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Episode begins at Butterfly Castle; in one of the castle rooms, Marco Diaz is packing his things in a duffel bag. He briefly looks wistful.
Marco Diaz [inhales, exhales]
Marco picks up the bag and walks out the door. Mime Girl picks him up by his arms and pulls him up to Ruberiot and Foolduke.
Marco Whoa! Oh, hey, guys.
Ruberiot We're gonna miss you, dude.
Foolduke Come on, Marco, can't you stay a little longer?
Marco Love to, but Earth's callin'.
Ruberiot All right then. See you on the flip, Marco.
Mime Girl tosses Marco to the bottom of the castle stairs, where Star Butterfly, King Butterfly, and Queen Butterfly are waiting.
Marco Whoa! Oof! [sighs] Well, I, uh... guess this is goodbye.
River Butterfly And what a pleasure it's been. This place won't be the same without you, my lad. But before you go, there's something I want to give you for all you've done for our kingdom. Squire!
A castle squire approaches with a small chest. River opens the chest, pulls out a long cape, and wraps it around Marco.
River Ta-da!
Marco Whoa! Cool!
River Ha-ha! You're like a real live knight now. Look at you, my boy. In fact, if you ever want to be a knight one day, give me a call.
Marco Wow. Thanks, River.
Moon Butterfly Take care of yourself back on Earth. [kisses Marco on the forehead]
Marco Thanks.
Star stares at Marco, and they walk up to each other.
Marco I guess this is it.
Star Well... bye.
Marco opens a dimensional portal with his dimensional scissors, takes one last look at Star, and starts walking through. Star looks sad.
Star Wait, Marco! [pulls Marco back] I need a longer goodbye than that.
Marco Me, too.
Star hugs Marco, and Marco hugs her back. Star tears up. They eventually let go.
Star Well, bye. Again.
Marco Bye.
Marco tries passing Star to get to the portal, but Star accidentally cuts in front of him.
Star Huh? Oh, you're going to the portal. That's this way. Heh-heh.
Marco tries passing Star again, but Star cuts in front of him again several times.
Star and Marco Uh... Oh... [chuckling]
Star Sorry. No, you go right. Heh. Sorry, that was me.
Star and Marco eventually dance awkwardly around each other until Marco is directly in front of the portal. Moon and River look at each other and smile after watching the two dance awkwardly around each other.
Marco Well, bye.
Star Bye.
Marco Bye.
Star [exasperated] Okay, Marco.
Marco ...Right.
Marco walks through the portal before sticking his head out again.
Marco Oh, and can you let me know if you see my hoodie anywhere?
Star I told you I haven't seen it. But if I find it, I will send it to you.
Marco Okay, cool. Thanks. Okay. Bye.
Marco leaves for good, and the portal closes.
Star I'm... going to my room. [walks up the stairs]
River But sweetie pie, your room's this way.
Star Uh, yeah, it's wherever I want it to be, Dad.
In an upstairs castle corridor, Star points her magic wand at the wall.
Star [sadly] Sparkle Glitter Bomb Expand.
Star creates a duplicate version of her bedroom loft from when she stayed on Earth. She enters and lies on her bed.
Star [sighs]
She looks around to make sure she's alone, then pulls Marco's hoodie out from under her mattress. It's covered in stains and scratches.
Star [sniffs deeply] Eugh! Gross, Marco! Smells like that time we went on that dimensional school field trip. [sniffs] Ugh. Gonna vomit. Oh, and that smells like the one time we got Chinese food after the double feature karate movie. [sniffs, coughs, gags] And that smells like the time we tried to save the Bounce Lounge.
Pony Head Hey, girl!
Star Ah! [hides hoodie behind her back] Pony Head!
Pony Head I heard what went down in your kingdom, and so I rushed right over as soon as my hair was done. You know I need to do that. Wait. Are you hiding something from me?
Star [scoffs] No. This is me. Totes normal.
Pony Head You better not be keeping secrets from me.
Star Okay, fine. It's Marco's hoodie, okay? Are you happy now?
Pony Head [whickers] Ooooh! Darn it! That thing smells like feet!
