Episode begins in Marco's point of view; he wakes up inside the lint catcher in Butterfly Castle.
Marco Diaz [groans]
The pink shimmer in Marco's eyes disappears as he regains his memories.
Marco Huh? Star?
Marco tries to move through the large accumulation of pink lint, but he falls over. He stands back up and pushes through the lint.
Marco [grunting]
A giant pile of lint falls on top of him.
Marco Aah!
Marco emerges from the lint with a sock on his face. He opens the lint catcher's door and jumps out.
Marco [dusts himself off] How the heck did I end up in the lint catcher?
When Marco steps on something, he hurts his foot and jumps up and down in pain.
Marco Oww! Ow, ow, ow!
There is a petrified crow on the floor with a yada-yada berry in its beak.
Marco [picks up petrified crow] How did you get down here?
Marco climbs up some castle stairs and finds a door blocked off by rocks.
Marco Huh? Ohhh, come on!
Marco desperately tries to push the rocks out of the way, but they don't budge. He tries picking at the rocks with the petrified crow, but nothing happens.
Marco [sighs, to petrified crow] Did you know about this?
Sebastian, Mina Loveberry's magically augmented crow, stomps up the castle stairs.
Sebastian [snarls, shrieks]
Marco hides as Sebastian flies overhead. Once Sebastian is gone, Marco makes a grappling hook out of the petrified crow and some clothes and climbs out of the hole onto the castle's main floor level.
Marco [grunts, sighs] Thanks, "Robirda".
Hekapoo (o.s., distant) Shutting down the portals was drastic enough.
Marco Hekapoo?
Marco peeks behind a rock.
Rhombulus (o.s.) Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Hekapoo, Rhombulus, and Omnitraxus Prime are having a secret meeting.
Hekapoo But she's not even following the plan!
Rhombulus Look, I just want that monster-smoocher out of Mewni, and she's our best option.
Omnitraxus Prime Some risks are worth taking.
Hekapoo But she's completely crazy!
Mina Loveberry [crazed laughter] Oh, I'm the crazy one? The person saving our kingdom from monster invaders? Ha! [to stitched-up tapestry of Solaria Butterfly] Did you hear that, Queen? Our kingdom used to be great, but not anymore.
Mina uses her pigtails like a helicopter to float up to her giant suit of armor.
Mina It's time to give Mewni back to the Mewmans!
Mina transforms to her muscular augmented form, and her suit of armor stands up.
Mina And if that makes me crazy...
Mina's armor picks up a sword handle, and it powers on to have a red energy blade. Mina points the blade at the Magic High Commission.
Mina ...I'm as cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo as they come! Sebastian, get me my helmet!
Marco [sneaking away] I gotta find Star.
Scene shifts to Star's point of view; she wakes up inside Doop-Doop's shed.
Star Wha... Ohhh, where am I?
The pink shimmer in Star's eyes disappears as she regains her memories. Doop-Doop rolls up beside her.
Doop-Doop You're in Doop-Doop's house!
Star [screams] Doop-Doop! Doop-Doop? [chuckles] I mean, Doop-Doop! How? Why? How?
Doop-Doop Oh, it was the craziest thing. I was just laying down, singing to myself, and poof! Suddenly you're here, and now we're roommates! Oh, man, it's gonna be so great! We could stay up all night and talk and paint our nails. I don't have arms, but that's okay. [continues under] We can use our imaginations. Then maybe we could bake some cookies and talk about what boys we like. I mean, I don't really know what a "boy" is, since I've never even left this room...
There are explosions in the distance.
Star Huh? Wait a minute. That's coming from Eclipsa's castle!
Star runs out of the shed and closes the door behind her.
Doop-Doop [whistling]
Star flies toward the Monster Temple on top of Cloudy.
Star [to mirror phone] Call Marco!
Mirror Phone Calling Marco.
The phone rings, and then static.
Star Ugh! Useless! Whoa!
Star flies over Moon and River's yurt village. There is a stone wall and moat around it.
Star What is this? Definitely don't remember this being here.
Village Guard Hey! Who goes there?
Star Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I'm, um, Star Butterfly.
Village Guard Oh! My apologies. I thought you were one of them monsters. Hold on.
The drawbridge in front of Star lowers. Moon appears from behind the drawbridge.
Moon Butterfly [gasps] Star?
Star Mom?!
Moon The portals aren't working! How did you get to Mewni?
Star I found another way.
Moon Hurry! Get inside!
Moon and Star enter the village, and the drawbridge closes. Cloudy disappears, and Star hugs Moon.
