(theme song)
Scene opens with Janna painting a rainbow on Star's cheek hearts. She and others are in the bathroom, giving each other makeovers.
Janna Ordonia There. What do you think?
Star Butterfly I love it!
StarFan13 Me next, me next, me next! [knocks over Star] And make me look exactly like Star. [grabs Janna] And I mean exactly.
Star Fun sleepover, huh, guys?
StarFan13 Best sleepover ever!!
Star And it's about to get a lot better.
Star's wand, functioning as a timer, rings. The scene changes to the kitchen
Star I never made brownies before. I used real magic sprinkles.
All Mmm! [some make a face]
Jackie Lynn Thomas So good, right?
Pony Head Yes.
StarFan13 eats as many as possible.
StarFan13 Yes! [with mouth full of brownies] Oh, so good.
The crowd hears some jazzy piano music playing. They find Marco in the living room with a keyboard, fake playing.
Marco Diaz Oh, hey girls. I was just practicing piano. It's jazz.
Star Hi Marco.
Jackie Ooh! I didn't know you played, Marco. Yeah!
Marco lowers his sun glasses, and the two stare into each other's eyes briefly.
Marco Oh hey, Jackie. Didn't see you there.
Marco begins moonwalking across the living room, but trips on a change in elevation between rooms.
Marco [falling] Whoa!
Star Are you okay? Why don't you come and try one of my brownies?
Marco Brownies? [to Jackie] These days, I'm sticking with the protein shakes. It's what keeps these bad boys happy [flexes biceps]
Pony Head Oh oh, uh-huh. You got it bad.
Marco Bad? No [laughs nervously]
Pony Head It's game time, Marco. [laughs] And since you're so good at playing the field, I got a game that would be perfect for you.
Scene changes. They are all looking at a blue-green cube.
All Wow!
Marco It's a box.
Pony Head It's called Truth or Punishments. It's all about telling your friends your deepest, darkest secrets.
Marco And I'm out. [runs away]
Star Give me one second. Marco!
Marco keeps running away.
Star Marco, Marco, Marco, Marco. [blasts him with wand] Why don't you wanna play?
Marco I just think maybe some things are better kept secrets.
Star What are you talking about?
Janna Oh Marco, come play with us. [giggles]
Jackie Yeah Marco. Come share secrets.
Marco [laughs nervously]
Star He's coming.
Marco I hate you.
Pony Head Okay, it's supposed to ask three questions, each one harder than the last, and all we do is answer them. So...
Pony head claps her ears together, and the lights go out. The cube starts glowing when Pony Head sticks her tongue on it.
Cube Deceit and fables, lies and fiction, even with complete conviction. If truth is absent from these events, all will face the punishments.
StarFan13 What does that mean?
Janna It means if you lie to him, something bad'll happen.
The cube expands to reveal a mouth.
Cube Pledge an oath of truth. Pinky swear to me.
Star Okay.
Star puts her pinkie in the cube's mouth.
Star I promise to tell the truth.
Her friends take turns doing likewise
Janna The truth.
StarFan13 The truth.
Pony Head [using her tongue instead] The truth.
Jackie The truth.
Marco The truth.
Cube It's time for Truth or Punishments.
Star Oh-ho! Pony, this is already awesome.
Cube The first question:
Everyone looks tense as the cube spins for a question.
Cube What is... your... favorite color?
Star Uh, Pony?
Pony Oh, girl, maybe the first one is just very easy. The next one's probably something interesting, like, have you ever killed a man. Mm, actually, that's still easy.
Marco Pony Head, favorite color?
Pony Head Pony Head color. Done.
Marco What?
Star It's a very popular color on Mewni.
StarFan13 Uh, Star, what's your favorite color?
Star Uh, I have to go with yellow.
StarFan13 [gasps] Me too.
Star No way!
Both [giggle]
Marco Jackie?
Jackie Neon green. How about you?
Marco Well, I like red.
Janna Blood red?
Marco Uh... no. Just like, hoodie red.
Janna Well, I like black.
Marco I can see that.
Jackie Oh, black is my second favorite.
Marco Black is pretty cool.
The room is suddenly filled with red light.
Cube Someone is lying.
The cube sends out a blast of red lightning which tickles everyone in the room. They all start uncontrollably laughing.
Star [still laughing] Whoever lied, speak up.
Janna Okay. I love pink. It's my favorite.
The room is filled with green light.
Cube Truth.
All Pink⁈
Janna I just hate contributing to gender stereotypes.
Cube Janna likes pink and fights the patriarchy.
The cube levitates into the air, and removes all the light from the room. It segregates Star's room from the rest of the house by sealing it inside a large cube with sides that look like circuit boards.
Star That was awesome!
Marco [walking around the new space] Yeah. It's like we're inside the game.
Cube Second question. What did you... really... think of... Star's brownies?
Star Pshh. Easy. Everybody loved my brownies.
Pony Head Okay yes, they were every um, watchamacallit, very good, right guys?
Janna Yeah they were great.
Jackie Yep. Good brownies Star, ha ha.
Marco Actually, I didn't have a brownie, so I guess I missed out.
Jackie Oh, that's too bad Marco, because they were...
Jackie's face starts inflating like a balloon.
Jackie ...really good.
Marco Jackie?
Janna Yeah. Delicious.
Janna's face also inflates. The others follow suit.
Marco What⁈
Star + StarFan13 What's happening to us?
