"Pizza Party Score Selections" is a collection of musical cues heard in the episode "Pizza Party".[1] It consists of the following individual tracks:

  • "Lightly Used Rags" plays in Mina Loveberry's flashback, when Solaria Butterfly saves Mina's village from an attacking monster.
  • "Solaria's Speech" plays when Queen Solaria gives a speech to the people of Mina's village.
  • "Conviction and Love" plays when Solaria convinces Mina to become her first Solarian Warrior.
  • "Traitor Moon" plays when Star accuses Moon of being a traitor.
  • "Surrender the Crown" plays when Moon makes a deal with Eclipsa and Eclipsa surrenders the Royal Magic Wand.
  • "For Us, Globgor" plays when Eclipsa talks to the wounded and bedridden Globgor.
  • "Hating You for It" plays when Mina betrays Moon and Moon fails to take away Mina and her army's Solarian powers.
  • "Arrest All Monsters" plays when Mina commands her army to capture all the monsters and Star and her friends escape.


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