Episode begins at Butterfly Castle during Lekmet's memorial service. Organ music plays in the background. Manfred goes around giving out empty soup cans as hors d'oeuvres. King Butterfly, Queen Butterfly, and Rhombulus are dressed in black funeral robes. Star Butterfly stands by herself next to the refreshments table.
River Butterfly [laughing] And then Lekmet said, [guttural bleating].
River, Moon, Rhombulus, and Hekapoo [laughing, sighing sadly]
Manfred Hors d'oeuvres, your Highness?
Star Uh... why not? [picks up soup can on a toothpick]
Manfred [walks away]
Star [gnawing noisily]
Rhombulus It's not exactly princess food, but it was Lekmet's favorite meal. That's how humble that guy was. [raises soup can] To Lekmet! Our selfless comrade who always gave to others before ever taking for himself! [bleating]
Funeral procession [bleating]
Rhombulus I told him that would get him killed one day. Give the can to your father, love. He's got teeth like a tiger fish. [walks away]
The ladle in the punch bowl next to Star moves slightly on its own.
Star Hmm?
Star looks closely at the punch bowl, and Glossaryck's image appears in the fruit punch.
Star Glossaryck! [splashes her hands in the punch] Glossaryck's back! Glossaryck! Glossaryck?
Hekapoo Oh, uh... Hey, Star's upside-down in the punch bowl.
Moon Butterfly Oh, not again.
Star [gurgling]
Moon Star!
Star Glossaryck! Mom, did you see him?! In the bowl! In that bowl! You all saw him, right?!
Moon Star, I know this is an emotional day. But this is Lekmet's funeral, not Glossaryck's.
Star Mom! I saw Glossaryck!
Moon Star, we all see Glossaryck. [puts hand on her chest] Here... [puts hand on Star's chest] ...and here.
Star And in that punch bowl! All bug-eyed and big-mouthed! Classic Glossaryck. [gasps] I bet he came for the memorial!
Moon Look, I-I get it, Star. Funerals are unsettling. Strange food, Lekmet's friends.
Goat creatures [guttural groaning]
Moon (o.s.) The music.
Organ player [playing organ music]
Moon It's all different and maybe a little scary. But don't turn this into a ghost story.
Star What? Who said anything about a ghost? I saw Glossaryck, Mom.
Moon You-you didn't see Glossaryck, and you didn't see his ghost.
Star Okay, stop saying "ghost". It's weird.
Moon Glossaryck is gone now. You just have to let him go.
Star [sighs]
Moon You know, when I was a little girl and there was something I couldn't let go, my mother taught me to say, "Baloo-balee, baloo-balow. I let you go, I let you go!" And I always felt better afterwards. Give it a try, dear. [walks away]
Star What?
Scene cuts to hours later in Star's bathroom. She turns on the faucet and brushes her teeth. After bending over to spit, she sees Glossaryck in the mirror.
Star [gasps, screams, stammering] Glossaryck!
Star runs to the door and sees Glossaryck in the doorknob.
Star [screams]
The faucet water overflows in the sink and spills onto the floor. Star kicks the bathroom door open, jumps into bed, and wraps herself in the covers.
Star Baloo-balee, baloo-balow! I let you go, I let you go! I let you go!
Star peeks out from under the covers and sees Glossaryck in the puddle of water on the floor.
Star [gasping] Why didn't that work?!
Star reaches under her bed, takes out her interdimensional pocket mirror, and quickly dials a number.
Star [frantic whimpering]
Janna Ordonia [answers] Yeah?
Star Janna!
Scene cuts to Janna eating a burrito at Britta's Tacos. Star speaks indistinctly and high-pitched over the phone.
Janna You're seeing dead people? That's the coolest thing I've heard all summer.
Star No, Janna! Weren't you listening?! Not people! Glossaryck! I am being haunted by Glossaryck's ghost! I did my mom's baloo-balee-baloo-balow, but it didn't work!
Janna Ba-ba-what?
Star Janna, I need your weird, dark-sided expertise, or I'm telling you, there are gonna be two ghosts up in here!
Janna [takes out Paranormal Folklore and Witchcraft, 5th Edition] Okay, well, you're definitely being haunted.
Star No!
Janna Yeah. Mmm. But if you're the only one who sees him, it might mean he has some unfinished business with you.
Star Okay, can you stop eating for one second? Also, what unfinished business?
Janna [chewing]
Star Janna!
Janna Sorry, it was getting cold! Maybe there's an anchor near you. You know, something he left in this world, keeping his ghost bound to it. Are any of his belongings around?
Star No. Glossaryck didn't own anything. The only thing that sort of belonged to him was— [gasps]
Star runs to her closet and looks at a box inside.
Janna Yo, Star, are you dead?
Star opens the box and takes out a piece of the Magic Instruction Book.
Star It's the book. I kept the remains of the spell book they found in the monster temple.
Janna Why would you keep that?
Star Uh, Janna, you're gonna get on my case for keeping weird stuff?
Janna [combing a shrunken head's hair] ...Touché. Says here you gotta let that stuff go. And by let it go, I mean bury it.
