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Episode begins at the Diaz Household. In her bedroom, Star Butterfly walks up and down the room carrying various items while Marco sits on her bed talking with Jackie Lynn Thomas on his cellphone.
Star Butterfly [straining]
Jackie Lynn Thomas [talking indistinctly on Marco's phone]
Marco Diaz Uh-huh. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Okay.
Star's stuff makes a loud crash off-screen.
Marco ...Right. Y-You know what, Jackie? Can I—call you back? [hangs up the phone] Look, Star, this is a stressful situation, I get that.
Star packs everything's she carrying into a giant backpack.
Marco But would it kill you to slow down for a second? You're going kinda overboard. [picks up typewriter and soda cup] I mean, do you really need to pack this vintage laptop and this purple-y, bubbly tea thingy?
Star takes the typewriter and soda cup from Marco and packs them into her bag. The typewriter dings.
Marco Why don't you try some breathing exercises?
Star [in a deep, dark voice] I don't have time to breathe.
Star picks up the backpack, and everything inside rips through the bag and sticks out.
Star [straining] I can't waste a... sec...ond!
Star falls over backward onto the floor.
Star [yells and flails arms and legs]
Star struggles to stand up but falls over forward.
Marco Need some help there?
Star No! I am a strong, independent warrior princess.
Star uses her magic wand to blast herself off the floor and lands in a standing position.
Marco At the very least, you should give your mom a call. [opens curtains in front of Star's interdimensional mirror] Someone has to fill her in.
Star No-no-no! You cannot call my mother. She'd kill me if she found out about this. Ludo stole my book! He... He took Glossaryck! I made this mess. And I'm gonna be the one who cleans it up.
Star assumes a heroic pose with her wand. Cut to Buff Frog's house in Mewni; a frog character in a storybook stands in the same pose as Star's from the previous scene.
Buff Frog "And so, brave Sir Croakian banished the wicked Mewmans from the land."
tadpoles appear looking sleepy. Buff Frog sits in a chair, with Katrina under his arm, reading a bedtime story to the tadpoles."
Buff Frog "From that day on, the monsters had all the corn they could eat."
Star comes through a dimensional portal and falls flat on her face. Buff Frog's tadpoles start jumping around. Marco comes through the dimensional portal.
Marco Told you your backpack was too heavy.
Star Buff Frog, I need to know where Ludo's hiding. I think he's planning something big.
Buff Frog Yes, I know. Did you not get my letters?
Star Letters? You mean these?
Star takes out Buff Frog's letters. They are largely illegible with drawings of Ludo, corn, and a skull and crossbones.
Star I thought the babies were sending us fan art.
Marco Seriously, who writes warning notes in crayon?
Buff Frog [offended] Oh, so I not go to school for learn fancy handwriting. Sorry!
Buff Frog unrolls a rolled-up map on his table.
Buff Frog I make this map when I infiltrate Ludo's lair. I mark secret entrance here.
Star Thank you, Buff Frog! This is exactly what we need!
Star rolls up the map and tries to put it in her bag, but she can't reach. She starts to fall over backward again, but Buff Frog catches her.
Star [chuckles sheepish] Uh, double thank you.
Buff Frog thinks for a moment.
Buff Frog You do not need big bag. [removes Star's bag]
Star Hey!
Buff Frog Only need wand.
Star Hmm.
Cut to exterior of Ludo's cave. Wind blows through the trees. Pan down to two monsters – a male bear and a female squirrel – standing watch outside the entrance. Something in the distance approaches the cave.
Squirrel girl Hmm...
The object in the distance gets slightly closer.
Squirrel girl Huh...
The object in the distance gets slightly closer still.
Squirrel girl [squinting eyes] Huh?
Camera zooms in on object to reveal Star and Marco riding on the back of a warnicorn and shouting battle cries. Star blasts the bear monster with her magic, and she and Marco gallop past the squirrel monster into the cave.
Squirrel girl ...Huh.
Inside the cave, Star blasts a metal chute on the ceiling to knock it loose. She and Marco jump onto the detached chute and ride it to the bottom of the corn grinder. Star blasts open a door at the bottom. Monsters stand around holding weapons.
Monsters Huh?
