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"Star Comes to Earth" is the first episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and it marks the series' premiere.

It premiered as a special preview on Disney Channel on January 18, 2015, and on Disney XD on March 30, 2015, alongside "Party With a Pony".


As tradition dictates, Star receives the royal magic wand for her 14th birthday, but her parents worry that she is not ready for the responsibility and send her to a place they deem safe - Earth.[3]


In the kingdom of Mewni, on her 14th birthday, Princess Star Butterfly is about to receive the royal magic wand from her parents, the king and queen. She greets the day by sliding down a staircase rail, ruining a family portrait, taming a wild warnicorn, and stampeding the warnicorn through the throne room. During the ceremony, the queen tells Star that the wand is a big responsibility and must be kept out of the hands of evil forces. Star takes the wand, and it changes to Star's own personal design, and Star assures her mother that she can handle it. Unfortunately, she manages to set the kingdom on fire with it in under a day.

The king and queen decide to send Star away. Star is afraid that they are sending her to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, but instead, her parents are sending her to Earth, where she can learn to use her powers in safety. Royal servant Manfred uses a pair of dimensional scissors to cut open a portal to Earth. Star says goodbye to Mewni as Ludo Avarius's minion Buff Frog watches and laughs.

At Echo Creek Academy on Earth, King and Queen Butterfly "convince" Principal Skeeves to enroll Star (with a bribe of a chest full of gold and jewels). They advise the principal to provide the curious and naïve Star with a guide, so the principal appoints "safe kid" Marco Diaz. As the disgruntled Marco shows Star around the school, he mentions that he would like a little danger in his life. Star obliges by using her wand to turn a butterfly into a screeching winged monster that carries away a fellow student. After Star tells him who she is, Marco, frightened by Star's powers, declares the tour over and races home.

When he reaches his house, Marco finds Star talking with his mom and dad. They tell Marco that Star will be staying with them during her time on Earth. Star has already won Marco's parents over with her upbeat personality, and when Marco mentions puppies also have it, she gets the idea to use her wand to create a litter of puppies, though they end up being laser-shooting puppies. As Marco shows Star to her room, Buff Frog watches from outside. He uses dimensional scissors to travel to a dark castle and reports to the villainous Ludo about Star's location.

Back on Earth, Star uses her magic to expand her room into a large castle loft. When Marco wishes he had a similar room, Star tries to make one for him but accidentally creates a black hole that sucks in everything from his room. Noticing Marco's frustration, she tries to cheer him up by making a small sun over his head, but it turns into a rain cloud. Fed up, Marco decides that if Star's moving in, he is moving out. Climbing out the window and falling into a bed of cacti, Marco walks off in anger.

That night, outside the Stop & Slurp, Marco tries to get drink refills from passersby due to his rain cloud getting him banned from entering. Star appears to get rid of his rain cloud and apologize for inconveniencing him, saying that she will find another family to live with. Suddenly, Marco notices the arrival of Ludo and his minions. Ludo commands his minions to attack Star, but Marco protects her with a show of karate, with Star showing delight that Marco can fight. Star and Marco team up to defeat Ludo's minions. Ludo admits defeat and gathers his beaten minions through a dimensional portal, vowing revenge on Star before disappearing.

Marco is impressed with his and Star's teamwork, to which Star admits that he is right. Becoming serious again, Star goes to pack her belongings. However, Marco quickly stops her and says he wants her to stay with his family, and Star thanks him with a hug. As the two return home, Marco is excited about fighting more forces of evil, and Star pokes fun at his "wild man" personality.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 星星到地球 Star Comes to Earth
Dutch Star Komt Naar Aarde Star Comes to Earth
French Star sur Terre Star on Earth
German Ab zur Erde! Down to Earth!
Greek Η Σταρ Έρχεται στη Γη Star Comes to Earth
Hebrew סטאר מגיעה לכדור הארץ Star Comes to Earth
Hungarian Csillag a földre száll Star Stays on Earth
Italian Star viene sulla Terra Star Comes to Earth
Japanese スター 地球へ Star, To Earth
Korean 스타, 마르코를 만나다 Star Meets Marco
Malay Star Datang ke Bumi Star Comes to Earth
Polish Star przybywa na Ziemię Star Arrives on Earth
Brazilian Portuguese Star Viaja para a Terra Star Travels to Earth
European Portuguese Star Chega à Terra Star Comes to Earth
Romanian Prințesa Stea vine pe Pământ Princess Star Comes to Earth
Russian Звёздочка прибывает на Землю Star Comes to Earth
Spanish Star Llega a la Tierra Star Comes to Earth
Thai สตาร์มาถึงโลกแล้ว Star Comes to Earth
Turkish Star Dünyaya Gelir Star Comes to Earth
Ukrainian Зірка прибула на Землю Star arrived to Earth


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  • All the main characters (Star, Marco, and Ludo), and some supporting ones are introduced here or make background appearances (such as the Echo Creek students).
  • Star mentions St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, an institution that would be mentioned again many times but only seen directly for the first time later in the series, during the eponymous episode.
  • This is the first episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil to air on Disney Channel and Disney XD despite being the sixth episode made in production order.
  • Star is the first character to speak in this episode, making her the first character in the series to speak.


  • In the first two shots with King River, he doesn't have his staff. In the next shot where he appears when Star gets off the warnicorn, he is suddenly holding his staff.
  • When Marco gets up from his desk, his pencil suddenly moves away from on top of the paper compared to a previous shot.
  • When Star waves goodbye to Marco as he starts running, Star's fire rainbow suddenly changes size and direction as it appears near a column, compared to a previous shot where Star's fire rainbow is near the lockers. Also, the background suddenly changes.
  • As Buff Frog enters Ludo's castle through a portal, a sewer pipe appears next to him. In the next shot, it disappears.
  • There is a mace and a purple heart on Star's bed compared to a previous shot where they aren't on the bed.
  • As Marco walks away from the cacti he fell in, he appears to have a cactus stuck to his shoe. In a previous shot, he doesn't have a cactus.
  • The warthog monster gets beaten down by Marco. He disappears in the next shot.
  • The car that the giraffe monster gets slammed through disappears when Star casts Jellybean Hallucination Mist on Buff Frog.


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