Star I know, but it smells like Marco. I know I should return it, but I really miss him, and it's the only thing—
There's a metallic creaking off-screen. Pony Head holds Marco's hoodie over the open laundry chute.
Star What the?! Hey, what are you doing?!
Pony Head I'm washing this stinky thing. [drops hoodie down the chute]
Star No!
Star watches Marco's hoodie disappear down the chute.
Pony Head Hey, girl, you need to get a grip.
Star No! [grunts, runs out of the room]
Pony Head Where are you going?
Star To get that hoodie!
Star runs down to the castle laundry room. A metal sign over a door reads "Knight of the Wash".
Star [knocks on door]
Sir Lavabo [opens door window] Yes? Ah, Princess Butterfly.
Star Hi, Lavabo.
Lavabo I must apologize for your blue dress. It will not be ready 'til Tuesday.
Star I don't care. I'm looking for a red hoodie.
Lavabo A hoodie? Date and time you dropped it off.
Star Well, just now, but it was a total accident. It's perfectly clean. I just need it back before it gets washed.
Lavabo A clean hoodie? Oh, not to worry. You need the pickup window.
Lavabo points over to the laundry's pickup window. Star walks over to the window, and Lavabo answers.
Lavabo Welcome to the pickup window. How may I be of assistance?
Star [frustrated] Red hoodie.
Lavabo [holding clipboard] Size?
Star Medium, maybe?
Lavabo Chain mail or metal plate?
Star Cotton. It's a hoodie.
Lavabo Thread count?
Star I don't know! I don't count!
Marco's hoodie falls on a pile of clothes behind Lavabo.
Star [gasps] Wait-wait-wait! There it is! Right behind you!
Lavabo Double stitch or single?
Star It's right behind you!
Lavabo That should be enough information. I'll file this and get back to you within forty-eight hours.
Star What?!
Lavabo [closes window]
Star [groans] This is all your fault!
Pony Head You're gonna thank me later once you come to your senses!
Star I am to my senses!
Lavabo [opens window] Good news! I have located your hoodie. Unfortunately, it's filthy and must be washed immediately.
Star What? No-no-no-no-no. I-I told you, it doesn't need to be washed. Don't bother yourself. Ha-ha.
Lavabo I'm sorry, princess, but I must bother myself. It is my duty. I will never forget the moment, as a young boy, and I saw my papi meticulously making sure the royal linen stayed pure, noble, clean, and fresh.
Star Uh...
Lavabo And I swore at that very day that I would never let a garment go unwashed. And I have kept that promise for over forty years. Therefore, I will make it my utmost priority that this extremely soil-ed hoodie be washed! [closes window]
Pony Head Okay, well, that is unfortunate. But now, let me tell you about this club I went to.
Star Glitter Whale Battering Ram!
Star summons a small, winged whale to hurl against the laundry door. It falls to the floor.
Pony Head Girl, what are you doing?
Star Trying to get my hoodie back before Lavabo washes it! [cracks neck]
Pony Head Are you for real right now?
Star Pile Driver Panda Explosion!
Star blows the door door with an explosion of pandas. Lavabo appears in a suit of armor holding Marco's hoodie on a staff.
Lavabo Through muddled scent and stained shirt piles, the dirt of yesterday shall not be the enemy of tomorrow. By the Order of the Wash, this is my promise to my true kingdom.
Star Seriously?
Pony Head You know, I'm surprised to say it. But personally, I really do admire this.
Star Seriously?!
Pony Head Star, just let this old dad do his job.
Lavabo Yes, I must follow my duty. Order and rules are always to be followed without fail.
Pony Head Okay, calm down though.
Lavabo Everyone must always follow the rules all the time, always, forever.
Pony Head What?! Okay, did you just tell my friend what to do forever?! [to Star] We are getting back your weird red stink hoodie. We're getting it.
Star Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait. Like, two seconds ago, you were like—
Pony Head I'm aware of my actions, and I'm so sorry for not always having your back, and I hope we can move on and grow as the beautiful princesses we are.
Lavabo I must uphold my oath! [runs away]
Star No-no-no-no-no! He can't wash the hoodie!
Star and Pony Head chase after Lavabo.
Star Get back here, Lavabo!
