(theme song)
Scene opens at the Sanctuary at night. The vending machine inside is empty and beeping because it is out of order. Black ooze seeps on the floor where Moon and Star Butterfly are sleeping.
Moon Butterfly [groggily] Huh? [getting up] What is going on? Star, wake up.
Star Butterfly [awakening] Marco, we're late for school!
Moon I'm not Marco.
Star Where am I?!
The black ooze starts gushing in from multiple places.
Star Oh. Oh, no! The High Commission!
Moon Leave them! [grabbing Star] There's no time!
The two head to the door, but when Moon pushes the button, it leaks ooze and the door remains locked.
Moon There's no way out!
Star [grabs wand]
Moon What are you doing?
Star Escape Route Blast!
Her wand emits a powerful green burst which knocks a huge hole in the side of the Sanctuary. Star and Moon wash up on the shore as the Sanctuary sinks back into the depths of the water.
Star Magic is not supposed to do that.
Moon I'm not sure what that was. [attempts to cast a spell] But my magic's gone.
Star Rats.
Moon It will be okay.
Star No, [pointing] rats. We gotta hide.
Star grabs her mother and pulls her behind a log while three rats sail by on a wooden raft.
Star [grabbing wand] Narwhal–!
Moon Star, no. [grabs wand]
Star Mom, you can't take my wand.
Moon It was mine first! No more magic until we find a way to stop this.
Star I've got an idea. Let's go destroy Toffee. [laughs] Come on Mom, let's just go. Let's go kill him!
Moon Star, no.
Star Well, then what's the plan Mom? 'Cause I ain't seein' one.
Moon [sighs] Oh Star. [exasperated] I don't have a plan. I'm just trying to keep you safe, okay?
Star Okay. Well, can't stay out here.
A cobra hisses behind the log and attempts to bite Star. She promptly punches its mouth closed.
Star It's creepy.
Moon We need another hiding place.
Frog Ribbit. [pause] Ribbit.
Star [gasps] Ribbit. I think I have an idea where we can go. But you have to trust me.
The scene changes. Star is knocking on the door to Buff Frog's house. Buff Frog opens it, wearing his evening robe and underwear.
Moon [gasps]
Star Buff Frog!
Buff Frog Star Butterfly! [hugging her] Oh, my little sweet potato. It's been too long.
Moon Ahem.
Buff Frog Oh, [pulling his robe closed] Queen Moon. [bows] Greetings.
Star Mom, this is Yvgeny Bulgolyubov.
Buff Frog Ah, no, no. Please call me Buff Frog.
Star He used to work for Ludo, but he's cool now.
Moon What?!
Star Hey, Buff Frog, can we crash with you for a night?
Buff Frog Of course. I owe you for all that tadpole-sitting.
Moon Star, can I speak with you? [walking out of range of Buff Frog] We cannot stay with him. He's a monster.
Star Mom, get with the times. Not all monsters are bad. [looks at Buff Frog]
Buff Frog [smiles]
Out in the forest, a twig snaps.
Moon What was that?
Many sinister eyes in the forest peer at them.
Moon Well, it seems we have no other choice.
They begin to enter Buff Frog's house.
Buff Frog Uh, welcome to my...
Moon [walks inside, ignoring Buff Frog invitation]
Buff Frog ...home.
Star [poking Buff Frog] Boop.
Inside, Star and Moon find themselves in a puddle of mud.
Moon [gasps]
Buff Frog You're in luck. It's rainy season. [picks up mud, applying it to his head] Ah, so good for the skin. Oh, uh, no shoes in house.
Star [smiles]
Moon [scowls]
Buff Frog I am, how you say, germaphobe.
Star [throwing off her boots] Ah. I feel so free.
Star walks across the mud, and then willingly falls face-first into it.
Star [surfacing] Buff Frog, wonderful home.
Buff Frog Oh, thank you. Is a bit of a mess right now. Please take a seat.
He point to his couch which has green slugs on it.
Moon Oh! Are those... slugs?
Buff Frog Slugs keep furniture clean. I-I thought everyone knew that.
