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"Return to Mewni" is the first episode and season premiere of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 15, 2017, as part of the television movie Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni.[3]


In her eagerness to defeat Toffee, Star discovers the truth about Queen Moon's past.


A short time after the events of "Starcrushed", Marco is wallowing in despair over Star's departure from Earth. As his father Rafael calls the "Teen Sadness Hotline", his mother Angie suggests taking down the decorations from their end-of-school-year party. Marco wants to leave them up in case Star returns, as he doesn't want her to feel like any time has passed since her departure.

Meanwhile, on Mewni, Star and her mother Queen Butterfly are on the run as Toffee continues to grow in power and magic continues to vanish from the universe. The two are on their way to a place called the Sanctuary to restore the members of the Magic High Commission, whose bodies have been reduced to floating balloons. Unfortunately, due to the interdimensional magic fritz, their warnicorn and carriage disappear, prompting them to set up camp for the night. When a patrol of Ludo's rat minions appears searching for them, Star decides to get rid of them with her magic wand. Queen Moon tells Star not to use magic, so Star fends them off with a stick.

While Star succeeds in fending off the rats, they cause the High Commission's bodies to float away and get stuck in a tree. Star and Moon climb the tree to recover their bodies, and Moon warns Star not to be so reckless while they're on the run. After retrieving the High Commission's bodies, Star and Moon arrive at the Sanctuary, where Moon communicates with a crocodile gatekeeper to let them inside. In the Sanctuary, Star places the High Commission's bodies in flower-shaped pods while Moon turns a valve to pour regenerative water on them from the well of magic. Unfortunately, because of the interdimensional fritz, all the water in the well has turned into sticky black sludge.

Unable to revive the Magic High Commission, Queen Moon resorts to her backup plan: having herself and Star remain in hiding at the Sanctuary (with nothing to eat but corn snacks from a vending machine) until the situation changes. Star is unhappy with hiding and wants to confront Toffee right away, but Moon says Toffee is too powerful and won't stop searching for them until he recovers his lost finger. Star is about to use her magic wand so Toffee can find them, saying she defeated him once and can do it again, but Moon reveals to her that Toffee and his monsters killed her mother.

Realizing the true extent of Toffee's evil, Star gives the magic wand to Moon and asks her to tell the story. Moon explains that, after her mother was killed, she turned to Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness out of desperation. Star believes that Eclipsa's been dead for a long time, but Moon says, "Eclipsa's alive, and I made a deal with her."


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Terug op Mewni Back on Mewni
French Retour sur Miouni Return to Mewni
Hebrew חוזרים למיונ י Coming Back to Mewni
Japanese ミューニへの帰還 Return to Mewni
Malay Pulang ke Mewni Return to Mewni
Brazilian Portuguese Retorno à Mewni Return to Mewni
European Portuguese Regresso a Mewni Return to Mewni
Polish Powrót na Mewni Return to Mewni
Thai กลับสู่มิวนี่สตาร์โดนใจ Return to Mewni


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  • According to Zach Marcus, he and Cassie Zwart were told to go "over the top" with Marco being sad in the first scene so it would appear cartoonish instead of too sad. However, after Adam McArthur's initial line recordings, Dominic Bisignano added the gags of Marco and Angie turning the radio on and off and Rafael calling the Teen Sadness Hotline to make the scene even lighter.[4]
  • Moon telling Star that Comet was sent to a "grandma farm" is a reference to a gentle excuse that parents tell their children when a pet has passed away or been put down.

Revelations and continuity


  • There is only one hole in the Diaz household roof, left when Star's loft was removed at the end of "Starcrushed". The additional hole created by the new tower in "My New Wand!" is no longer present.