Prince Richard Pigeon is a prince of the Pigeon Kingdom of Mewni and the only pigeon in his kingdom capable of speaking the Mewman language. He first appears in "Club Snubbed".


Rich Pigeon mostly resembles an ordinary pigeon with white and gray feathers; his head and tail feathers are white and light gray, and the rest of his body is covered in moderate to dark gray feathers. He also has black beady eyes and an orange beak and legs, and he wears a purple hat with a light-blue feather in it.

In "Club Snubbed" and "Monster Bash", Rich Pigeon wears a false set of muscular arms and legs.


Rich Pigeon first appears in "Club Snubbed" as the royal representative of the Pigeon Kingdom during the annual Silver Bell Ball. He has no dialogue in the episode; Star Butterfly only points out that he got new legs.

In "Death Peck", Star tries to get Rich's signature on her "Petition of Friendship" to unite Mewmans and monsters, but he and his family only reply in unintelligible bird sounds. When Marco Diaz tries to put the signing pen in Rich's claw, he accidentally breaks Rich's leg. For that, Star, Marco, and Pony Head are chased by the rest of the pigeons and sentenced to death by King and Queen Pigeon, but Rich appears with his leg in a cast and demands that they be set free, revealing that he can speak Mewman.

Rich Pigeon expresses a desire to bring his old-fashioned kingdom into a prosperous future, and he supports Star's advocacy for equal treatment of Mewmans and monsters, signing her petition.

In "Monster Bash", he uses his wealth to help Star put together a party for Mewmans and monsters at the Monster Temple. He also forgives Marco for accidentally breaking his leg (though pretends he still holds a grudge at first to mess with him), and gets him to do his "sword-hand dance" (actually his karate stance), which he and the rest of the guests start imitating.

In "Tough Love", Rich Pigeon expresses anger over the destruction Meteora Butterfly caused to his family's castle, and seeks to bring her to justice.

In "Cornonation", Rich is among the people that Marco and Janna invite to Eclipsa Butterfly's queen coronation ceremony.

In "The Right Way", Rich Pigeon helps Star and her friends protect Monster Castle from an invading Solarian Warrior. During the battle, one of his suit's false arms is cut off.

In "Cleaved", Rich recovers from his wounds after magic is destroyed, and he is last seen being chased up a tree by Earth dogs when Earth and Mewni are merged into one dimension.


Season 3

Season 4


S3E20 Rich Pigeon 'for all of Mewni'
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  • Rich Pigeon is voiced by actor/comedian Gary Anthony Williams.
  • According to Rich Pigeon, it is a violation of pigeon law to learn to speak Mewman.
  • In the series' Spanish dub, Rich Pigeon's first name is Ricky.
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