Moon I'll stand.
Star [in street voice] Yo, Buff Frog, where them babies at?
Buff Frog Oh, I just put them down for nap.
His babies come leaping out behind the couch.
Buff Frog Ahh!
Star Babies!
Buff Frog's babies leap on Star, pushing her into the mud.
Star [laughing] Oh, I missed your little baby faces so much!
The babies all reach out with their arms to hug Star.
Star [screaming with excitement] Oh, my gosh, you have little baby arms!
Buff Frog Ah, yes. All except little Katrina. She is late bloomer.
Star [picking up Katrina] Oh, you little special snowflake.
Buff Frog Babies, say hello to Queen Butterfly.
Moon That really isn't–
All the babies jump on Moon, knocking her into the mud.
Buff Frog Star, I have been so worried about you.
Star Why? I'm good.
Buff Frog Well, when Ludo took your castle, I thought, you know...
Buff Frog makes a slicing sound while gesturing across his neck.
Star Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Toffee has our castle?
Buff Frog Toffee is dead. Ludo in castle.
Star Ugh! Toffee not dead. Toffee inside Ludo.
Buff Frog Oh. That is... so creepy.
Star [gasping] Papa! Dad's still in the castle! We have to go save him.
Moon ...No.
Star [gasps, slowly] He is your husband!
Moon Star, I've made my decision. We stay here. [to Buff Frog] Excuse me. Where is your washroom?
Buff Frog Uh, washroom?
Moon Yes. I'd like to freshen up a bit.
Star She needs to make boom-boom.
Buff Frog Oh! [laughs] The washroom is out back.
Moon [blushing] Thank you.
Star I'm sorry. My mom's got... monster issues.
Buff Frog Yes, I'm getting certain... vibe from her.
Star Yeah, we all are. But, Buff Frog, I came here for a favor.
Buff Frog Of course. Anything for you.
Star I need you to hang out with my mom. I need you to keep her busy while I go find Toffee.
Buff Frog Star, Toffee is very dangerous. Do you have plan?
Star I have plan.
Buff Frog [pointing a finger at her] You have plan?
Star [pointing back] I have plan.
Buff Frog Okay. When Moon returns, I will distract her.
Moon Distract me from what?
Buff Frog Uh, from this.
Buff Frog lifts up part of his chest, revealing a Ludo tattoo with the word "Forever" written below it. Star looks shocked.
Buff Frog I didn't want you to see it. Bad choices in past.
Moon Oh. Thank you. So what do you monsters do for entertainment?
Buff Frog Uh, we could smash bugs.
Star elbows Buff Frog.
Buff Frog We could play board game.
Star Great idea, Buff Frog. And I will hang out with the babies in their room.
Star runs to the babies' room and shuts the door.
Buff Frog Your daughter is... very strange.
Moon [pause] Thank you.
Buff Frog We have many option of board game. "Hungry Hungry Mewmans!", "Mewman Slayer", "Monstropoly", "Mewman Trap", "Monster Conquerors", "Castle Crushers", "Kill the Queen", "Mewman vs. Monster"... Oh! My favorite – "Puddle Defender".
Moon Hmm, interesting.
Buff Frogg [pulling out game tokens] I like babushka monster.
Moon [picks up angry princess figure] I don't know why, but I'm drawn to this one.
Buff Frog Okay, the rules of Puddle Defender are...
Buff Frog sees Star beginning to make her stealthy escape.
Buff Frog Uh...
Star gives him a thumbs up.
Buff Frog Um... the rules are...
Moon [frustrated] Yes?
Buff Frog Uh, rules are simple. The evil bloodthirsty Mewman – that's you – must try and sneak past watchful monster parent – that's me – break into daycare, explode helpless monster babies, and turn them into stew for eating.
Moon [gasps] That is horrible!
Star snaps off a piece of cane/bamboo, which her mother hears.
Buff Frog Hey, here is dice! You roll first.
Moon [rolling] Seven. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. [sighs, draws a card] "You are filthy Mewman. Use teeth-sharpening spell for better eating of monster baby."
