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"Scent of a Hoodie" is the eighth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 6, 2017, alongside "Rest in Pudding".[1]


Star goes to the Royal Laundry, and meets the Knight of the Wash.[2]


The episode begins on Mewni, with Marco packing up to return to Earth. With Mewni now safe from Toffee, Marco says goodbye to his interdimensional friends, and King Butterfly gives him a cape as thanks for everything he's done for the kingdom. Before Marco leaves with his dimensional scissors, he and Star share one last emotional hug and awkward moment, and he tells her to let him know if she finds his missing red hoodie.

Upstairs, Star uses Sparkle Glitter Bomb Expand to recreate her old bedroom loft from Earth, and it is revealed that she secretly kept Marco's hoodie as a memento of their friendship, even sniffing it while thinking on the memorable moments they shared. When Pony Head arrives and sees Star holding onto Marco's smelly hoodie, she tries to help her move on by dropping the hoodie down the castle laundry chute. Desperate to get the hoodie back, Star races down to the castle's laundry room and meets Sir Lavabo, the "Knight of the Wash". Star asks Lavabo for the hoodie back before it gets washed, but upon seeing the hoodie's filthy state, Lavabo insists on washing it in order to uphold his family's legacy as "laundry knights".

Star gets even more desperate and uses her magic wand to blast her way into the laundry room. Even Pony Head, put off by Lavabo's strict adherence to rules and order, decides to help Star retrieve the hoodie. When Lavabo, dressed in knight armor, flees with the hoodie, Star and Pony Head chase after him. Star eventually corners and restrains Lavabo at the top of the master wash. Lavabo accepts his impending death, but Star says she's not going to kill him over a hoodie.

Star finally admits that Pony Head was right about her obsessively holding onto a piece of Marco and getting in the way of Lavabo's job. During her admission, Lavabo throws the hoodie into the wash, but he tells Star he put the machine on gentle cycle. When Lavabo gives Star the clean hoodie, she is delighted to find that it still smells like Marco. Pony Head believes her plan didn't work, but Lavabo explains that what Star is experiencing is merely the "scent of a memory". Star thanks Pony Head for helping her move on by focusing on the memory rather than a physical reminder. Deciding that she doesn't need the hoodie anymore, Star sends it back to Marco on Earth, and he notices that it kind of smells like Star.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Geur van een Hoodie Scent of a Hoodie
French Une odeur familière A familiar scent
Hebrew ניחוח הסווטשירט Scent of a Hoodie
Japanese パーカーのにおい A Parka's Smell
European Portuguese Perfume de Casaco Jacket Perfume
Thai กลิ่นของเสื้อฮู้ด Scent of a Hoodie
Malay Aroma Jaket Scent of a Hoodie


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S3E8 Marco giving Star a goodbye hug
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