Pony Head [whinnies]
Cube Someone is lying. And this is what lies look like on the inside.
All [scream]
Star Wait. Who didn't like my brownies?
Jackie I just... ha ha... uh...
Marco No. I told you, I didn't even have a brownie. Somebody tell the truth. Quick.
Janna Okay. Fine. Sorry Star, I lied. Those were, like, the worst brownies ever.
Star Huh?
StarFan13 Poor Star.
Jackie Okay, I lied too. Those brownies tasted like dirt.
Pony Head Okay, if I had a stomach, I would be very sick inside of the stomach, okay?
StarFan13 Well, I loved her brownies.
Everyone immediately inflates some more, becoming even more grotesque.
StarFan13 Okay okay, I lied. The brownies were horrible.
Cube Truth.
Everything turns back to normal
Star Okay, I don't wanna play this game anymore.
Pony Head Yeah. I'm sorry I brought this stupid game now. Come on, let's go to the Bounce Lounge.
All Yeah / Good idea / Let's get outta here.
As they try to exit, the exit door pushes all of them back into the room.
Cube Nobody leaves until you answer the final question. Who do you... have a... crush on?
Marco Okay, let's do something else.
Jackie Okay guys, we can do this. Let's just answer and end this. [they all hold hands] Go ahead, game. We're ready.
Cube [to Jackie] Who do you have a crush on?
Jackie Okay, this really cute guy from skate camp last summer. He's really nice.
All Aww!
Jackie See? That was easy. Okay, now you go Marco.
Marco No, thanks. I, uh, I'm good. It's Star's turn, I'm sure.
Cube I say who goes next, and I say Star goes next.
Star Oskar Greason. Everybody knows that.
StarFan13 Good choice.
Cube StarFan13, your crush?
StarFan13 [grabbing Star] Star Butterfly of course.
Cube Pony Head?
Pony Head Well, if we're really being honest here, and we're gonna be vulnerable, I guess I just have to admit it and say, it's me. I love myself.
All [mutters]
Star Go Pony.
Janna Well, I think we all know who I have a crush on. Don't we, Marco?
Marco Uh...
Janna Eighteenth-century poet John Keats.
Marco Heh heh.
Cube Okay Marco Diaz. Your crush.
Star Oh Marco, you don't have to...
Marco No. It's... it's fine. Ugh. Okay. My crush... my crush is on Jackie. Jackie Lynn Thomas.
Jackie What?
The room is filled with red light
Cube Somebody lied big time!
The cube starts emitting lightning
Star [screaming] Who lied⁈ Janna, was it you again?
Janna No. It is John Keats.
Jackie Mine is the cute guy from skate camp.
StarFan13 Ha ha. I love Star [hugs Star].
Star And I love Oskar Greason.
Pony Head Marco!
Marco I told you, I have a crush on Jackie. At least I think I do. But what does that really mean? I've put her on this sort of pedestal. So do I like the image of her or who she really is? I mean, I like her enough to know that she deserves someone who wants to get to know her, which is definitely me.
Jackie [smiles]
Cube Wow! I always get to the truth, but that... kudos, really. But you weren't the one who lied!!
The cube turns into a monster, laughs evilly, and prepares to attack.
Star Don't worry guys. I got this.
Star blasts the monster, but it does nothing. The floor raises Star higher up, and she screams.
Marco Star!
Pony Head [flying upwards] Hold the seat.
The others are also moved closer to the ceiling by the floor.
Janna + Jackie Marco! Jump!
The room continues to shift. Everyone holds on to Pony Head, as she struggles to hold them all above the chaos. A platform moves, and they all crash down in a pile. The monster laughs and goes in for the kill.
Star Stop it! What did we do to deserve this?
Monster's face Lies are a plague
Monster's other face A virus
Monster's face A weed.
Monster's other face And to stop a weed...
Monster's face You must kill the roots.
Star But it's not really lying.
Both faces Huh?
Star Sometimes, you don't know what you think. Your head and your heart disagree. You think you know how you feel about something, but then it changes. Pony, ask me my favorite color.
Pony Head You already said it. It's yellow.
Star Ask me again.
Pony Head What's your favorite color?
Star Right now? Blue.
The room turns green, indicating Star speaks the truth.
Cube Wait! Stop it! You can't change your mind?
Star Jackie, who do you have a crush on?
Jackie Uh... I don't... I don't know anymore.
Cube No! [screams]
Star You think that everything is black and white, and you can't.
Cube Stop!
Star It's a bunch of different colors, a rainbow of feelings that's always changing.
The monster spins violently, turning back into its original cube form, but now it's black and damaged. Scene briefly changes to a trash can. The cube is now in it. Then it jumps back to the Diaz's house.
Star Thanks for coming to my sleepover.
Some of the girls groan.
Jackie Thanks, Star. Crazy night, huh?
Marco Yeah. Crazy.
Jackie See ya at school, Marco.
Star Bye, ladies. [looks at Marco] Uh, hey. What say we get our Sunday morning breakfast burritos?
Marco Nah. Not today, Star. I'm gonna go catch up on some Z's. [muttering to self] My room's that way. [giggles]
Star Marco?
Scene changes to outside the house. The trash is being taken away by the garbage man.
Star Marco Diaz!
Cube Truth. Star Butterfly has a crush on...
The garbage truck's doors come down, and the cube is crushed.
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