"Red Belt" is the fourth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 18, 2016, alongside "Mr. Candle Cares".[1]


Marco finally decides to focus on earning his red belt in karate.[2]


The episode begins as Marco dreams of being stuck in life and seeing his red belt in karate slipping away from him. When he wakes up, he finds Star in his bedroom; wanting to put up a Love Sentence poster in her room without using magic. She asks him for a hammer, but he doesn't have one. So she goes on a "scavenger hunt" to find one.

Later that day, Marco approaches his karate sensei and says he wants to advance to red belt, having been a green belt for five years. Marco's sensei doesn't believe he's ready, but Marco says he's willing to do whatever it takes. Thus, Sensei puts Marco through bizarre training that involves clipping Sensei's toenails, unclogging his toilet, doing his taxes, and cleaning his house windows.

However, as Marco comes to realize, his sensei still lives at home with his mother, and Marco suspects that he's only been doing Sensei's chores. When Marco says he's more than earned his red belt, Sensei continues trying to dodge the subject until he breaks down and confesses that he himself never advanced past green belt either. Not knowing what to do with his life, he rented a dojo and ordered a set of instructional videos on how to earn karate belts, but the red belt video got stuck in his VCR. Marco decides to help Sensei track down a replacement video and earn his own red belt.

As Marco and his sensei search for a replacement video at a thrift store, the sensei quickly gets bored and goes to get ice cream and flirt with girls. Marco realizes that his sensei doesn't really want his red belt, and he turns his back on the pitiful man to get his red belt on his own.

Marco eventually tracks down the replacement video he was searching for in a small video store, but finds it is far too expensive. The store clerk offers to give Marco the tape for free if he beats him in a fight, and Marco agrees. Unfortunately, the store clerk turns out to be a large, muscle-bound man with considerable karate skill. When Marco's sensei enters the store, he helps Marco win the fight by reminding him of his earlier training. Defeated, the store clerk happily surrenders the video, and Marco and Sensei use it to advance to red belt.

Meanwhile, Star searches up and down the Diaz Household for a hammer to hang her poster. Her searching catches Mr. and Mrs. Diaz's attention. They realize that there isn't a hammer anywhere in the house, and Mrs. Diaz suggests they do something about it. As Star makes a mess of the house, she slowly loses hope. But with the intervention of Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, Star acquires the hammer she was looking for. At the end of the episode, Star successfully puts up her poster and cleans up the mess she made with magic.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Rode Band Red Belt
French La Ceinture Rouge The Red Belt
German Der rote Gürtel The Red Belt
Hebrew חגורה אדומה Red Belt
Hungarian Piros öv Red Belt
Italian La Cintura Rossa The Red Belt
Indonesian Sabuk Merah Red Belt
Japanese 赤帯が欲しい! I Want a Red Belt!
Polish Czerwony Pas Red Belt
Portuguese (Brazil) Faixa Vermelha Red Ribbon
Portuguese (Portugal) Cinturão Vermelho Red Belt
Russian Красный пояс Red Belt
Spanish Cinta Roja Red Belt
Thai สายแดง Red Belt


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S2E4 Marco unclogs his sensei's toilet
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  • A brief running gag in this episode involves things flying or getting stuck in Marco's eyes as he does Sensei's chores.

Revelations and continuity

  • As of this episode, Marco is a red belt in Tang Soo Do karate.


  • This episode borrows several story elements from the 1984 film The Karate Kid.
  • Star thinking the hammer would be up the chimney is a possible reference to the Command commercial starring MC Hammer, in which Hammer comes out of the chimney.
  • Some of the posters inside the VHS Depot bear resemblances to classic movie posters, such as the "Chomp" poster resembling the thriller movie Jaws.


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