Star and Marco attack the monsters.
Star Cupcake Blast!
Star blasts a monster with cupcakes.
Star Tiara Tornado
Star jumps into the air and spins around shooting crowns out of her wand. Marco fights off other monsters with his karate.
Star Stardust Daisy Devastation!
Star blasts the monsters away with a burst of daisy pollen. As the monsters lie bruised and in pain, Star picks up a dwarf monster by the beard.
Star Where's Ludo?
Dwarf Who-do?
Star Don't you play dumb with me. I know he's here!
An elephant monster enters wearing a shower cap and towel, holding a scrub brush, and covered in water.
Elephant Hey, guys, I know it's lame, but we gotta make a chore chart or something. That shower is grody! [looks at monsters] Oh, no. Violence.
Star Okay, what is going on here?
Bird girl We're not, like, fighting monsters. We're "alternative" monsters.
Marco [picks up axes and spears] Then what's up with all the weapons?
Weasel girl We found them here when we moved in. They're perfect for tearing fashionable holes in clothes.
A short mole monster stretches the side of Marco's hoodie, and the weasel girl uses a spear to tear a hole in it.
Weasel girl You're one of us now, dude.
Star and Marco explore the abandoned corn mine.
Marco This place really is abandoned.
Star [groans] This was all a waste of time. Oh, poor Glossaryck. Who knows what horrible things

Ludo's doing to him?

Marco Well, you tried. And now we can both agree it's time to call your mom for—
Star For the last time, Marco, we're not calling my mom!
Marco Whoa, hey! Calm down. You're not seeing the situation clearly.
Star Seeing clearly? ...That's it. I'll use the spying spell!
Marco Since when do you know a spying spell?
Star Uh... since I learned it. A while ago. You weren't there.
Star pushes Marco through a door opening.
Star And I need to do it alone. No distractions!
Star slams the door closed, keeping Marco out. Next to Marco, a yak monster dyes jeans in a washbucket.
Yak Nice jeans, dude. Can I dye them for you?
Marco Hard pass.
In the other room, Star takes out her wand.
Star I summon the All-Seeing Eye to tear a hole to let me spy. Or was it "in the sky"?
Star's wand creates a large bubble that pops and sends Star flying backward.
Star Oof! Ow. Well, that wasn't it. [groans] I summon the All-Seeing Eye.
Star's wand creates four large eyeballs with spider legs.
Star Aah! Eww. I summon the All-Seeing Eye to tear a hole into the sky. Reveal to me that which is hidden. Unveil to me what is forbidden.
Star summons the All-Seeing Eye, and it opens on the yak monster dyeing jeans.
Star What? Ugh, not you.
Star points the All-Seeing Eye to her left, and it spies on Rafael and Angie Diaz about to kiss.
Star Ew! No-no-no-no-no!
Star points the Eye behind her, and it spies on Janna pouring grease on the floor outside a classroom at Echo Creek Academy.
Star [gasps] Janna, you scoundrel. [spies on Principal Skeeves holding flowers while standing outside someone's door] No! [spies on Tom cutting his toenails with an electric saw] Ugh! Definitely no.
Star spies on Marco, who is spying on Star through the door, creating an endless loop of dimensional windows.
Star Marco!
Marco Sorry!
Star Concentrate. Concentrate on Glossaryck.
The All-Seeing Eye opens on a cave where Ludo's bald eagle and giant spider are sleeping on the ground. Glossaryck sits moaning on top of the open Magic Instruction Book with his back turned to Star.
Star [gasps] Glossaryck! Don't worry, I'm coming to rescue you!
Glossaryck turns to face Star holding a tub of chocolate pudding.
Glossaryck Mmmm!
Star Wait. Is that... pudding?
Glossaryck A whole tub of pudding.
Star Where are you?
Glossaryck In flavor heaven!
Star No. Physically, where are you?
Glossaryck [looks down] ...On the ground.
Star [sighs] No. Where are you in the universe?
Glossaryck Oh. Right. I'm in a cave. On the ground.
Star Glossaryck, come on!
Star reaches out to Glossaryck, but her hands bumps against the All-Seeing Eye, creating ripples on the wall surface.
