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"Ready, Aim, Fire" is the thirty-second episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on May 5, 2019 alongside "Mama Star".


Star arrives in Mewni as a soldier attacks Monster Castle.


Following the events of "Mama Star", Star and her friends end up separated after the Firstborn transported them to Mewni from the Realm of Magic.

Marco wakes up inside the lint catcher at Butterfly Castle. As he regains his memories, he makes his way out of the laundry room, finding the usual exit blocked off. After briefly hiding from the magically-augmented crow Sebastian, Marco overhears a conversation between the Magic High Commission and Mina Loveberry, who have apparently joined forces to remove Queen Eclipsa from the throne. As Mina suits up in her now-completed giant suit of armor and wields a large, glowing red sword, Marco sneaks away to find Star.

Meanwhile, Star wakes up in Doop-Doop's shed. After regaining her memories as well, she sees explosions coming from the Monster Temple. On her way there, she notices her parents' village of yurt dwellers has been fortified with a stone wall and alligator moat. Star meets with her mother Moon, who explains that the Monster Temple is under attack. Star urges for them to go help Eclipsa, but Moon's priority is the safety of her fellow villagers. Thus, Star flies off to Eclipsa's aid by herself.

At the Monster Temple, Janna wakes up inside Meteora's room with Meteora and Glossaryck. After finding the temple mostly deserted, she sees a giant armored soldier attacking New Monstertown. Globgor holds the armored soldier off while Eclipsa leads her Mewman and monster subjects to safety inside the temple. When the soldier wounds Globgor with its red energy sword, his size-shifting powers are disabled, allowing the soldier to incapacitate him with ease.

With Globgor unable to fight, Eclipsa attacks the armored soldier with her magic, but her spells have barely any effect, forcing them to retreat inside the castle walls. As the soldier attempts to breach the castle, Eclipsa recognizes the wound it inflicted on Globgor as Solarian magic—magic created by her mother Solaria for the sole purpose of killing monsters. Eclipsa tells Globgor to hide with Meteora while she tries to lead the Solarian warrior away from the castle.

Globgor rests in bed, completely crippled by his magical wound, while Eclipsa attacks the Solarian warrior outside, her magic spells still having almost no effect. When the warrior attacks Eclipsa with its energy sword, Eclipsa protects herself with a barrier, but the warrior's relentless assault threatens to shatter it, ending the episode.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Korean 몬스터 사원의 위기 Crisis at Monster Temple
Portuguese (Portugal) Preparar, Apontar, Fogo Ready, Aim, Fire


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Production notes



Revelations and continuity

  • This episode takes place immediately after "Mama Star".
  • The Magic High Commission recruits Mina Loveberry to attack Eclipsa and run the monsters out of Mewni.
    • Hekapoo is hesitant, however, claiming that Mina is too insane for the job and not following the "plan".
    • Rhombulus is no longer imprisoned after the events of "Cornonation".
    • It's revealed that Hekapoo is the reason none of the means of dimensional travel are working seen in "Sad Teen Hotline", when Tom, Star and Marco attempted to use their respective means to travel away from Earth to see the events of Mewni since the warning given to Marco by Hekapoo in "Gone Baby Gone".
  • Mina's giant suit of armor resembles the ones seen in "Mewnipendance Day", and wields a sword resembling Solaria Butterfly's wand.
  • The Monster Temple comes under attack.
  • Since "Cornonation", Moon's Mewman village has grown into a fortress.
  • Janna makes reference to the events of "Junkin' Janna" when pointing out that the Solarian warrior has her boot.
  • Globgor is revealed to be weak against Solarian magic.
  • Tom Lucitor's whereabouts are unknown.