The Plains of Time are an alternate dimension featured in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. It is where all of time itself is regulated and the history of the universe is recorded, and it is also the home of Father Time and Reynaldo the Bald Pate.


The Plains of Time largely bear the appearance of a vast desert with several bodies of water and a perpetual night sky. Clocks and hourglasses cover the entire landscape, many of which appear to be warped and melting.

The universe's time is regulated by the Wheel of Progress, a giant hamster wheel-like gear that only Father Time can push. If the Wheel of Progress stops turning, which can happen if Father Time stops running or if the "Easy Peasy Time Freezy" spell is cast, time in the rest of the universe stops moving. At the end of "Freeze Day", Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz convert the Wheel of Progress into a hamster-drawn carriage so that Father Time doesn't have to stay in one place for all eternity.

The rivers and streams of water that line the Plains of Time make up the Pocketwatch Rapids. Stepping onto the timepiece floaters in the water cause beings not native to the Plains of Time to instantly age up or down.

The Memoratorium is where all history in the universe is recorded. It is a large building with walls lined with television screens and an eyeball camera that extends out of the ceiling. Whoever looks into the camera is shown the history of their life on the screens.

Below the surface of the Plains of Time is a sub-level river system that stretches across time and space. Reynaldo the Bald Pate, the ferryman of this river, ferries passengers across this river to whatever time period they wish to visit.


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  • The landscape of the Plains of Time resembles Salvador Dalí's painting The Persistence of Memory.
  • The Plains of Time are inhabited by giant versions of various animals—including geese, turtles, rabbits, and hamsters—that all wear clocks around their necks. Due to the dimension's nature, some of the animals move at different speeds than normal; for example, turtles are very fast while rabbits are very slow.
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