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"Rest in Pudding" is the ninth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 6, 2017, alongside "Scent of a Hoodie".[1]


Star continues to have recurring visions of Glossaryck and believe he is haunting her.[2]


At Butterfly Castle, a memorial service is held for Chancellor Lekmet, attended by the Butterfly family, the people of Mewni, and the rest of the Magic High Commission. By the refreshments table, Star notices a stir in the punch bowl and sees the face of Glossaryck in it. When Queen Moon sees Star shoving her face in the bowl and making a scene, she pulls her daughter aside. Star says that she saw Glossaryck, but Moon insists that Glossaryck is gone. To help Star move on, Moon teaches her a nursery rhyme that her own mother taught her: "Baloo-balee, baloo-balow. I let you go, I let you go."

That night, while brushing her teeth, Star sees Glossaryck again in the bathroom mirror and other reflective surfaces. When her mother's nursery rhyme fails to help her growing fears, she calls Janna on her interdimensional pocket mirror. Using her paranormal expertise, Janna explains that Star is being haunted and that Glossaryck has unfinished business. She tells Star to take whatever might be "anchoring" Glossaryck to the living world and bury it deep underground. Star remembers that she still has the last remains of the destroyed book of spells, and she buries it in the Mewni pet cemetery. When she stops seeing visions of Glossaryck, she believes she's no longer being haunted.

Later that night, Star tries to go to sleep, but the book of spells' remains mysteriously find their way into her bed. Her visions of Glossaryck suddenly become worse and more frightening. Ducking under her bed, she calls Janna again. When Janna hears that Star is seeing Glossaryck in the physical world, she tells Star to bury the book of spells' remains in a sacred place—and to do so quickly or else Glossaryck will haunt her forever. When Janna hangs up, Marco and Jackie, who are having lunch with her, ask who she was speaking with on the phone, and Janna says, "No one."

Star takes the book of spells' remains to the Mewni Sanctuary and throws them into the well of magic, but her visions of Glossaryck still don't stop. Star finally demands to know what Glossaryck wants, but he doesn't answer. Frustrated and desperate, Star admits that she was a jerk to him sometimes and often thought he didn't want to be around her. She calms down and further admits that, even though learning from him wasn't easy, she appreciates that he usually trusted her to figure things out on her own, and in the end, he was still a very dear friend to her. When she thanks Glossaryck for everything he's done, the visions finally stop.

As Star leaves the Sanctuary, the ground starts to shake, and a tidal wave shoots out of the well of magic. In the pool of liquid magic, Star notices something glowing in the water. The next morning, Star bursts in on her parents having breakfast in the dining hall. After bringing them up to speed on what happened at the Sanctuary, she reveals that Glossaryck has returned, albeit speaking gibberish, or more accurately, "globgor."


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Rust in Pudding Rest in Pudding
French Le fantôme de Glossaryck The Ghost of Glossaryck
Hebrew נוח על הפודינג בשלום Rest in Pudding
Japanese 復活 Revival
Korean 요정님이 보인다 I Can See Sir Fairy
European Portuguese Descansa em Pudim Rest in Pudding
Thai พ้กในพุดดิ้งนะ Rest in Pudding


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Revelations and continuity


  • Moon's gloves disappear when she reprimands Star for kicking the doors open.


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