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"Quest Buy" is the eighth episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 13, 2015, alongside "Cheer Up, Star".[1]


Star and Marco must navigate through a maze-like store, Quest Buy, to get a new wand charger before Star's wand dies forever.[2]


Marco is brushing his hair and gets it into the style he wants, then one of the dryers Star is using blows on Marco's face, ruining his work. Marco complains that Star should be more organized while cleaning the counter with his mini-vac, but Star replies back that her mess is on the opposite side of the bathroom, so it should not bother him. But then, Star's wand suddenly runs low on power. Looking for her wand charger to replenish its power, she cannot find it, and unless she does before it goes to skull, her wand will be dead forever. After Marco suggests buying a new wand charger, Star and Marco go to Quest Buy, a mall where people from different dimensions come to shop. Upon arriving, Star and Marco begin their search for the Wand Charger department, unaware that Ludo and his gang are nearby. As hard as she tries to find the department, Star unintentionally brings herself and Marco back to where they started and bumps into Ludo. Star tries to blast him and his minions with her wand, but it is still low on power. Star and Marco escape as Ludo attempts to capture them and the wand.

They make it to a map, and Marco finds out where the Wand Charger department is. They board an elevator with Ludo gaining on them. Because of technical issues, the elevator stops and Star and Marco are forced to go through the Booby Trap department, dodging axes, poison darts, and walls that close in, while Ludo's army follows them. Finally, they make it to the Wand Charger department, but Star does not think they will find the right one in time, due to there being so many different types of wand chargers. Marco decides to look for the charger while Star holds Ludo off. After a bit of searching, Marco finds the right one for Star's wand. Star quickly inserts the charger, instantly recharging her wand back to full power. As she and Marco depart, a sloth clerk calls out Ludo for making a mess and threatens him to pay for the damage.

Star and Marco return safely home and discover Star's missing charger was sucked up by Marco's mini vacuum while he was cleaning up her mess. Marco apologizes for accidentally sucking up the charger and offers it back, but Star lets Marco keep the old charger in the vacuum without holding anything against him.


Major characters

Minor characters

Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 快來買 Come Buy
Dutch Speur Markt Trace Market
French Panne de batterie Battery Failure
German Wettlauf gegen die Zeit Race Against Time
Hebrew קווסט-ביי Quest Buy
Hungarian A Hol bolt Where is the Store
Italian Shopping da Quest Buy Shopping from Quest Buy
Japanese クエスト・バイでお買い物 Shopping at Quest Buy
Korean 충전기가 필요해 I Need a Charger
Polish Andante Quest Buy
Portuguese (Brazil) Caça e Compras Hunting and Shopping
Portuguese (Portugal) Loja Mágica Magic Shop
Russian Приключенческий супермаркет Adventure Supermarket
Spanish (Latin America) Misión Compras Mission Shopping
Spanish (Spain) Outlet Magia Outlet Magic


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  • This episode was released early on, the WATCH Disney XD app, and Disney XD on Demand on April 7, 2015.
  • April Winchell guest-stars as the Riddle Sphinx.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Marco's vacuum is briefly seen sucking up Star's wand charger.

Revelations and continuity

  • This episode reveals that Star Butterfly's wand needs to be recharged, and that it is powered by a tiny Millhorse running on a treadmill in the bulb of the wand.
  • This episode shows that Marco likes to be very organized with his stuff, while Star is messy and disorganized.
  • While looking for her wand charger, Star briefly has the Viking helmet Charlie Booth gave Rafael in "The Other Exchange Student" on her head.
  • In the final scene, a book entitled "Mewberty and You" is shown on the bathroom floor, foreshadowing the episode "Mewberty".


  • The title of the episode and name of the store are allusions to the electronics retailer Best Buy.


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