Lavabo turns a furnace valve, filling the room with steam.
Star [groans]
Pony Head Can't see anything!
Star I know! Let's split up!
Star sees Marco's hoodie moving away through the steam.
Marco [v.o.] Goodbye forever, Star.
Star No-no-no-no-no! No! Don't go! I won't let you go!
Star jumps up through the steam and blasts magic at Lavabo, hitting his butt.
Lavabo Ay! [continues running]
Star [growls]
Star chases Lavabo into a waterfall-like area with laundry barrels. She blasts him with magic, but he keeps dodging.
Star Lavabo! Stop! Give me that hoodie!
Lavabo Your Highness, I can't stress enough how badly I am not going to do that. [jumps into a barrel]
Star [jumps into another barrel]
Lavabo Opa!
Lavabo zip-lines down a clothesline toward a giant spin-cycle washing machine. Star and Pony Head go over the waterfall.
Pony Head [screams]
Star Kitten Pegasus Battle Barrel!
Star transforms the barrel into a flying kitty-cat barrel.
Star Stop! You are not washing that hoodie!
Star corners Lavabo at the top of the machine.
Star Just give up!
Lavabo As long as this body of mine is capable of moving, I shall always move towards my duty.
Lavabo holds the hoodie over the water.
Star Shimmer Soap Tentacle Wave!
Dirty linens around the laundry room turn into tentacles that ensnare Lavabo.
Lavabo [grunting]
Star You're not moving towards anything anymore. This is your last chance.
Lavabo My entire life I have dedicated to my knight's oath. This is something that cannot be bent or broken. My brothers and sisters taught me that. I cherish the moments we had together and hold onto them every day. It has made me who I am, and soon I shall see them again.
Star Wait, what? You thought I was gonna kill you? Over a hoodie?!
Lavabo Is that not what is going on here?
Star No. I was gonna maybe turn you into a duck or, like, boop you on the nose real hard.
Lavabo But your eyes, they had the bloodlust.
Star [stammering] That's just 'cause... Pony Head was right. I really am messed up about Marco. [releases Lavabo] I mean, I spent all day chasing down a knight who was just doing his weird job. All because I thought that if I didn't have Marco's hoodie, I wouldn't have any piece of him left, which just isn't true. I'll always have Marco. We'll always be friends.
Lavabo drops Marco's hoodie into the water.
Star Whoa-whoa-whoa, what are you doing?
Marco's hoodie sinks into the water.
Star [sighs]
Lavabo Do not worry. I put it on the gentle cycle.
Star [smiles]
After Marco's hoodie is clean, Lavabo neatly folds it.
Lavabo [sniffs deeply, exhales slowly] Miladies, the garment is clean and up to the standards of the Knights of the Wash.
Pony Head [sniffs] Oh, wow. Now, that is delightful. Star, you should... Awww...
Star looks incredibly sad. Her cheek hearts appear broken.
Pony Head (o.s.) Girl, don't be pouty.
Star Meh.
Pony Head (o.s.) Come over here.
Lavabo Milady, please.
Star [takes hoodie from Lavabo, sniffs] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! It still stinks like Marco!
Pony Head What?! No, it does not! I just sniffed it! [to Lavabo] Tell her it doesn't.
Lavabo The hoodie is, in fact, clean. What you are experiencing is the memory of a scent.
Pony Head You don't need to hold on to those stinky hoodies anymore. You know why? 'Cause, like, what we have learned is that Earth Turd's scent is, like, in your heart or whatever.
Star Awww. Thanks, Pony Head.
Pony Head [laughs] You got it, girl.
Scene cuts to Diaz Household on Earth. Marco is laying on the couch, watching TV in his Goblin Dogs T-shirt.
Marco [sighs heavily, changes TV channel]
The doorbell rings. Marco answers, but no one's there.
Marco Hello?
Star's kitty-cat barrel flies up and tosses a star-shaped box in Marco's face.
Marco Oof!
Marco sits on the couch and opens the box.
Marco [gasps] All right! My hoodie!
Marco puts his hoodie on feet-first.
Marco [sniffs] Hey. Kinda smells like Star. [sniffs]
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