Star's Notebook of Spells is a notebook in which Star Butterfly records her magic spells after losing her Magic Instruction Book to Ludo.


The notebook has a purple cover with a blue and pink star on the front and back and decorated with hearts, stars, lightning bolts, and pictures of animals. Inside the blue and pink star on the front cover, the words "Star's notebook of Spells" are written in bright gold.


After Star Butterfly loses Glossaryck and the book of spells in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", she is inspired by the words of some "alternative" monsters to "do things [her] own way". Using the fountain pen inside her magic wand, she starts keeping a new book of spells at the end of "Raid the Cave".

In the episode "Baby", Star shows her notebook of spells to magic evaluator Baby, mentioning that she used "five pounds of glitter" to make it. However, Baby eventually criticizes Star's attempt to replace Mewni's sacred book of spells with a "college-ruled notebook".

In "Deep Dive", the notebook has the All-Seeing Eye spell written in it, Star having added Glossaryck's warning of "spying leads to crying" alongside the incantion.

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