blue waistband, purple pants, a dark-purple boot on his left foot, a purple eye patch over his left eye, and a pink (or sometimes white) chef's hat - under which he wears a small gold crown. He also has a false right hand and a spatula for a right foot.

When first introduced, the Pie King wears the disguise of a short, chubby-faced man with cream skin, turquoise hair with a receding hairline, a thin mustache, and black eyes.


Like other Pie Folk, the Pie King is very deceitful by nature, pretending to be a kind and sympathetic person in order to lure in visitors of Pie Island and auction them off into forced servitude. He is also very flamboyant in his mannerisms.


In "Escape from the Pie Folk", the Pie King first appears before Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, and River Butterfly in disguise. When the three visit Pie Island in search of the missing Moon Butterfly, he pretends to be a short and friendly Pie Folk villager trying to warn them about the other Pie Folk's scams. However, he later reveals himself to be just as much of a scammer when he captures Star, Marco, and River and auctions them off to be pie-making servants.

Later in the episode, when Star, Marco, and River find an amnesiac Moon baking pies with the Pie Folk, the Pie King appears again, revealing his true identity as ruler of Pie Island. He explains that Moon, whom the Pie Folk refer to as the "Sky Baker", fell to Pie Island from the sky some time ago with no memory of who she was. The Pie King reveals further that Festivia Butterfly was originally from Pie Island, meaning all members of the Butterfly family that succeeded her (Moon and Star included) are descended from Pie Folk.

Despite the Pie King's assertion that Moon is free to leave whenever she pleases, he is clearly intent on making her stay. When she decides to leave with Star and the others, the enraged Pie King orders his subjects to stop them. Just before he can bomb them with a strawberry death pie, Ruberiot and Foolduke arrive to save them.


Season 4


S4E2 Pie King 'ready for your last meal?'
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  • The Pie King is voiced by Tony Hale, best known for his roles as Buster Bluth on Arrested Development and Gary Walsh on Veep.
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