Episode begins with Star Butterfly and Pony Head doing self-makeovers.
Star Butterfly [with styled hair and large wax lips] This is the best makeover ever!
Pony Head [with styled mane and wax lips] This princess looks fly-ayy and she's ready to partay!
Marco Diaz Ladies! What's up with your lips?
Pony Head [whips her mane] Oh, don't be hatin' 'cause we look good and you don't.
Marco What are you talking about? I look all right.
Star Marco! Why don't you tell Pony Head what we got her?
Marco Uh, we got you something special for your first Friendship Thurs—
Star [singsong] Friendship Thursday!
Pony Head Hook a girl up already!
Scene cuts to Diaz Household living room; Star, Marco, and Pony Head are on the couch in a giant snuggly.
Star It's a friendship snuggly!
Pony Head Uh... great. Uh, thanks, guys... Um, but how are we gonna dance in this?
Star We're not going dancing, silly.
Pony Head ...Excuse me, what?
Marco's phone rings.
Marco Fifteen minutes to showtime! [crawls out of snuggly] I'm gonna go get the pizza. [leaves house]
Pony Head Pi-zza?
Star Yeah! You can't watch "¡Fiesta de la Noche!" without pizza!
Pony Head Fist full of whatta-what?
Star It's this awesome telenovela about three friends that go out every night and have all sorts of fun!
Pony Head [chuckles] Okay, yeah. We're just gonna sit on the couch and watch other people party on that rectangle box thing. [laughs] Okay. Good one.
Star [giggles] Oh, yeah, baby! That's what Friendship Thursday is all about.
Pony Head ... [spits wax lips off] Uh... I have to go to the bathroom.
Scene cuts to Marco walking through Echo Creek.
BGM [[[Marco's Good Time Theme]]]
Mr. Vendrosian Hey, hey! Looking good, Marco!
Marco Thanks, Mr. Vendrosian! You're lookin' good yourself!
Bearded Hipster Hey, Marco, my watch stopped. Can you tell me what day it is?
Marco You know what day it is. [high-fives Hipster] Friendship Thursday!
Bearded Hipster Um... Uh, actually, it's my birthday. I thought you knew.
Marco runs into Pony Head, who's smiling widely and staring at him.
Marco Pony Head, please go back to the house.
Pony Head [still staring at Marco]
Marco Huh... All right, I'm gonna squeeze past you here. Sorry. [whispering] Weirdo.
Marco walks past from Pony Head, and she follows him.
Marco Pony Head... What are you doing?
Pony Head Come on! I want to see some Earthian night life!
Marco I'm just picking up the pizza and getting it back before the show starts.
Pony Head Let's go.
Marco No.
Pony Head [whining] Pleeeeease?
Marco No!
Pony Head [whining louder] Pleeeeeeeeeeease?!
Kittens and squirrels in Pony Head's eyes [whining] Pleeeeeeeeeease?
Marco [loud groan] Okay, fine! You can come.
Pony Head Yeah! Woo-hoo!
Marco Just none of that Pony Head stuff you always do.
Pony Head I don't even know what you're talking about.
Marco Just promise we're gonna go get the pizza and nothing else.
Pony Head [groaning] Fine! I pinky promise. [gagging, coughs]
Pony Head pulls a dismembered pinky on a keychain out of her mouth.
Marco I'm not touching that.
Marco and Pony Head walk through Echo Creek together.
Pony Head So, what's this pizza thing you guys keep talking about?
Marco [screeches to a halt] Whoa-a-a-a nelly! Did you just call Emilio's Pizza a "thing"?
Pony Head Uh... I guess.
Marco Emilio's Pizza is not a thing. His family has been making pizza forever. His recipes go back to a time before pizza even existed—
Pony Head [looking at store window] Oh, my goo-goo! Look at those skinny jeans! Those are some skinny, skinny jeans! Like very skinny!
Marco What are you doing?
Pony Head Okay, come on. Let me just go in and get a pair. It'll just take a second.
Marco You promised. [walking away] No distrac—
The store's entrance bell rings.
Marco Really?
Pony Head [wearing skinny jeans] Check me out, Marco!
Girl in skinny jeans Excuse me, are those skinny jeans?
Pony Head Why, yes, they are.