Star Oh, Mommy, I'm so glad you're okay. When the portals were shut down, I didn't know. I thought something bad happened.
Moon We're okay, Star.
Star What is going on? I saw smoke and explosions.
Moon Monster Temple is under attack. Everyone in the village is on lockdown.
Star What?! Oh! Oh, my gosh! We gotta go now! Eclipsa needs us!
Moon Star, I can't just leave. The yurt people depend on me to ensure their safety.
Star Well, I guess that explains this huge wall you guys are putting up.
River Butterfly [sitting on villager's shoulders] You there! Gather more stones for the gate! And you, shuck that corn!
Villager Aah, okay!
Moon You should stay here, too. It's far too dangerous out there.
Star I've been by Eclipsa's side this whole time. I can't abandon her now.
Moon Star, wait!
Star summons Cloudy again and hops on his back.
Star If you really want to protect me, you know where I'll be.
Moon watches Star fly off in the direction of Monster Temple.
River That's okay! I didn't want a hug, too!
Scene shifts to Janna's point of view; she wakes up inside Meteora's room in the Monster Temple, covered by stuffed animals.
Janna Ordonia [groans]
Glossaryck (o.s.) Oh, look. She's finally awake.
The pink shimmer in Janna's eyes disappears as she regains her memories.
Janna What—! Aah!
Meteora Butterfly [laughs, coos, claps her hands]
Janna Um, what's going on? Where's Star?
Glossaryck Star is with Doop-Doop.
Janna That's, uh, not a real person's name. Never mind. I should know by now that you are never helpful.
Janna walks off. Glossaryck and Meteora look at each other.
Glossaryck [shrugs] Hmm.
Meteora [giggles, puts stuffed animal on her head]
Janna walks through the mostly abandoned Monster Temple.
Janna Hello! Star? Marco? Huh. It is a dang ghost town up in here.
There are loud thuds and screams coming from outside. Janna walks outside.
Janna [gasps]
Mewmans and monsters run away screaming as a giant suit of armor stomps through New Monstertown.
Janna Hey, that's my boot!
The suit of armor tears the roof off one of the houses.
Monsters [scream]
The suit of armor puts the roof back down and tears the roof off another house.
Mewmans [scream]
The suit of armor puts the roof back down again. It picks up a cart full of hay, then tosses it away. The cart flies toward Janna.
Janna [screams]
Eclipsa Butterfly Look out!
Eclipsa appears and blows the cart away with her magic.
Janna Whoa! Thanks for the lifesaving, dude.
Eclipsa Don't thank me yet.
The suit of armor starts climbing up the mountain toward the Monster Temple until it is face-to-face with Eclipsa and Janna.
Eclipsa Now, my love!
A tiny Globgor jumps out of a nearby bucket, grows to gigantic size, and punches the suit of armor away.
Eclipsa Whoo!
Janna Yeah!
Globgor Get the villagers to safety! I'll take care of this!
Eclipsa [to villagers] Hurry, everyone! While it's distracted, get inside where it's safe!
The Mewman and monster villagers run inside the temple, then Eclipsa's royal guards block the stairs leading up to the temple. Globgor battles the giant suit of armor hand-to-hand. Globgor shrinks to small size and runs around on top of the suit of armor. The suit of armor tries swatting him like an insect. Globgor grows in size and kicks the suit of armor in the back, knocking it into the mountain.
Globgor Ha-ha!
Globgor charges at the suit of armor. The suit of armor draws its red energy sword and slashes Globgor's right arm, leaving a red glowing scar.
Globgor [roars]
As Globgor clutches his cut in pain, he starts to shrink uncontrollably.
Globgor Huh? What? What is... What's happening?
The suit of armor now towers over Globgor. Globgor tries to run away, but the suit of armor grabs him and hurls him toward the Monster Temple.
Globgor Aah!
Globgor's body slams into the wall over the temple entrance door, and he falls in front of Eclipsa and Janna.
Eclipsa Aah! Globgor! Are you all right?!
Globgor I... I'm fine. Just got the wind knocked out of— [groans]
The glowing cut on Globgor's arm twitches.
Eclipsa Oh, no... Janna, watch my husband. I'll take care of that brute myself.
Globgor No! I can keep fighting. I just need to— [grunts]
Globgor tries several times to grow to giant size, but he keeps shrinking back down.
Globgor [groans, panting] What's... What's happening to me?
Eclipsa Sweetie.
