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"Pizza Thing" is the twenty-fourth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 7, 2016, alongside "Into the Wand".[3]


When Marco and Pony Head pick up a pizza for Star, the simple task becomes a disaster.[4]


The episode begins with Star and Pony Head giving each other makeovers in Star's bedroom. Star and Marco have decided to include Pony Head in their tradition of "Friendship Thursday". Unfortunately, instead of going out dancing like Pony Head hoped, the evening consists mainly of staying inside snuggled on the couch, watching telenovelas, and eating pizza.

As Marco leaves to pick up the pizza from Emilio's Pizza, Pony Head decides to follow him, eager to experience the night life that Earth has to offer. Marco reluctantly allows Pony Head to tag along, but he tells her to behave herself and that they're only going to pick up the pizza and nothing else. On their way to Emilio's, Pony Head reveals to Marco that she doesn't even know what pizza is. Before Marco can explain what it is, Pony Head is distracted by some skinny jeans in a department store window and goes to buy a pair. Pony Head's new jeans attract the attention of several fashionista teenagers, leading to an impromptu rave party on the sidewalk. Much to Marco's frustration, he is also forcibly fitted with a pair of skinny jeans.

After the party breaks up, Pony Head gets a taxi to take them to Emilio's, but they inadvertently end up stealing a civilian's car. Pony Head takes the wheel and goes on a reckless joyride across town, and she drives the car into a junkyard where it is crushed by a car crusher. Marco is considerably distressed about taking part in a carjacking, but Pony Head uses her magic to restore the crushed car to perfect condition and return it to its owner. Marco takes charge of his and Pony Head's outing and asks a nearby crane operator for a ride to Emilio's.

Upon arriving to Emilio's, Marco once again tells Pony Head to behave herself, and he finally gets his pizza from Emilio. However, when Marco points out that they aren't as many mushrooms on his pizza as there should be, Emilio becomes so offended that he decides to quit the pizza-making business, and he angrily storms off. With their TV-watching evening now ruined, Marco takes his frustrations out on Pony Head and reveals that he never wanted to invite her to Friendship Thursday in the first place.

Before their argument escalates further, a little boy arrives on a scooter. Disheartened to learn that Emilio quit his job, the boy explains to Marco and Pony Head that he likes pizza because everyone it's shared with always gets an equal portion and because it's round like the "circle of friendship". As the boy leaves, Marco and Pony Head take his words to heart and declare a truce. Working together, they make their own pizza. Some time later, Marco and Pony Head return to the house and fall asleep next to each other on the couch. Though the pizza they made turned out bad, Star is pleased that her two best friends have gotten closer.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Pizza Gedoe Pizza Thing
French Le Jeudi de l'Amitié Friendship Thursday
German Im Pizzaland[1] In Pizzaland
Hebrew שטות של פיצה The Nonsense of Pizza
Hungarian Pizzadolog Pizza Thing
Italian Il Giovedì dell'Amicizia Friendship Thursday
Japanese 完璧なピザ Perfect Pizza
Korean 피자 Pizza
Polish Pizzowa Sprawa Pizza Thing
Portuguese (Brazil) Coisa de Pizza Pizza Thing
Portuguese (Portugal) A Pizza Pizza
Russian Пицца — вещь Pizza Thing
Spanish (Latin America) En Pizzalandia In Pizzaland
Spanish (Spain) Esa Cosa de la Pizza That Pizza Thing


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  • When Marco and Pony Head watch Emilio quit, Marco's pants are his normal black ones, not the light blue skinny jeans he received earlier in the episode.
  • At the end of the episode, the spiked bracelet on Star's left wrist is gone.


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