"Ponymonium" is the twenty-first episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 15, 2017, alongside "Death Peck".[1]


Star Butterfly is thrilled when Pony Head invites her to dinner with her sisters.[2]


Star goes to the Cloud Kingdom of the Pony Heads with a gingerbread ice cream casserole, having been invited to dinner by Pony Head. As Pony Head welcomes Star at the castle gates, she warns her that her sisters are insane and have been trying to overthrow her claim to the throne for years, even though Star remembers them always being nice to her in the past.

In the castle dining hall, Star meets Pony Head's many sisters but has forgotten all of their names, so they introduce themselves one by one. As the group sits down to eat, the sisters' father King Pony Head joins them, and he summons troughs of food from the ceiling. When Star notices an extra table setting, Khrysthalle says it's for their sister Teta, who ran away from home. The sisters start to argue over why Teta ran away, which is made worse when the twins Shonda and Shinda play their music on a record player and the youngest sister Pranciss cries about missing Teta. Frustrated by her sisters, Pony Head angrily excuses herself, and Star follows her.

In Pony Head's room, Star tries to confront her about her behavior, but Pony Head just broods and mopes about her sisters. Star returns to the dinner table and confides in Pony Head's sisters, who are just as fed up with Pony Head's relentless scorn as she is. Deciding that they don't need their oldest sister to have fun, the Pony Head sisters invite Star to have fun with them. As Star and the pony sisters braid each other's hair, the sisters consider Star as part of their family.

Because of this, they decide to let Star in on their top-secret project. The sisters plan to fake the death of their sister Teta (who is actually hiding in their closet and planning to get a new identity) and pin the blame on Pony Head so that she can't inherit the throne. Star is shocked to learn of this plan and tries to convince the sisters not to go through with it, but they refuse to change their minds. As they start to argue over which of them should be the rightful heir to the throne, Star tries to leave and warn Pony Head, but the sisters stop her and threaten to harm her if she snitches.

Just then, Pony Head enters, having overheard everything her sisters talked about and recorded it with her compact mirror. As it turns out, Pony Head only invited Star to dinner so she could get proof of her sisters' plans. Angry over being manipulated, Star is about to leave, but Pony Head tells her that, despite all the arguments they get into, she loves her sisters. Star admits she simply doesn't understand sisterhood, but Pony Head says the two of them are sisters, and they reconcile with a hug. After saying goodbye to the rest of Pony Head's family (including the king, who pleads of her to take him with her), Star flies away from the Cloud Kingdom.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Ponyverwarring Pony Confusion
Hebrew יורשת הכתר Heiress
Japanese ポニーヘッド姉妹 The Pony Head Sisters
European Portuguese Poneimónio Ponymonium
Thai ม้าวุ่นวาย Chaotic Horses


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S3E21 Star outside the Pony Heads' Cloud Kingdom
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  • The episode's title is a combination of the words "pony" and "pandemonium".
  • Star's dress in this episode was designed by cartoonist Jay Lazenby, who submitted artwork of the dress for Disney XD's "satARTday" fan art challenge.[3]
  • Pony Head's sisters appear in the series for the first time. They were first featured in Deep Trouble #1 and Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension.
    • All of Pony Head's sisters appear in the episode except for Chezna, the sister with her head sewn on a horse's body.
    • This is also the first true appearance of the Cloud Kingdom.
  • Teta's fake ID is registered to the state of California, though it is unknown how Pony Head's sisters would know of the location as it is in a separate dimension.
  • In the Latin American dub of the series, the word "Teta" on the book, was replaced by "Tita", this because "Teta" means something inappropriate for children in the region.


  • Pony Head's twin sisters Shonda and Shinda are similar to the Grady twins from the film adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining.


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