Royal Guard 1 Don't worry, Eclipsa! We'll protect you!
Royal Guard 2 For the queen!
Royal Guards [shouting]
The royal guards charge toward the suit of armor, but it kicks them away. The suit of armor stomps toward the temple. Eclipsa jumps into the air.
Eclipsa Velvet Inferno!
Eclipsa briefly pushes the suit of armor away with a crescent arc of energy, but it keeps stomping forward.
Eclipsa [gasps] Black Widow Calamity Cobweb!
Eclipsa ensnares the suit of armor in a web of energy that pins it to the ground.
Eclipsa Let's go!
Globgor No! I can still take it!
Eclipsa I hit it with a very powerful spell that barely made a dent! We have to fall back!
Eclipsa flies into the temple.
Globgor [groans]
Janna Come on, tough guy.
Janna helps Globgor into the temple. The suit of armor rips through Eclipsa's energy web. Inside the temple, Eclipsa nurses Globgor's wound. A loud thud shakes the temple.
All [gasp]
The suit of armor has climbed onto the side of the temple mountain and is punching the temple with its fist.
Globgor I can't take it anymore. I need to go back out there and fight that thing!
Globgor is once again stopped by the stinging cut on his arm.
Globgor [groans]
Eclipsa Absolutely not! You're in no condition to fight.
Globgor It's just a flesh wound. It's nothing.
Eclipsa It is not nothing. I'd recognize that wound anywhere. That soldier... It was a Solarian Warrior.
Globgor What?!
Lady Whosits [gasps] A Solarian Warrior?!
Archibald But how?!
Janna Um... Yeah, should I know what this is, or...?
Eclipsa A Solarian super-warrior. Queen Solaria created them to destroy all monsters. They were incredibly powerful, but that power made them unstable. I don't know how one of them managed to survive for this long.
Globgor So what do we do? Can you fix this?
Eclipsa I'm not sure. That sword was specially designed to do harm to monsters. But I'll do what I can.
The Solarian Warrior punches a hole into the temple and starts pawing around the floor.
Globgor [groans]
Eclipsa helps Globgor move off to the side of the room, out of the Solarian Warrior's reach. The Solarian Warrior pulls its arm out of the hole in the wall and looks inside. Eclipsa and Globgor hide in fear.
Globgor [groaning]
Eclipsa Globgor, my love, I need you to go hide with Meteora.
Globgor What?
Eclipsa I'm going to try to get that thing away from our castle. [runs off]
Globgor Eclipsa! No! [groans]
As the Solarian Warrior continues to punch the mountain, the Mewmans and monsters in the village below run and take cover from falling rocks.
Villagers [screaming]
The Solarian Warrior gets blasted in the back by magic. It turns around to face Eclipsa.
Eclipsa Get... out... of my kingdom!
The Solarian Warrior pulls its fist back, and Eclipsa blinds it with magic light. Scene cuts away to Meteora's bedroom. Janna and Meteora are sitting on the floor, and Globgor is lying in bed while Archibald wraps his wounded arm in bandages.
Globgor [groans]
Archibald Sorry! Is it too tight?
Globgor No, no. It's perfect. I feel ready to take on anything— [groans]
Archibald Aah! I'm going to get more bandages.
Janna Dude, maybe you just need to rest.
Globgor I just feel like a coward. I never should've let her to fight that thing alone.
Janna Are you kidding? You can barely make a fist. What could you possibly do? Eclipsa knows what she's doing. She's got this.
Globgor This is true. She is terrifying. I love her so much!
Scene cuts back outside the temple.
Eclipsa [shouting]
Eclipsa barrages the Solarian Warrior with arcs of energy. The Solarian Warrior throws punches at Eclipsa, but she flies around them. She keeps evading the Solarian Warrior's punches and attacking it with her magic.
Eclipsa Midnight Shriek!
Eclipsa blasts the Solarian Warrior with a huge beam of energy that knocks it to the ground. It tries to get back up, but Eclipsa keeps it pinned with a continuous magic blast. It soon overcomes Eclipsa's magic, and Eclipsa protects herself from the shockwave with her parasol. The Solarian Warrior finally hits Eclipsa with its hand...
Eclipsa [groans]
...and she falls to the ground. The Solarian Warrior appears above her and draws its energy sword. When it swings the sword down, Eclipsa shields herself with a barrier. The Solarian Warrior repeatedly swings its sword down on Eclipsa's barrier. Eclipsa starts getting pushed backward, and her barrier starts to crack.
Eclipsa [gasping]
(end song)
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