Glossaryck The spying spell doesn't work that way.
Star presses her hand against the dimensional wall and closes her eyes. Her cheek hearts start to glow. As Star pushes against the wall, it starts to stretch like rubber. Glossaryck watches her while eating pudding. Star opens her eyes, now glowing, and her hand breaks through the dimensional wall.
Glossaryck Hm. I have never seen that before.
Star Just... grab my hand!
Glossaryck Oh, no can do. Sorry. I belong to the book, and the book belongs to Ludo now.
Star Ludo stole you!
Glossaryck Well, that's out of my hands.
Star Come on, Glossaryck, I can almost reach you. Come on...!
Glossaryck Yes, you are surprisingly close.
Star Glossaryck, don't you want to come with me? I thought we were... friends.
Glossaryck Friends? Well, that's such a simple concept.
Star's eyes stop glowing. The All-Seeing Eye starts to close.
Star Glossaryck, come on! My mom is gonna ground me for, like, a thousand years!
Glossaryck Yes, probably, but you'll be fine. Or not. Anyway, your spell is collapsing.
Star But I need you!
Glossaryck Maybe this is what you need.
Star [straining]
Just before the All-Seeing Eye closes completely, Star pulls her hand out of the dimensional breach and falls to the floor.
Star [panting] Glossaryck...
Marco Star?!
Marco enters and runs up to Star.
Marco Are you okay?
Star Yeah, my hand's fine.
Marco [helps Star up] That's not what I meant.
Star Well, Glossaryck is no longer on the team.
Marco I never really saw Glossaryck as a "team player" anyway.
The elephant monster and bear monster enter the room behind Marco and Star.
Elephant Oh, my gosh. It is her. We just realized you're Star Butterfly! We're your biggest fans!
The elephant and bear monsters run up to Star and bow to her.
Star Um, I think you're confused. Monsters hate me.
Elephant Well, sure, it's not popular to like you, but we're not about that.
Bear Yeah! You're the rebel princess!
Star Rebel princess?
Bear Yeah! You do things your own way! Like us!
Elephant Please, shoot us with a spell! Rip some awesome holes in our jeans! Something!
Star Um, I guess I could cast something. How about... Super Strawberry Shake Quake?
Star blasts the monsters with a strawberry energy blast, covering them in burns and rips.
Bear [laughing] Wow! That is awesome!
Elephant Look at this sweet rip!
Bear Let's go show the guys!
Elephant Dude, I can't believe we met Star Butterfly!
As the monsters leave, Star smiles and looks at her wand.
Marco So, what now?
Star Now... I call Mom.
Cut to Diaz Household at nighttime. In her bedroom, Star talks to her parents on her mirror.
Star So... that's pretty much it.
In the mirror, King and Queen Butterfly stare at Star in shock.
Star Oh, no, this is really bad, huh? I messed up! I really messed this one up! I am so sorry, Mommy and Daddy!
King and Queen Butterfly briefly look at each other, then turn back to Star.
King Butterfly Uhhh...
Queen Butterfly Sweetie, it's... it's okay.
Star But the book of spells! Our-our-our family history! It's all gone!
King Butterfly Don't worry. It's just a book and a little magic man.
Queen Butterfly What matters is you're safe.
Star But isn't there anything I can do?
Queen Butterfly Don't "do" anything. We'll handle this. You just sit tight.
King Butterfly Good night, sweetie.
Star's parents hang up on her.
Marco Whoa. That went way better than I expected.
Star Uh... yeah. I guess so.
Marco You know, you should just take your parents' advice and sit tight.
Star Right.
Marco Good night.
Marco leaves the room and closes the door off-screen.
Star Rebel princess doesn't sit tight.
Star picks up a notebook and sits down on her bedroom floor.
Star Rebel princess does things her own way. Mega Narwhal Blast!
Star fires narwhals out of her wand, and they flop around on the floor.
Star Oh. [controlled] Mega... Narwhal... Blast.
Star spins the top part of her wand off, revealing a fountain pen with bright gold ink. On her notebook's front cover, she writes "Star's Notebook of Spells". She then opens it to a blank page and starts writing.
Star "Chapter One: Mega Narwhal Blast."
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