"Raid the Cave" is the twenty-eighth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.[1]

It premiered on February 6, 2017.[2][3]


Star tries to rescue Glossaryck and the Book of Spells from Ludo.[4]


Soon after the events of "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", Star frantically packs numerous weapons and supplies into a backpack—to the point where it's too heavy for her to carry—for a rescue mission to save Glossaryck from Ludo and retrieve her book of spells. Marco comments on her going overboard and suggests informing her mother, but Star refuses out of fear of being harshly disciplined and resolves to clean up her own mess.

On Mewni, Buff Frog reads a bedtime story to his tadpoles when Star and Marco suddenly arrive through a dimensional portal. When Star mentions to him that Ludo is planning something, Buff Frog says he already explained it to her in his letters—which were too illegible for them to read. He shows Star a map he made of Ludo's lair when he previously infiltrated it and says she will not need any of the supplies in her backpack; all she needs is her magic wand.

Star and Marco storm Ludo's lair on the back of a warnicorn and fight their way past the monsters standing guard. However, the monsters don't put up a fight, calling themselves "alternative monsters" instead of fighting monsters, and they don't know where Ludo is, having moved into the cave after it was abandoned. When Star again refuses to call her mother, Marco warns that she's not "seeing the situation clearly". This gives Star the idea of using the All-Seeing Eye spell to find Glossaryck. After a little bit of difficulty with her magic, Star uses the spying spell to locate Glossaryck, who is eating a large tub of pudding in an unknown location.

Star tries to reach through the eye to grab Glossaryck, but Glossaryck says the spying spell doesn't work that way. Despite this, Star manages to "dip down" and reach her hand through the All-Seeing Eye—something Glossaryck had never seen before. Star tells Glossaryck to grab her hand, but Glossaryck explains he belongs to the book, and the book belongs to Ludo now. Regardless of Star's efforts, Glossaryck is indifferent, even questioning the concept of "friendship" between Star and himself. The All-Seeing Eye soon collapses, and Star laments to Marco that "Glossaryck is no longer on the team". The monsters from earlier come in and remark that they are big fans of Star's rebel princess reputation.

Star finally agrees to call her parents and tell them what happened. Back at the Diaz Household, she explains the situation to them over her interdimensional mirror and apologizes deeply for messing up. King and Queen Butterfly, while very shocked at first, forgive Star and say they'll handle it. After hanging up and saying goodnight to Marco, Star takes out her notebook and starts writing a new book of spells.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Grotinval Cave Invasion
French À la Recherche de Glossaryck Looking for Glossaryck
German Glossaryck braucht Hilfe Glossaryck Needs Help
Hebrew הפשיטה על המערה The Raid on the Cave
Hungarian Roham a Barlang Ellen Attack Against the Cave
Italian Incursione Nella Caverna Raid in the Cave
Japanese いざ洞窟へ To the Cave
Polish Najazd w jaskini Invading the Cave
Portuguese (Brazil) Invasão à Caverna Invade the Cave
Portuguese (Portugal) Busca na Gruta Search the Cave
Russian Рейд пещеры Raid the Cave
Spanish (Latin America) Redada a la Cueva Raid the Cave
Spanish (Spain) Asalto a la cueva Assault on the Cave


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S2E28 Star Butterfly 'my mom is gonna ground me'
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  • This is the first single episode to premiere in one day instead of two episodes in a day.
  • During the All-Seeing Eye scene, Star sees the following before finding Glossaryck:
    • A yak-like "alternative monster" tie-dyeing jeans.
    • Rafael and Angie leaning toward each other to kiss.
    • Janna pouring grease on the floor near an Echo Creek Academy classroom door
    • Principal Skeeves holding flowers while ringing someone's doorbell.
    • Tom trimming his toenails with an electric saw.
    • Marco spying on Star spying on Marco through an endless loop of dimensional windows.

Revelations and continuity

  • The musical score that plays when Star's cheek hearts glow is the same score that plays during the climax of "Storm the Castle".


  • The scene in which Star and Marco ride up to Ludo's cave on the back of a warnicorn, and to a pair of monsters they don't appear to get any closer until the last second, is a reference to a similar scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • When Marco tells Star she should do some breathing exercises, she replies, "I don't have time to breathe." This is a reference to a similar line in the movie Predator.


  • When Star accidentally spies on Rafael and Angie through the All-Seeing Eye, they almost kiss in the first shot, but in the next one, they are about to start the kiss.
  • As Rafael and Angie are about to kiss, the patterns on their shirts are missing, though they appear in an earlier shot.


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