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Episode begins with a flashback on Mewni, outside Solaria's village. A battle ensues in the village.
Mina Loveberry Rags for sale. Get your lightly-used rags here. Oof!
A giant spider appears roaring behind Mina.
Mina Oh, corn!
Solaria Butterfly Halt, vile monster! Prepare for justice!
Solaria battles the spider monster.
Solaria Hi-yah!
Spider monster [screeches]
Camera pans to Mina Loveberry. Then, camera pans to Solaria with young Eclipsa.
Eclipsa Butterfly [cooing]
Solaria Crawl back to the pit from whence you came! I, Queen Solaria, herby claim this village for Mewmankind!
Eclipsa [cooing, chuckles]
Spider monster Hmm, fine, I'll go. [crying] Maybe you shouldn't build your village on my nest. You ever think of that?
Crowd [cheering]
Woman That's actually pretty helpful.
Solaria Citizens! Too long you have lived under the monsters' reign of terror. I am forming a new, volunteer army to remove this monster threat once and for all. Now, who among you will join me?
Eclipsa [giggles]
Woman Uh... do we have to?
Solaria What?
Woman We're pretty used to this by now. It's fine.
Solaria It's not fine.
Man #1 Plus, shouldn't you be doing, like, queen stuff?
Man #2 Yeah, seems like a lot of work.
Man #3 Yeah, I gotta get back to work, man. I gotta do my laundry.
Man #1 I have to go to the bathroom.
Solaria Well, there you have it, Eclipsa.
Eclipsa [gurgles]
Solaria Another village seemingly unconcerned with rampaging monsters.
Eclipsa [chuckles]
Solaria Oh, yes, you're so sweet. Let's go get a Snookers. You want a Snookers?
Mina Your majesty? For what it's worth, I thought your speech was real neat. You must be the strongest queen ever, standing up to all those monsters!
Solaria So, there is someone brave enough to step forward.
Eclipsa [babbles]
Solaria Peasant girl, will you volunteer to be my first Solarian warrior?
Mina Aw, jeez, I'd love to, but I'm just a simple rag peddler. [gasps] Oh!
Solaria [grunts] No. I see your conviction. Your love for your kingdom. You are exactly the kind of soldier I'm looking for.
Mina But I've never fought anyone before.
Solaria That is no matter. I do not ask for strength. I ask only that you believe in me.
Mina I do believe in you.
Solaria Then swear yourself to me, and I will make you the fiercest warrior Mewni has ever known.
The rooster crows behind Solaria. Scene cuts to present day - Mina hears the rooster crow in the distance.
Mina [demonic-voiced] Time to fulfill my oath!
Scene cuts to the Monster Temple.
Moon Butterfly Star, I know it must seem crazy that Mina's working for me. But let me explain.
Star Butterfly You...TRAITOR!!!!!!
Star immediately transforms into butterfly mode and starts casting different spells in different directions. Marco, Eclipsa and Moon take cover from the debris.
Moon [turns into butterfly mode] I know what this looks like, but you have to understand.
Star Understand what?!
Star casts different spells at Moon. She blocks the spells again.
Moon [gasps] Mina was already planning to overthrow Eclipsa. Trust me, I stopped her from doing far worse.
Star So you start a revolution behind my back?!
Star casts different spells once again.
Moon The one who started this was her!
Moon points at Eclipsa, but accidentally casts a spell that nearly hits her.
Moon Oh, dear! That was an accident.
Star Pfft. Accident. Like anyone's gonna believe that.
Moon [sighs; returns to normal] Star, I know you trust Eclipsa. I trusted her once, too. Look where that got me.
Eclipsa I beg your pardon?
Moon You're the reason I was lost in the magic dimension. You're the reason I was separated from my family from my daughter!
Eclipsa That was an accident, Moon. You know that. And Star can take care of herself. She's far wiser than we were at her age.
Moon I'm not going to argue about this, Eclipsa. I'm here to offer you a deal.
Star Deal? [Star flies down and returns to normal] Mom, what are you doing?
Moon Surrender the crown to me. In return, I'll call off Mina and my Solarian warriors.
Eclipsa So you're the one who created the warriors. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
Moon After that, I'll heal Globgor at the magic sanctuary, and you and your family will be free to live in any dimension of your choosing except this one.
Eclipsa And if I don't do what you're asking? What then?
Moon Things could get worse.
Eclipsa is about to hand Moon her parasol.
Marco Diaz [gasps]
Star No!
Eclipsa It's all right, Star. I tried my best, but it appears my best wasn't enough.
Star What?
Moon picks up the wand out of Eclipsa's hand, and it transforms into her Royal Magic Wand. Then, scene cuts flashback to Solaria's village.
Villagers [screaming]
Scene transitions into a crystal ball, while takes place inside the Bureaucracy of Magic.
Rhombulus Yeah! We're number one! We're number one! Eat this, Eclipsa! Not so fancy now, are ya? Wooo! Pizza party!
Hekapoo Who let him have soda?
Rhombulus uses snake hands to eat plenty of pizza.
Hekapoo Hey, watch it! You're making a mess.
Rhombulus Huh? A mess? [mocking] Oh, no! Please don't arrest me! [snakes laughing] - No, not the dungeon again.
Hekapoo Isn't this a little premature? Eclipsa hasn't even surrendered yet, and the last time I tried to contact Mina, she just sent back a bag of old jelly beans.

I don't know what that means.

