"Skooled!" is the thirty-third episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 24, 2018 alongside "Booth Buddies".[1]


Ponyhead returns to St. O’s and finds that the curriculum got tougher.[2]


Pony Head returns to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses after spending a long time away to party and brunch with the other princesses. However, before she can have brunch, Princess Arms calls her to her office, where the reprogrammed robotic guards serve them tea. Princess Arms tells Pony Head that a lot of things have changed at the school, and that if she wants to brunch, she must pass a new final exam.

Despite Pony Head's confidence, she has forgotten the four basic tenets of brunch. Pony Head refuses to take the exam again, and despite how much they revere her, the other princesses tell her to leave if she cannot adjust to the school's new ways. Pony Head tries to call Star about this, but the call goes to voicemail.

All of a sudden, the school once again comes under attack by Meteora. The princesses and robot guards try to defend the school, but Gemini uses a remote to undo the guards' reprogramming. Under Gemini's control, the guards tear out their own hearts and use them as explosives on the princesses. Unable to stop Meteora's advance, the princesses barricade themselves inside the school, but Rasticore infiltrates it with his dimensional chainsaw, and Meteora and Gemini jump in through the window.

As the princesses try to hold off Meteora and her goons, Princess Arms finds Pony Head pigging out on brunch in the dining hall. Pony Head believes Meteora is specifically after her, but Meteora, Gemini, and Rasticore go into a side chamber instead. They reactivate a robot headmaster that has long been deactivated, revealed to be St. Olga herself, and Meteora tells her to show her her master file. At first, St. Olga shows Meteora a fake video about how she found Meteora on the street as a baby and took her in, but Meteora tells her to show her the real master file. When St. Olga claims she doesn't know what Meteora is talking about, Gemini takes control of her and plays the file himself.

The file shows various points of Meteora's life: her reconditioning in the school's solitary conform-ment chamber as a young adult, being told to hide her monster tail as a teenager, and being forced to suppress her inner magic as a child. The file eventually rewinds to the point where King Shastacan first gave baby Meteora to St. Olga, calling the baby "absolutely heinous". Meteora realizes she should have been crowned queen of Mewni, and despite St. Olga's claims that she did her best raising her, Meteora punches the robot into a wall, deactivating her once again.

Pony Head leads the princesses of St. Olga's in one final stand against Meteora, but by this time, Meteora has become even more monstrous. In her rage, she rips off Pony Head's horn. Realizing how dangerous Meteora has become, Rasticore quits his job as her bodyguard (treating it more like a breakup than a resignation) and starts to leave. Enraged by Rasticore's desertion, Meteora rips out Gemini's heart (revealing him to be a robot as well) and uses it to blow up Rasticore's body, once again reducing him to just a forearm.

The episode ends with Meteora picking up Rasticore's arm and setting out to take back the Mewni throne.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Geschoold! Schooled!
German Grässliche Überraschung Heinous Surprise
Japanese セイント・オルガを守れ! Defend St. Olga's!


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S3E33 St. Olga starts playing a film reel
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Production notes




Revelations and continuity

  • Rasticore appears fully regenerated, but he is once again reduced to an arm by Meteora at the end of the episode.
  • St. Olga, the founder of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, appears for the first time and is revealed to be a robot.
  • Meteora is revealed to have received her assumed name "Miss Heinous" from St. Olga.
  • Meteora learns of her lineage and sets out to claim the Butterfly throne.
  • Pony Head has her horn broken off by Meteora.
  • Gemini is revealed to be a robot, and shuts down when Meteora removes his heart.


  • St. Olga's saying "Boys don't make passes at girls who have devil tails" references a quote by Dorothy Parker: "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses."


  • Meteora's mole disappears several times as a baby.
  • Meteora's color scheme changes several times.[specify]


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