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"Shining Star" is the end credit sequence of the show starting from season 3, composed by Brian H. Kim, lyrics written by Daron Nefcy, and performed by singer-songwriter Agnes Shin.[1]


She's a princess winning battles
Through the break of dawn
Don't worry when it's night,
'Cause she will keep the lights on!

Ohhhh, there goes a shining star!
Evil won't deter her (No, sir!)
'Cause magic flows through her (Star Butterfly!)

She is a shining star!

C'est une princesse livrant bataille dès le lever du jour.
Ne craignez pas la nuit car sa lumière brillera toujours !

Ooooooooh, c'est l'étoile dans le soir !
Le mal ne l'atteindra pas (Jamais !)
La magie guidera ses pas (Star Butterfly !)
À jamais princesse Star !


International versions


  • Daron Nefcy has stated that the ending theme was changed for season 3 because the ending for seasons 1 and 2 was "too happy" and so she created one more "neutral" and "anime-like".[2]


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