Sean Well, it's only a matter of time, isn't it? I'm just excited for things to go back to the way they were in the good ol' days.
Rhombulus The Magic High Commission is back in the game, baby!
Omnitraxus Prime We'll be back to our glorious schedule of weekly meetings with the queen, and the pre-meetings and the meetings to schedule meetings, and the post-meeting and the bi-monthly meeting to discuss the productivity of our meetings as well as checking the notes to accurately record the minutes of - what are you doing to that pizza?
Rhombulus I'm eating it!
While Omnitraxus is still talking, Hekapoo uses the scissors to open a dimensional portal and goes though, leaving a duplicate to take her place. Then, scene cuts to the Monster Temple. Eclipsa opens the door and comes inside with Meteora.
Eclipsa Knock-knock.
Star also comes inside and borrows Meteora.
Eclipsa I'll only need a minute.
Moon comes inside.
Eclipsa How are you holding up? I think I found a way to keep us all safe. We'll be giving up a lot, and but since when has our relationship ever been easy?
Meteora Butterfly Papa.
Star Oh, he's really, really not looking so good.
Moon No, he's not. But this will all be over soon.
Star Mm-hmm. And the monsters? Are you gonna stop attacking them, too?
Moon I never told the soldiers to attack the monsters. You know how overeager Mina can get. But I would not attack innocent civilians.
Star I don't know. Doesn't seem too off-brand for you at this point.
Eclipsa I'm doing this for us, Globgor. [kisses] Be back in a jiffy.
Moon uses a lever to open the roof of the Monster Temple, while Star, Eclipsa, Meteora, and Marco are sitting in a stump.
Star So, you're just gonna leave Mewni.
Eclipsa I'm sorry, Star. I know you've tried so hard to help me. But right now, what's best for Mewni is that my family leaves.
Moon Eclipsa's right, Star. As queen, it is your duty to do what is best for your people even if they end up hating you for it.
The rooster crows.
Moon [gasps]
Mina appears dressed up as an armor of herself.
Mina What's up, scalawags? Looks like time's up!
Mina squishes a rooster, and throws it away.
Mina Now, the fun begins.
Mina removes the helmet of an armor to examine Moon.
Mina [grunts] So, you've captured the monster smoocher, did ya? [laughs] Did she put up a fight? Gonna make a necklace out of all the teeth you knocked out?
Moon No, Mina. Eclipsa has chosen to surrender.
Mina Of course she's agreed to surrender. She's a coward and a traitor to her mother's legacy.

Now, if you don't mind, Moon, I'm gonna need ya to scoot to the side a little.

Moon I wait, what?
Mina You know, just scootch a little so I don't accidentally get ya when I run her through with my sword and all.
Marco Huh?
Star and Eclipsa What?
Moon That won't be necessary. Eclipsa is here to officially announce her resignation. You are your troops may stand down. Oh, to be perfectly honest, at this point, I'll I'll skip the speech and be on my way.
Mina No one's going anywhere! Where's Globgor, you monster fangirl?
Moon Globgor is no longer your concern, Mina. He will be leaving Mewni along with Eclipsa and Meteora.
Mina Ugh! But you're letting them off too easy! What about your army, huh?! We all swore an oath to protect Mewni. To get rid of all those dirty monsters and make life good again for the real Mewmans!
Woman #2 You tell 'em, sister!
Moon This was never about hurting monsters, Mina. Now, for the last time, stand down! I gave you all your powers, and I can take them away.
Mina Oh, I'll stand down, all right. Right after we round up all the monsters and shove 'em all off the cliff. They're all gonna be like, "Oh, oh, no. My bod." "Oh, my poor monster bod!"
Star I used to look up to this person.
Moon That's it, Mina.
Moon allures the power of her wand.
Moon Return the power paid in blood. Your essence now restored. Revoke the strength that comes in floods, and rest forevermore!
Moon tries to reverse the effects of Solaria's Solarian Metamorphosis.
Man #4 [laughs] That tickled.
Moon I don't understand.
Mina [laughs]
Moon [gasps]
Mina Did you really think that would work? You may have created the warriors, but we pledged our loyalty to Queen Solaria.
Mina's warriors' armors bang the metal of their chest.
Moon What?
Mina Now then, my warriors, rise and assemble!
Mina's warriors get their swords to arrest every monster and monster smoocher they can find, but save Globgor for her.
Mina Arrest every monster and monster smoocher you can find, but save Globgor for me!
Moon No! This wasn't supposed to happen.
Star What did you expect, Mom? You teamed up with Mina!
Moon We have to go, now!
Mina's warriors utilize their Solarian Swords to demolish the Monster Temple.
Star, Marco, Moon and Eclipsa [scream]
Mina You mooks are also under arrest. Why? For obstructing mama's business!
Moon Mina, this is madness!
Mina No, Moon. This is justice!
Mina attacks Star, Marco, Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora with her Solarian Sword.
Star, Marco, Moon, and Eclipsa [screaming]
Star, Marco, Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora vanish through a dimensional portal.
Mina Huh? Oof!
Mina hits herself in the wall, abounded by Solarian Swords, and descends the floor. Afterward, the dimensional portal closes.
Mina Gah! Ugh! Not fair!
The Solarian Swords, along with the top of the Monster Temple, ascend.
Mina Idiots! Find Eclipsa!
Mina demolishes the entrance.
Mina Next room!
River is wearing a grizzly bear costume.
River Butterfly Hmm.
Eddie emerges the vase filled with plants.
Eddie Hello.
River Move.
Eddie Whoops-a-diddle!
Eddie pulls the lever to revolve the fireplace. Afterward, Globgor descends and lies down.
Globgor [groans]
River Globgor, you poor man. Here, take my beard meat.
Eddie Hey, now! This guy's a vegetarian, remember?
River You expect me to give him a salad when you've been sitting in it all day?
Scene cuts to a muddy forest, where Star, Marco, Moon, and Eclipsa fall through a portal.
Star, Marco, Moon, and Eclipsa [grunting, groaning]
Star [sighs]
Marco [groans] What happened?
Hekapoo I saved your butts. So, you're welcome.
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