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"Queen-Napped" is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 14, 2019 alongside "The Knight Shift".


Star and Marco have to rescue a kidnapped Eclipsa.


When Queen Eclipsa's monster servant Archibald delivers morning tea to her bedroom, he finds the room ransacked with a taunting message on the wall, indicating Eclipsa has been kidnapped. As Star, Marco, Janna, and Pony Head wonder who is powerful enough to do that, the mail monster delivers Star's mail, including a bill from Reflectacorp for the TV broadcast equipment she destroyed in "The Ponyhead Show!" Star uses the All-Seeing Eye spell to try and locate Eclipsa, and she finds her tied up somewhere, surrounded by fire, and with a squid-shaped mask over her eyes.

Eclipsa's kidnappers—a group of people wearing black cloaks and skull masks and calling themselves the "Inner Circle"—demand a thousand pounds of gold by midnight in exchange for her release, and they threaten to kill Eclipsa if Star keeps using the All-Seeing Eye to spy on them. Because Pony Head constantly posts status updates to her social media, the public already knows about Eclipsa's abduction, and Star promises to them that she'll bring Eclipsa back safely (although much of the public still hates Eclipsa and doesn't care).

Using a photo she took of Eclipsa being surrounded by fire, Janna suggests they search for her in the Underworld, but they don't find her there. The kidnappers send a photo to Star's phone showing them and Eclipsa somewhere that's dark, instructing her to search in "the place where people lie but don't speak". They deduce this riddle to be referring to a graveyard. While searching for Eclipsa in the Mewni Cemetery, Star and her friends are attacked by the assassin Babs, who gives them the next clue by bow and arrow: a photo of Eclipsa surrounded by water and a riddle that says "I watch you from the water, but I never get wet".

On the shores of the Waterfolk Kingdom, Star meets a couple of merpeople who have become deeply invested in Pony Head's live-stream of their search for Eclipsa, which Star believes is how the kidnappers keep outsmarting them. She uses a conch shell to summon Prince Larry Kelpbottom of the Waterfolk and accuses him of being the mastermind behind Eclipsa's abduction, but Larry doesn't know what she's talking about. When Star sees her reflection in the water, she realizes the answer to the last riddle isn't the Waterfolk—it's a person's reflection. She shows her friends the bill from Reflectacorp, which shows a debt of one thousand pounds of gold (the same amount as Eclipsa's ransom), and she realizes Pony Head's boyfriend Seahorse is the true mastermind.

At the Reflectacorp warehouse, Star and the others find Eclipsa tied up in a chair. When they pull the squid-shaped mask off her face, she gets upset at them. Seahorse appears and explains that the mask is actually a prototype virtual reality helmet and that Eclipsa was just playing a video game, and the environments she appeared in were images displayed from a projector. The Inner Circle appears and removes their cloaks and masks, revealing themselves to be the Pony Head sisters. It is revealed that Pony Head herself orchestrated the entire kidnapping in order to boost Eclipsa's popularity like she promised in "The Ponyhead Show!"

Thanks to Pony Head's social media updates and live-streaming to the phones of everyone in Mewni, Eclipsa now has thousands of fans who are glad to see her rescued. While Star is appalled at Pony Head's awful hoax, she is satisfied with the results. Unfortunately, the bill from Reflectacorp is genuine, and Pony Head warns Star that she has to pay it or face very real consequences.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 女王誘拐 Queen Abduction
Korean 여왕 납치사건 Queen Abduction Incident
Portuguese (Portugal) O Rapto da Rainha The Queen's Kidnapping
Spanish (Latin America) Reina Secuestrada Queen-napped


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  • Some promotional art for this episode parodies the classic Scooby-Doo animated series.[citation needed]
  • The voices of Pony Head's sisters are pitched down when disguised as the Inner Circle as a hint to what's actually happening.

Revelations and continuity

  • Pony Head continues to try and increase Eclipsa's popularity since "The Ponyhead Show!"
  • Mewni introduces virtual reality games to its culture.
  • The Mewmans' opinion of Queen Eclipsa improves.
  • Pony Head frames her sisters for the kidnapping.
    • However, since her sisters were not punished, as shown in "Cornonation", unlike Seahorse, who was arrested and later placed on probation, it is likely that no one believed it and thought that Pony Head had just improvised a TV gag for her show.


  • Pony Head's sister Whistine takes part in her hoax, but she doesn't appear when Pony Head arrests her sisters.