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The Realm of Magic is an outside dimension where magic originates and travels to all dimensions through a series of ascending gold-colored waterfalls. The realm is home to several unicorns.

Anyone who enters the Realm of Magic soon loses their memories and is reduced to a childish state, but this usually wears off soon after they leave the dimension. The unicorns within the Realm of Magic are immune to this effect.

In "Cleaved", the Realm of Magic collapses when all magic is destroyed.


In the episode "Toffee", when Star Butterfly uses the Whispering Spell to destroy Ludo's wand, she is transported to a corrupted version of the Realm of Magic, revealing that Toffee had been there corrupting all the magic of the multiverse since the episode "Storm the Castle". In the end, Star manages to use the last vestige of uncorrupted magic to restore the usable magic through the Realm.

The Realm of Magic appears again in the season 3 episode "Deep Dive". Star looks for the origin of a strange sound that causes her to open portals while sleeping and travel through a multitude of dimensions. After crossing a lot of portals in her mewberty form, she ends up opening a portal to the Realm of Magic. There, Star discovers that the origin of the call was a unicorn that she created in the episode "Toffee", stating she can only call one who wishes to be called for a reason. Although Star says she must leave, she soon becomes enchanted by the Realm of Magic and begins to lose her memories. Fortunately, Marco manages to use the All-Seeing Eye to find Star and remind her of who she is, allowing her to return.

In "Tough Love", when Moon is hit by Meteora's beam while being held by Eclipsa, she opens a portal to the Realm of Magic and disappears through it. In "Divide" and "Conquer", Star returns to the Realm of Magic in search of her mother. When she finally finds her, Moon is seen devoid of her memories and clothes. Despite her attempts to make her mother remember who she is and to take her back home, Star ends up losing her memories as well. After they waste time in the waterfalls to the other dimensions, the unicorn that Star created casts them out of the Realm of Magic, stating that neither of them should be there at the moment.

In "Jannanigans", Star, Marco, Tom, and Janna discover a well underneath Britta's Tacos connected to the Realm of Magic. In "Mama Star", Star and her friends travel to Mewni through the Realm of Magic. While there, they encounter multiple unicorns that have been corrupted by dark magic, including a larger unicorn that the Firstborn has been fighting.

In "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", Star decides to enact her plan of destroying magic by using the Whispering Spell while in the realm itself.

In "Cleaved", Star and Marco go to the Realm of Magic in order to carry out Star's plan, being able to keep their minds clear thanks to the pudding Glossaryck gave them. During this time, they encounter the skull of the deceased Firstborn, who tells them to "get out". Both are then attacked by the corrupted Millhorses as well as Tom, who had also fallen under the influence of magic. While Marco keeps Tom and the Millhorses at bat with the wand, Star - with the help of Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora and support from the past queens of Mewni - uses the Whispering Spell to destroy the magic. While the Realm of Magic crumbles, Star and Marco stay in order to be together.


Season 3

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  • The gold water appears to have healing capabilities, or it reverts things back to their original state.
  • The effects of dark magic can be removed by bathing in the water, demonstrated with Moon's arms in "Divide".
    • This, however, can contaminate the Realm and its inhabitants as a result, such as with this unicorn.
  • In "Mama Star", Marco theorizes that Mewmans are actually the descendants of humans who arrived on Mewni via the Realm of Magic's well.
  • In "Cleaved", it is revealed that eating pudding provided by Glossaryck can counteract the Realm's effect on the mind.


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