Preston Change-O is a stage magician and joy sucker who appears in "Trickstar".


Preston is a humanoid creature who bears a resemblance to an adult man. He is of very short stature, only standing about as high as Star and Marco's shoulders. He has cream skin, bushy orange hair and beard, and green eyes. He wears a white shirt, a dark blue tailcoat, gray slacks, black shoes, a black top hat, and white gloves.


In "Trickstar", Preston Change-O appears as the headlining entertainer at Sensei's birthday party. He arrives with a flashy entrance, then begins performing magic tricks for the party guests. However, as he performs, he secretly drains energy from those he performs for, which Star notices. Each time he does so, his top hat gets a little taller, and the individuals he drains energy from shed tears.

When Star catches Preston draining a large amount of energy from Sensei's body, she confronts him, and he explains that he's an interdimensional being called a "joy sucker". He is unable to create his own joy, so he absorbs a little joy from others when he does magic tricks. Star commands Preston to leave, but Preston convinces her to let him stay so that Sensei's birthday party isn't ruined. Star allows Preston to stay, on the condition that he absorb no more of the guests' joy.

However, during Preston's grand finale, he breaks his promise and sucks a lot of joy from the audience, prompting Star to intervene. At Star's provocation, not only does Preston reveal his true nature as a joy sucker, he also reveals the secrets of some of his magic tricks, much to the audience's extreme disappointment. Before the episode ends, Preston pulls off one last magic trick: vanishing after being locked in the trunk of Sensei's car.

Powers and abilities

  • Joy absorption: As a joy sucker, Preston can absorb the joy of others. This manifests as yellow energy traveling out of the victim's mouth and into Preston's. The joy is then stored inside Preston's top hat. It is unclear whether there is a limit to how much joy Preston can absorb at one time.
  • Prestidigitation: As a stage magician, Preston can perform various acts of prestidigitation, such as disappearing and reappearing, pulling objects out from behind people's ears, and sawing people in half.


Season 2


S2E29 Preston Change-O begins his grand finale
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  • Preston Change-O's name is a play on the phrase "presto change-o", which is commonly associated with performing magic tricks.
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