"Ready Aim Fire Score Selections" is a collection of musical cues heard in the episode "Ready, Aim, Fire".[1] It consists of the following individual tracks:

  • "Marco Stuck in the Castle" plays when Marco wakes up inside the lint catcher and tries to find a way out of the Butterfly Castle laundry room.
  • "Sebastian Is Here" plays when Sebastian the crow climbs up the castle tower steps.
  • "Desperate Times" plays when the Magic High Commission joins forces with Mina Loveberry to take down Eclipsa.
  • "Doop Doop's House" plays when Star wakes up in Doop-Doop's shed.
  • "Star Flies to the Wall" plays when Star flies to the Monster Temple and passes over Moon's fortified village.
  • "Moon Village Lockdown" plays when Moon explains to Star about the situation going on in Mewni.
  • "Janna Searches the Monster Temple" plays when Janna wakes up in the Monster Temple and finds it mostly deserted.
  • "Eclipsa Vs. Mina" plays when Eclipsa and Globgor face off against a Solarian Warrior in their armored battle suit.
  • "Solarian Wound" plays when Eclipsa explains the nature of the wound inflicted on Globgor during his fight against the Solarian Warrior.
  • "Eclipsa Trapped" plays when Mina gains the upper hand in her battle against the Solarian Warrior.


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