Girl in skinny jeans No way! I'm wearing skinny jeans!
A deejay girl starts playing electronic dance music, and Pony Head and several people wearing skinny jeans start dancing.
Partiers [cheering and hooting]
Marco Pony Head! Hey, Pony Head! The pizza! Remember?
A police siren sounds, and the music stops.
Police Officer [amplified through megaphone] Everybody, freeze! I'm shutting this party down!
The officer steps out from behind his car door, revealing he's also wearing skinny jeans.
Officer ...'Til we get Little Red Riding Hood there into a pair of skinny jeans!
Scene cuts to a little later with Marco wearing skinny jeans and awkwardly walking through town.
Marco [grunting] When you promised we would just get the pizza, how does that fit into this?
Pony Head Oh, shut up, baby girl. You know you look good. Check it out, Marco. I got us a cab.
Marco Oh. Great!
Marco and Pony Head get into the "cab"'s back seat.
Marco [to driver] Uh, we're going to Emilio's Pizza.
Driver Uh... [gets out of the car and runs away] Just take the car! Don't hurt me!
Marco I don't think this is a taxi.
Pony Head Oh, don't blame me. It's not my fault that people like to give me stuff.
Marco What did you—?!
Pony Head uses her horn magic to press down the car's gas pedal, and she speeds down the road. Other people in cars honk their horns at her as she recklessly drives past.
Pony Head Okay, Marco, tell me how to get there!
Marco Pony! You need to stop this car right now!
Pony Head Come on. Just tell me, and I'll drive us there.
Marco Stop the car.
Pony Head Tell me how to get there.
Marco Stop the car.
Pony Head But tell me how to get there.
Marco Stop the car!
Pony Head Tell me how to—
The car speeds through a chain-link fence into the city dump.
Marco [screams]
The car crashes to a stop.
Marco [stumbles out of the car] Gah! [panicked breathing, tries to conceal the evidence]
Pony Head Uh... Okay, what are you doing?
Marco We just stole this thing! I have to get rid of the evidence! We gotta get as far away from this as possible. And then report it to the police.
A crane picks up the car and drops it into a car crusher.
Marco [crying] No! No, no, no, no!
The car gets crushed into a small cube.
Marco [shrieking gasp, strangled scream]
Pony Head Aww, it's so compact.
Marco [sobbing] I'm totally going to jail!
Pony Head You're not going to jail, Marco.
Pony Head uses her magic to restore the car to normal.
Pony Head Go home to daddy, baby!
Car [honks horn, drives away]
Pony Head Okay, let's go get us another car!
Marco How about you stop doing all that Pony Head business we talked about and let me get us there?
Pony Head Fine.
Marco [to crane operator] Hey, up there! How much for a ride to Emilio's Pizza?
Crane operator Uh... 650 dollars?
Marco [sighs] Okay...
Scene cuts to outside Emilio's Pizza. The crane drives in front of the pizzeria, and Marco gets out and looks inside through the window.
Marco Okay, okay... Everything's still in order. [breathing heavily] We're here. Keep it cool—
Pony Head Oh, my goo-goo, it smells like tomatoes and cologne.
Marco [stops Pony Head] Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing? You can't just saunter in there with your... sass. This is Emilio's. E-mi-li-o's! For once today, just... let me handle this.
Pony Head ...
Marco Let me handle this.
The pizzeria's entrance bell rings as Marco and Pony Head enter, and Emilio is seen giving a pizza to a customer.
Marco [puts Pony Head on a chair] Just sit here... or float here in the corner. Don't say a word.
Emilio Hey, Marcoooooooo...!
Marco Hey, Emilioooooo...!
Both ...ooooooooooo...!
Emilio Good to see you, kid. [gives pizza to Marco] Here you go, bubba.
Marco [excited exhale] May I?
Emilio Go ahead. After it's left my oven, it's not my baby.
Marco [excited giggling, opens pizza box] ...Huh.
Emilio Everything okay?
Marco Uh, yeah. Everything's great.
Emilio Well... [sighs] Are you sure? You made that... you know, th-that face I've never seen you make.
Marco No, no. It's-it's nothing. I'll just, uh... live with it. [walks away]
Emilio Oh. Okay. [walks away]
Marco [stops walking, sighs heavily] Actually... the thing is... it's the mushrooms. There aren't as many mushrooms as they usually are.
