Reynaldo the Bald Pate is the ferryman of the River of Time and a former member of the Magic High Commission, who makes his only appearance in "Meteora's Lesson".

As of "Cleaved", he is supposedly wiped from existence after all magic in the universe is destroyed.


Reynaldo is an anthropomorphic giraffe with yellow fur and brown spots, a ring of brown hair around his ossicones that make a bald spot, small grayish-brown wings, and blue eyes. He most commonly appears wears a white toga, with a strap over his right shoulder, held in place by a gold clasp with an hourglass symbol.


Reynaldo only speaks in rhymes and riddles. He claims to be very lonely in his job as ferryman and wants to get back on the Magic High Commission. He also views Glossaryck as a father figure and constantly seeks attention from him. Reynaldo is also described by Festivia and Rhina Butterfly in their chapters as very boring.


Reynaldo is first featured in the book Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells as one of the members of the Magic High Commission, alongside Lekmet, Hekapoo, Rhombulus, and Omnitraxus Prime. During the reign of Queen Rhina Butterfly, he had a tendency of making royal council meetings very boring and forbade riddles.

Queen Rhina, who loved riddles, cast a spell on Reynaldo that not only made him love riddles but also caused him to speak exclusively in riddles from then on. When Rhina and Glossaryck were unable to undo this spell, and Reynaldo annoyed everyone with his constant riddle speak, he was forced into retirement from the High Commission.

In the season four episode "Meteora's Lesson", Reynaldo appears as the ferryman of the River of Time, ferrying Glossaryck and baby Meteora Butterfly backward in time.

Reynaldo does not appear in "Cleaved", but it is assumed that after magic is destroyed, he fades out of existence along with Glossaryck and the rest of the High Commission.



Among the High Commission members that Glossaryck created, Reynaldo is the only one who considers him to be a father, and he longs to have a traditional father-son relationship with Glossaryck, like spending time together and playing a game of catch. However, because of Reynaldo's compulsion to speak in rhymes, Glossaryck frequently pushes him away out of annoyance.

Powers and abilities

  • Time travel: As the ferryman of the River of Time, Reynaldo is able to ferry himself and his passengers backward and forward through time. This ability of Reynaldo's even surpasses Glossaryck's, as Glossaryck can only time travel by himself and without passengers.
  • Longevity: As a (former) member of the High Commission, Reynaldo is exceptionally long-lived, having been an active member of the High Commission since at least the time of Queen Festivia.


Season 4


S4E17 Reynaldo looks suggestively at Glossaryck
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  • Thus far, Reynaldo is the only High Commission member who got kicked out (up until Rhombulus' arrest in "Cornonation").
  • Reynaldo is a Spanish and Portuguese name of Germanic origin meaning " counselor-ruler". Ironic, as Reynaldo was forced to take an early retirement after Rhina used a spell to make him speak in riddles.
  • While Reynaldo's appearance initially resembles Charon, the ferryman of the dead from Greek mythology. His white toga and oar invoke imagery of Hermes. With the top of Reynaldo's oar looking similar to the Caduceus staff. Hermes was also known to be a psychopomp who could travel to the underworld and back without question.
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