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You wear a helmet in the gym shower one time, and you're labeled for life!
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Star Butterfly's sword is a sword that Star Butterfly owns. Star hasn't been seen using it yet.


The sword has a long silver blade, and the cross-guard is gold with the sides pointing upwards and a pink diamond in the center of each side. The hilt is gold and wrapped with white cloth.


  • A modified version of the sword appears in the game Creature Capture. With this version, the blade of the sword has a pair of hearts, one complete heart and one half of a heart near the top, and the handle has a swirly look.
  • In the last shot of "Quest Buy", a similar-looking sword with a dark blue hilt is lying on the ground. It's unknown if it's the same sword that has been accidentally wrongly colored or a different sword.


Creature Capture

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