Emilio Not as many mushrooms? Let me see it.
Marco It's-it's totally... It's not a big deal at all.
Emilio Okay. [opens pizza box] One... Two... Three...
Marco No. No, don't... don't count.
Emilio Four... Five...
Marco Please don't count.
Emilio Six... seven... eight...
Marco Okay, stop. Stop counting.
Emilio Ninety-one... Ninety-two... Ninety three...
Marco Let's not play the number game, you know?
Emilio Ninety-four... Ninety-five... Ninety-six...
Marco [sighs]
Emilio Ninety-seven... Ninety-eight... Huh. Yeah, you're right, Marco. Usually I put... put a hundred mushrooms on a pizza, but there's... there's only ninety-nine here. All this time, I thought I was making good pizza. [throws pizza in the trash] President of the United States liked it! [throws president's photo in the trash] The Nobel Peace Prize liked it! [throws Nobel Peace Prize winner's photo in the trash] None of that matters... because it wasn't good enough for Marco Diaz.
Marco [nervously] Well... don't beat yourself up about it. N-N-Nobody's perfect.
Emilio's cellphone rings, and he answers.
Emilio Emilioooo's Pizza.
Customer on phone [muffled talking]
Emilio I-I-I... Let me just stop you right there. I-I cannot take your order.
Customer on phone [muffled talking]
Emilio Well, because I cannot make a perfect pizza!
Customer on phone [muffled talking]
Emilio Oh, well, thank you. That's very sweet of you. I appreciate that.
Customer on phone [muffled talking]
Emilio I think it's very good myself, but perfection is a very high bar. So, as of right now, I quit!
Customer on phone [muffled] What do you mean you quit?
Emilio Goodbye and have a nice life!
Customer on phone [muffled] Why are you yelling at me?
Emilio I am not yelling, sir!
Customer on phone [muffled] You're definitely yelling.
Emilio No, no! You're yelling! Lower your voice! [leaves pizzeria]
Pony Head [stares at Marco]
Marco Not a word.
Pony Head I wasn't gonna say anything.
Marco You know, this is all your fault with all your Pony Head stuff.
Pony Head Ooh, excuse me?
Marco I knew Friendship Thursday wasn't your thing! TV and pizza sounds boring to you, but it's what Star and I like to do on Thursdays!
Pony Head Okay, well, why did you even invite me then?
Marco I didn't invite you! When you're around, everything goes bad!
Pony Head Why don't you just say it then?!
Marco Fine! There's no room for the three of us in this friend—!
The pizzeria's entrance bell rings, and a young boy on a scooter enters.
Boy on scooter Is Emilio here?
Marco He's gone. Indefinitely.
Boy on scooter [disappointed] Oh. Okay. ...Do you know why I like pizza?
Pony Head No one cares. There's something else going on.
Boy on scooter It's divided into equal portions so everybody gets the same amount. And it's got no sharp edges to stab someone with because it's round. Like the circle of friendship. And I like the cwust! [rides away on scooter]
Marco ...Truce?
Pony Head Truce!
Marco How do you feel about making a pizza with a hundred mushrooms?
Pony Head Oh, yeah, boy!
A montage plays of Marco and Pony Head making a pizza. Marco grabs a bag of flour from a shelf, and Pony Head tosses some eggs into a bowl. Pony Head fills a pitcher with soda, then mixes the pizza dough with her horn. Marco uses Pony Head like a rolling pin to flatten the dough. Marco spins the dough into the air, and Pony Head catches it on her horn. Marco spreads tomato sauce on the dough and grates cheese. Pony Head catches some grated cheese on her tongue and eats it. Marco tosses mushrooms at Pony Head, and she slices them with her horn. The sliced mushrooms land on the pizza. Montage ends with Marco and Pony Head smiling at each other while the pizza bakes in the oven. Scene fades to Diaz Household at night. "¡Fiesta de la Noche!" plays on TV while Star holds a slice of badly-made mushroom pizza.
Star Uh.. guys?
Marco and Pony Head [snoring]
Star Emilioooo's... [bites pizza, gags, spits] Way too many mushrooms.
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