The Pony Head family is a royal family of unicorns that are native to Mewni.


According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, the Pony Heads live in and rule the Cloud Kingdom in the skies of Mewni just below the edge of outer space. Unlike the matrilineal Butterfly family, in which the throne is handed down from the queen to her firstborn daughter, the Pony Head family is patrilineal: the throne is handed down from the king to his firstborn son.

King and Queen Pony Head tried to have a boy, but instead ended up with thirteen girls. After their twelfth daughter was born, the firstborn, Lilacia Pony Head, was chosen to be her father's heir to the throne, and her title became "Princess Pony Head".

In "Ponymonium", the Pony Heads have dinner at their castle, and are joined by Star Butterfly. According to Pony Head, her sisters frequently plot to thwart her claim to the throne and argue over who will inherit it, with Star getting caught up in one such attempt.

In "Bam Ui Pati!", Azniss, Khrysthalle, Shonda, Shinda, and Hornanne ask Star to help get Pony Head out of bed after she loses her horn to Meteora Butterfly. However, whether or not Star succeeds in this appears to be of little concern to them.

In "The Ponyhead Show!", Pony Head's sisters help her put on her talk show from the backstage area, such as giving Eclipsa Butterfly a makeover. In "Queen-Napped", they help Pony Head pull off an elaborate queen-abduction hoax in order to boost Eclipsa's popularity. In "Cornonation", they handle Eclipsa's makeup for her queen coronation ceremony.

In "Cleaved", the Pony Sisters make a brief appearance as residents of the newly merged Earth/Mewni dimension, yelling at a helicopter after it almost collides with their castle. Like their sister, the destruction of magic hasn't affected their ability to float (or that of their cloud kingdom).

Family members

Name First appearance/
Image Name First appearance/
King Pony Head Party With a Pony King pony head Lilacia Pony Head Party With a Pony Pony Head - Goblin Dogs profile
Azniss Pony Head Ponymonium Azniss Pony Head - Ponymonium profile Angel Pony Head Ponymonium Angel Pony Head - Ponymonium profile
Khrysthalle Pony Head Ponymonium Khrysthalle Pony Head - Ponymonium profile Jan-Jan Pony Head Ponymonium Jan-Jan Pony Head - Ponymonium profile
Pamanda Pony Head Ponymonium Pamanda Pony Head - Ponymonium profile Shonda Pony Head Ponymonium Shonda Pony Head - Ponymonium profile
Shinda Pony Head Ponymonium Shinda Pony Head - Ponymonium profile Hornanne Pony Head Ponymonium Hornanne Pony Head - Ponymonium profile
Teta Pony Head Ponymonium Teta Pony Head - Ponymonium profile Chezna Pony Head I'm from Another Dimension Chezna Pony Head - theme song profile
Whistine Pony Head Ponymonium Whistine Pony Head - Ponymonium profile Pranciss Pony Head Ponymonium Pranciss Pony Head - Ponymonium profile


Season 3

Season 4


  • As suggested in "Goblin Dogs", Pony Heads have hollow bodies.
  • In the Mewni zodiac, the Pony Head aureole sign comprises birth dates from Grevanz 31 to Dartuk 25 (or August 23 to September 23).
  • According to Daron Nefcy in a Reddit AMA on August 3, 2019, "the Ponyheads evolved out of their bodies thousands of years ago through evolution because they didn't need them" and "Queen Ponyhead sadly passed away."[1]
  • Chezna is the only Pony Head family member to not appear outside of the series intro.


S3E21 Pony Head sisters sounding off one-by-one
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  1. Daron Nefcy (2019-08-03). Star vs the Forces of Evil ask me anything!. Reddit. Retrieved on 2019 August 5.
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