Meanwhile, Star swims across the mud puddle under its surface using her cane/bamboo to breathe.
Moon Really?
Buff Frog Is this fun? Heh. [rolling dice] Who will get to daycare first? [rolls five] Suspense is killing me. [drawing a card] "Congratulations." Oh. "You set a Mewman camp on fire. Collect four corn pieces from bank."
Moon [rolling] Hmm. Come on. [moves her piece]
Buff Frog Oh, you land in mud puddle. You get nothing. [rolling] Tough break.
Moon Hm. This game seems a tad biased.
Buff Frog Really? I never noticed. [moving piece] Yay! I get more corn!
Star breaks the surface of the mud, coughs, and covers her mouth. Moon turns around.
Moon Did you hear something?
Star has managed to avoid her gaze by dangling from the ceiling via a vine.
Buff Frog [sweating] I hear nothing.
Moon You know, [rolling] it's monsters that eat Mewman babies.
Buff Frog Oh, really? [rolling] Can you name a time when a monster has ever done such a thing?
Moon Well, no, but [rolling] when I was a child, we played a game called "Castle Defender" about Mewmans protecting our babies from ravenous monsters.
She moves her piece forward and knocks a frog game token.
Moon That idea had to come from somewhere.
Buff Frog [rolling, smirking] Because it was in a children's board game?
Moon [rolling] I just think that monsters would have less of a reputation if they didn't act so bloodthirsty all the time.
Buff Frog [rolling, angrily] Monsters only act that way to protect their babies from Mewmans. You may not understand, but monsters will do anything for our children.
Moon Don't talk to me about what I'm willing to do! Why do you think I'm here in this swamp? To protect Star from Toffee! Don't you think I'm worried to death about my husband? But I have to keep my child safe at all costs! Something you probably wouldn't understand, [now yelling] because you're a monster!
Buff Frog [throws game board, yelling] You insult me, Queen Moon! My buffbabies, they are my life. And that is why... Star Butterfly!
Buff Frog whips around, pointing at Star who's know right at the doorway. She freezes.
Buff Frog I will not help you escape!
Moon Star!
Star Buff Frog!
Buff Frog Star will be safe here.
Buff Frog pulls a handle from the ceiling, which springs all kinds of traps into place around his house, effectively locking it down.
Buff Frog Keeps babies in and dangers out.
Moon I should have realized. But of course. You're a parent too.
Star I can't believe you're taking her side!
Buff Frog and Moon [yelling, pointing] Go to your room!
Star angrily stomps to the other side back to the babies' room.
Buff Frog Kids.
Cut to Star and the tadpoles in the other room.
Star [pacing around and around, muttering] Scared ol' mama. Two-timing Buff Frog. What's their plan, huh? Just avoid your problems to death? Great plan. It's a terrible plan. I've got plans. I've got big plans. But no, they stuck me in here.
Star punches a mud wall; her fist gets stuck in it.
Katrina We can help you.
Star Not now, I'm thinking. Who said that?
Katrina It was me, Katrina.
Star [gasps] You guys can talk?!
Katrina Just me so far. I haven't told my dad yet. There's something else I haven't told him.
All the buffbabies move a toy chest, revealing a hole in the ground.
Star [gasps] Holy moley!
Katrina Sometimes you just gotta sneak out to the club and go dancing.
Star I feel ya, girl.
Scene changes to the other end of the tunnel.
Star All clear.
The babies and Star jump out of the hole.
Star Wow. We made it.
Katrina So, what's the big plan?
Star What plan?
Katrina The plan for beating Toffee?
Star [laughs] Oh, right. I don't have one.
Katrina Wha...?
Star Yeah, planning's not really my thing. I kinda just go for it.
Katrina That is a terrible plan!
Star Oh, my precious little ribbit babies. Don't you worry.
Katrina I'm very worried.
Star I'll see you after I destroy Toffee.
Dramatic music plays as Star walks toward the castle.
Katrina Hmm. She's gonna die.
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