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"Royal Pain" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 26, 2015, in Canada and on July 27, 2015, in the United States alongside "Freeze Day".[1]


Star is delighted when her dad shows up for an unexpected visit, but he soon wears out his welcome.[2]


Marco wakes up one morning to find the inside of the house turned into a giant water slide. Though he has fun, Marco asks Star to give him a heads-up next time, mentioning that he does not like the feeling of wet socks. Just then, King Butterfly appears at the front door. After Star quickly changes the house back to normal, King Butterfly enters and says Queen Butterfly kicked him out of the castle for not cleaning up after himself. He decides to stay at the Diaz Household until things blow over, and Rafael welcomes him to stay and watch Star and Marco while he and Angie go on a getaway.

King Butterfly meets the laser puppies and tells Star that her mother would send her to St. Olga's for misusing her magic, but he himself is lenient. Star gives her father a tour of the Diaz Household; he meets the various creatures living in Star's bedroom and becomes enamored with the bathroom toilet. When Star shows him miniature golf, he quickly gets carried away and destroys the entire golf course. Later, Star wakes up in the middle of the night and finds her father's dirty clothes all over her room. Under a giant pile of clothes, King Butterfly roughhouses with a clown.

Star mentions her father's overstayed welcome to Marco the next morning, and Marco says he can "weirdly relate". Star is relieved that her father is leaving soon, but King Butterfly enters and says that not only is he staying for good, but he is also throwing a party and invited a bunch of friends from other dimensions. The house is quickly filled with interdimensional creatures. Before long, a sentient sun creature named Helios crashes the party and makes himself the center of attention. Star tells her father to end the party and make everyone leave, but he is oblivious to her misfortune.

Realizing what Marco meant by his earlier comment, Star apologizes to him for all the inconveniences she causes. Marco forgives her and once again mentions how much he dislikes the feeling of wet socks. This gives Star an idea. Having eaten all the food but still hungry, Helios prepares to eat the whole planet. Before he can do so, Star turns the house into a water slide again, making everyone's socks wet. Their good time now ruined, the party guests leave to their home dimensions.

King Butterfly realizes how much of a mess he made and apologizes to Star for getting carried away and being inconsiderate. He promises to patch things up with Queen Butterfly and send some castle servants to clean up the messy house, after sending Helios, all fried out, back to his home dimension. Star promises to give Marco a heads-up next time before transforming the house, but Marco says a surprise is good every once in a while, and he pushes her into the water. The episode ends with the two having fun in the water on the backs of dolphins.


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Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 皇室的痛苦 Royal Pain
Dutch Koninklijke Lastpak Royal Troublemaker
French Surprise royale Royal Surprise
German Die royale Nervensäge The Royal Nuisance
Hebrew ביקור מלכותי A Royal Visit
Hungarian Kínos királykodás Awful Kingship
Italian Una festa reale A Royal Party
Japanese 王様 地球に来る King Comes to Earth
Korean 쫓겨난 왕 The Expelled King
Polish Królewski ból Royal Pain
Portuguese (Brazil) Dor Real Royal Pain
Portuguese (Portugal) Chatice Real Royal Nuisance
Russian Королевская боль Royal Pain
Spanish (Latin America) Dolor Real Royal Pain
Spanish (Spain) Un Fastidio Real A Royal Pain


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Revelations and continuity

  • This episode reveals that King Butterfly is more lenient about Star's use of the wand than Queen Butterfly.
  • While sleep-deprived, Star calls Marco "Oskar".
  • The seabunny captain from the theme song is seen when Star makes everyone's socks wet.


  • The submarine in the pool in the beginning of the episode is very similar in design to the yellow submarine from the Beatles' film "Yellow Submarine".
  • The song playing in the background during King Butterfly's house party closely resembles "Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer.


  • The writing and storyboarding credits at the beginning of the episode misspell "written" as "writeen".
  • When Marco says, "I hope my parents don't flip when they see this", he has five fingers.
  • When Rafael jumps into the water, he has back hair, despite not having any in "Diaz Family Vacation".
  • When Star is inside her father's clothes, on one shot her hairband appears from nowhere and on the next shot it disappears.


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