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Legend says that the founders of Quest Buy had an ancient cryptic system of symbols they used to organize the store. Some have gone mad trying to decipher it.
Star Butterfly telling Marco the legend of Quest Buy[src]

Quest Buy is a maze-like retail store that is first featured in the episode with the same name. The store goes out of business and shuts down in "Out of Business".


The store has a medieval theme to it, with flags and other middle ages-style objects everywhere. The clerks are all sloths who work in different departments. There is one path that is guarded by the Riddle Sphinx. It is also shown to be quite disorganized and mixed up, which Marco quickly complains about on his first visit.

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  • The store name is an allusion to the store chain Best Buy.
  • It seems to be a very large store, as it has more than one level, and many elevators and departments.
  • "Gift of the Card" reveals that there is more than one store, as Rasticore asks Janna if Star and Marco went to "The one by the galactic vortex, or the one with the big parking lot".
  • "Trial by Squire" reveals that the store has an "annual Squire Blowout Sale", offering items for squires at a discount.
  • "Out of Business" reveals that the Quest Buy stockroom is a magical room that turns people's deepest material desires into reality, and if those people stay too long, they will eventually succumb to their desires so much that their "brains turn to goo" and they'll never want to leave.