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"School Spirit" is the fourth episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 30, 2015, alongside "Match Maker".[3]


Star, still unfamiliar with the lingo on Earth, misunderstands when she hears that the Echo Creek football team is going to "get slaughtered" and prepares a series of booby traps to protect them.[3]


At Echo Creek AcademyStar is extremely excited for her first pep rally. At the front of the crowd, Principal Skeeves introduces head cheerleader Brittney Wong. Carried by the Spirit Boys and the other cheerleaders, she steps down, snatches the microphone from Skeeves, and hypes up the crowd for the Awesome Opossums.

Still dealing with Star's over-excitement, Marco remarks that they aren't real opossums and that the team will be going up against the rivaling Warriors of Silver Hill Prep. Marco goes on to explain that the Warriors "slaughter" the Opossums every year, and Miss Skullnick adds "it's going to be a bloodbath". Thinking that actual enemy warriors are going to attack the school and desperate to keep this from happening, Star wants to come up with a plan, and Marco suggests she join the school's Spirit Committee. Star runs off to do just that.

Back on the field, Brittney introduces the new team mascot: the Awesome Opossum (who turns out to be Ferguson in a costume). Remembering that the Warriors steal the Opossums' mascot every year, Marco reasons that they'll try to steal Ferguson and comes up with a way to stop them.

In the school hallway, Star looks at photos of old Awesome Opossum football players, believing them to be deceased. As Marco commences a "security sweep" of the hallway, he runs into Star, who asks him how they can prevent the Opossums' defeat. Marco suggests various tactics including the element of surprise, a "kitty cat offense," and throwing a few bombs. Star approves of the advice and runs off to relay the information to the Spirit Committee. Marco returns to his security sweep and signals Alfonzo to start moving a reluctant Ferguson out of the school.

In the gymnasium, the Spirit Committee practices cheerleading routines for the upcoming game when Star bursts in. She mistakes the teams' pompoms for grenades and discusses a battle plan with Brittney. Brittney has a secret weapon to distract the Warriors with their booty-shaking dance moves, but Star is dismissive of the idea. Star offers battle expertise provided by her Mewni royal guard babysitters, but Brittney, not wanting anyone to question her leadership, simply bans Star from the Spirit Committee.

Outside the school, Marco and Alfonzo continue their watch over Ferguson. Marco gives Ferguson a "stranger danger" whistle to use if he's kidnapped, but Ferguson refuses it, only using the mascot costume to pick up girls. As Marco forces the whistle upon Ferguson, Star finds a group of stray cats in a dumpster and uses her magic to turn them into her kitty cat offense. Later, at the Diaz Household, Ferguson complains about his situation and wants to go home, but Marco is insistent on protecting him from the Warriors. Meanwhile, Star harasses a squirrel on a power line outside and asks Marco where she can find highly flammable liquids.

At the football game, the Warriors prepare for kickoff as the Opossums cheerleaders start their booty-shaking routine. By the bleachers, Marco and Alfonzo keep Ferguson out of the Warriors' sight when Star pops in wearing battle armor and wielding a spiked mace. Finally fed up with Star's behavior, Marco pulls her aside to talk to her (leaving Ferguson open to be picked up by two of the Warriors' players). Marco asks Star what she's up to, and Star explains that she took Marco's advice and booby-trapped the football field. Stunned, Marco explains to Star that it was only a game, not a real battle.

Unfortunately, Star realizes her mistake too late: the referee sounds the kickoff. The Warriors set off a landmine, creating a rainbow-colored explosion. The Awesome Opossums and spectators erupt in panic as numerous other traps are set off and magical creatures storm the field. Star and Marco try to corral the chaos with karate and magic, and the Warriors players carrying Ferguson are taken out by landmines.

As Ferguson makes his way toward Star and Marco, Marco tells him to get off the field, but Ferguson fails to hear him and sets off a landmine, resulting in what appears to be a fatal injury. Marco grieves over his friend's apparent death, but Ferguson wakes up and says he was only "playing possum". Marco is happy that his friend is okay but angered by his joke. The panicked Warriors retreat on their school bus, resulting in their forfeit and the Opossums' victory.

As the team and crowd celebrate, Star gets a feeling that she forgot something, and a magical bird swoops down to snatch up Marco.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 學校精神 School Spirit
Dutch School Sportweek School Sport Week
French L'Esprit d'équipe Team Spirit
German Die Football-Schlacht The Football Battle
Hebrew רוח בית הספר School Spirit
Hungarian A versenyszellem The Competitive Spirit
Italian Viva gli opossum! Long Live the Opossums!
Japanese スポーツの応援? Cheering for Sports?
Korean 포섬을 지켜라! Protect the Possum!
Polish Szkolny Duch School Spirit
Portuguese (Brazil) Espírito da Escola Spirit of the School
Portuguese (Portugal) Apoiar a Equipa Support The Team
Russian Школьный дух School Spirit
Spanish (Latin America) Espíritu escolar School Spirit
Spanish (Spain) El espíritu escolar The School Spirit


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  • The Echo Creek Academy cheerleaders and both the Echo Creek Academy and Silver Hill Prep football teams debut here.


  • Before Sabrina attempts her flip into the "Spirit Boys" arms, the stripe on her uniform is over her right shoulder rather than her left.
  • When Chantal is shown dismayed at Star's assertion that "No warrior is going to be distracted by Chantal's booty", the stripe on her uniform is missing.
  • After the cheer squad turns around to, "distract them with our booty shake", everyone but Brittney's uniform stripe disappears.
  • When Sabrina is being pushed in her wheelchair by Brittney, the red "ECA" on her uniform is missing.


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