"Puddle Defender" is the fifth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 15, 2017, as part of the television movie Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni.[1]


Star seeks out Buff Frog to help her escape Moon's ever-protective watch.


At the Mewni Sanctuary, Star and Moon wake up to discover that the black sludge in the well of magic is overflowing and flooding everything. Unable to recover the Magic High Commission's bodies from their pods, Star and Moon escape from the Sanctuary just before it sinks into the water. To make matters worse, all of Moon's magic is now gone. As they evade another patrol of Ludo's rats, Moon seizes Star's wand before she can use it, and they try to figure out where to find another hiding place. When Star hears a frog croaking nearby, she gets an idea.

Star takes her mother to Buff Frog's house, where Buff Frog happily welcomes them. Moon is uncertain about taking shelter in a monster's home, especially one that used to work for Ludo, but she accepts that over dealing with the dangers of the forest. Inside Buff Frog's mud-filled home, Star is greeted by his growing tadpole children, but Moon is disgusted by everything she sees. When Buff Frog informs Star and Moon that Ludo has taken over Butterfly Castle, Star worries about her father, but Moon is more concerned about keeping Star safe. As Moon excuses herself to freshen up, Star asks Buff Frog to keep her distracted while she goes to destroy Toffee, and Buff Frog agrees.

When Moon returns, Buff Frog suggests they pass the time by playing a board game while Star hangs out with the tadpoles in their bedroom. Buff Frog looks through a bunch of his board games (all of which favor monsters over Mewmans) before settling on one called Puddle Defender. As the game gets underway and Star sneaks around behind Moon's back, Moon realizes that the game is biased toward monsters, and Buff Frog accuses Moon of being biased toward Mewmans. When Moon goes too far in insulting Buff Frog, he assures her that just as she would do anything to protect Star, he would do anything to protect his tadpoles. For that reason, he refuses to cover for Star any longer and locks down all the exits in his home so Star can't escape.

Star locks herself inside the tadpoles' room, furious by her mother's cowardice and Buff Frog's betrayal. Just then, Katrina, the youngest of Buff Frog's tadpoles, speaks up and reveals that she can talk, and she and the tadpoles offer to help Star escape the house. When Katrina asks Star what her plan is to defeat Toffee, Star reveals that she doesn't have a plan and intends to improvise. Despite Katrina's protests, Star sets out for Butterfly Castle, and Katrina comments to her siblings that Star is going to perish.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Plassen Verdediger Puddle Defender
French Battre en Retraite Retreat
Hebrew מגן השלולית The Puddle Defender
Japanese 親心 Parental Love
Brazilian Portuguese Defensor da Poça Puddle Defender
European Portuguese O Defensor do Charco The Puddle Defender
Thai ผู้พิทักษ์แอ่งน้ำ Puddle Defender


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S3E5 Star Butterfly hugging the tadpoles
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  • This is the last episode directed by Giancarlo Volpe before Tyler Chen took his place. This is Chen's first episode as director.

Revelations and continuity

  • Buff Frog's tadpoles are revealed to have matured and grown arms. Katrina has not grown arms, but she is the only one of the tadpoles who can speak.


  • Some of Buff Frog's board games are parodies of real-life board games: Hungry Hungry Mewmans (Hungry Hungry Hippos), Monstropoly (Monopoly), and Mewman Trap (Mouse Trap).


  • In the scene where Star says that she will play with the tadpoles in their room, all twelve tadpoles look the same, with Katrina and the two conjoined tadpoles appearing absent.


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