Rasticore Chaosus Disastervaine is a soldier-turned-interdimensional bounty hunter and Miss Heinous' bodyguard. In "Gift of the Card", he hunts down Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz on Heinous' orders.


Rasticore is a very tall (standing almost twice Star and Marco's height) and muscular Septarian (humanoid lizard creature) with green skin, a yellow right eye with a black slit pupil, and a frilled neck. He has a purple gemstone for a left eye, an artificial cybernetic left arm, and spikes jutting out from his shoulders.

Rasticore wears dark grayish-blue pants, a brown belt, black boots, and a purple cloak that usually covers his right arm.

In "Yada Yada Berries", Rasticore almost fully regenerates after his body was destroyed in "Skooled!", though most of his body (with the exception of his left arm) is small and scrawny. By "Cornonation", his body proportions are mostly even.

In his youth, Rasticore wore similar pants to those he wears in the present (albeit with goat skulls on the knees), as well as having both his left arm and eye intact.


In "Gift of the Card", Rasticore is hired by Miss Heinous to track down Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz after their actions resulted in her being removed from her position as headmistress of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. Using his tracker, keyed to Marco's DNA, and dimensional chainsaw (which he constantly has trouble starting), Rasticore tracks Star and Marco to Earth.

Upon arriving at the Diaz Household, Rasticore asks Janna where Star and Marco are, and she tells him they went to Quest Buy. After some more trouble starting his chainsaw, Rasticore leaves again. When he arrives at Quest Buy, he blasts one of the sloth employees with a laser from his cybernetic arm.

When Rasticore locates Star and Marco, he prepares to destroy Star and deliver Marco to Miss Heinous. However, before he can do so, he is disintegrated by Marco's Quest Buy gift card, leaving only his right hand behind. At the end of the episode, Rasticore's dismembered hand is delivered back to Miss Heinous.

In "Heinous", Rasticore is revealed to be slowly regrowing his body. Miss Heinous carries his regenerating arm throughout the episode and treats it in an overly affectionate manner. She attempts to have the arm attack Marco at one point, but it can do nothing but slowly crawl toward its target.

In "Moon the Undaunted", Rasticore appears in a flashback, with both of his eyes and arms, as a soldier in Toffee's army of monsters. He shows off his regenerative capabilities to Moon by allowing a fellow soldier to bite off his arm and immediately growing a new one, much to her disgust.

By "Princess Turdina", Rasticore has regenerated to a torso. In "Monster Bash", most of his body has regenerated, though his head is not yet fully formed and his left arm remains missing. He helps in Miss Heinous' plot to capture Marco and drain his youth. He goes on the run with Miss Heinous and Gemini at the end of the episode.

In "Skooled!", Rasticore has fully regenerated, and he once again helps Miss Heinous invade St. Olga's. When Miss Heinous becomes more monstrous, Rasticore tries to quit his job as her bodyguard, but she uses Gemini's mechanical heart to blow him up, once again reducing him to just an arm.

In "Yada Yada Berries", Star and Marco seek Rasticore out when they investigate who is trying to turn Eclipsa Butterfly to stone with yada yada berries.

In "Meteora's Lesson", a younger Rasticore appears when Glossaryck and baby Meteora travel through time, at which point he was being initiated into his Septarian Army (via having his arm bitten off, and being forced to regenerate it).

In "Cornonation", Rasticore is among the people that Marco and Janna invite to Eclipsa's queen coronation ceremony.

In "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", Rasticore is among the monsters that Mina Loveberry and her army of Solarian Warriors plan to push off a cliff.


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S2E18 Rasticore introduces himself to Star and Marco
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  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Rasticore is a lizard-like creature called a Septarian. Toffee belongs to the same species.
  • Unlike other Septarians, Rasticore is apparently unable to regenerate his left eye and arm.
    • In "Yada Yada Berries", his left eye and arm are intact. (It is possible that his robotic arm and gemstone eye are an armor-like enhancement and a scouter-like device respectively, and he always possessed a regular arm and eye underneath them, making them enhancements as opposed to replacements.)


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