Star Like, bury bury?
Janna Yeah. And deep. Real deep.
Star briefly looks out her bedroom window. Cut to Mewni pet cemetery, where Star has dug a hole in the ground. Glossaryck's image appears in the clouds over her.
Star Okay, okay, okay, calm down! I'm doing it! [buries the book piece] And buried buried. Goodbye, Glossaryck.
Glossaryck's image has vanished from the clouds.
Star Whew!
Cut back to Butterfly Castle. Star returns to her bedroom and doesn't see Glossaryck in the puddle of water or the bathroom doorknob.
Star Hmm. No Glossaryck.
She goes inside the bathroom and doesn't see Glossaryck in the mirror.
Star [sighs] No Glossaryck.
Star turns off her bedside lamp and goes to sleep. There's a thudding noise at the foot of her bed. When she looks, she sees the book piece she buried covered in cemetery soil.
Star [whimpering] What?! Oh, Janna, you did not say this would happen. [picks up some soil] Oh, gross.
Glossaryck's eyeball appears in the soil in Star's hand.
Star [screams, falls out of bed, shuddering]
Glossaryck's image appears in Star's rug and bookcase.
Star Glossaryck!
Star tries to run, but Glossaryck's fingers reach out of the floor and grab her legs.
Star Ugh! Why does he have to have so many fingers?!
Glossaryck's eyes appear all over the walls and in the bedroom door handle. The door handle oozes dark-green slime. Everywhere Star runs, Glossaryck appears in front of her.
Star [screaming] Leave me alone!
She dives under her bed and calls Janna again.
Star Janna, Janna, Janna, Janna...!
Janna [answers] Yo, Star.
Star Janna! [babbling indistinctly]
Janna You buried it in a pet cemetery?!
Star Well, he's small.
Janna Did you want him to haunt you more?
Star Okay, well, that's better than flushing him down the toilet.
Janna That's not how it works, Star.
Star Yeah, I can see that now, Janna! He's still here! And now he's, like, here here!
Glossaryck's image appears in Star's bedside lamp.
Janna Wait. You're seeing him in the physical world? Oh, that's not good. [takes out Paranormal Folklore and Witchcraft, 5th Edition] You need to go bury the pieces in a sacred place. Somewhere that would have significance to him. Then you'll stop seeing him. And it looks like you gotta do it right now, or else he'll haunt you for eternity.
Star [gasps] I think I have the perfect place. Okay, thanks so much, Janna! Byeeeee!
Janna [hangs up] Ugh. Loud.
Marco Diaz Who was that?
Marco and Jackie Lynn Thomas sit across from Janna.
Janna No one. Shut up.
Marco [to Jackie] Why do we even hang out with Janna?
Scene cuts to Mewni Sanctuary. Star climbs to the top of the Well of Magic and sees Glossaryck in the water. She drops the remains of the Magic Instruction Book in the water, but Glossaryck doesn't go away.
Star Why, Glossaryck? Why are you still here? I gave you what you wanted. What else do you want from me?!
Glossaryck ...
Star [groans] You are always so frustrating and confusing and Glossaryck! Okay, look. I know I was a jerk to you sometimes, okay? But you're being an even bigger jerk now. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Is that what you want?! I thought you were gone! But no! No, no, no! Now you're just spooky bug-eyed reflections! And a cloud?! Who is a cloud?! And you're weird things in my room! I just don't get it. I thought you didn't even want to be around me. You know, Glossaryck, I have so much to do to fix this kingdom, and it would be a lot more helpful if you were really here instead of just haunting me like some kind of weird reflection creep!
Glossaryck ...
Star [sighs, sits down] You know, Glossaryck, you never made it easy learning from you. Maybe that was the point. You did always trust me to figure things out on my own. And you were still always there for me. And no one else was really always there for me. Teacher... Friend... Weird book guy. Whatever you were, you were super important to me. Thank you, Glossaryck. Thank you for everything.
Glossaryck disappears.
Star I hope you find your big bowl of pudding. Baloo-balee, baloo-balow. I let you go, I let you go.
As Star leaves the Sanctuary, the ground starts rumbling.
Star Huh?
Gold water bursts out of the Well of Magic.
Star Oh, no...!
Gold water floods the Sanctuary. Star breaks the surface of the water and gasps for air. She sees something glowing bright off-screen. Scene cuts to next morning; Moon and River eat breakfast in the castle dining hall. There's a low, faint thudding.
Moon [gasps] Do you hear something?
Star bursts into the hall by kicking in the door. She is holding something behind her back.
Star Mom, Dad!
Moon Star, I'm not going to tell you again. Stop kicking doors.
Star Mom! Mom! Oh, my goodness, you won't believe it! Okay, I was at the Sanctuary, and I was saying goodbye, and I really said goodbye, and then all this magic shot out of the well, and—!
Moon Slow down, slow down. What in the world are you talking about?
Star I did what you said! I did it! I let him go! I did your baloo-balee, but... he came back.
Star pulls Glossaryck out from behind her back.
Glossaryck Globgor!
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