(theme song)
Episode begins on exterior shot of Mewni.
Star (narrating) Far, far away, in a magical land called Mewni, lived a princess – Star Butterfly.
Cut to interior shot of castle, on a portrait of Star Butterfly, King Butterfly, and Queen Butterfly.
Star Rail slide!
Star Butterfly slides down the staircase rail and breaks a floating crystal decoration. The portrait falls on top of her. She rips through it as she stands up, and the chandelier tilts.
Star (narrating) Some people have called me reckless and irresponsible just because...
Cut to interior of a cave, where Star fights monsters.
Star (narrating) ...I fight monsters...
Cut to shot of a unicorn drinking from a creek.
Star (narrating) ...and tame wild unicorns.
Star lands on the unicorn's back, and the unicorn rears up.
Star Yee-haw!
Star rides the unicorn through Mewni, scaring some of the civilians.
Star (narrating) I like to have fun! And I'm about to have a whole lot more because today is my 14th birthday! And according to tradition, my mom the queen has to bestow upon me our greatest family heirloom: the royal magic wand!
King and Queen Butterfly wait for Star in the throne room. The audience looks to the doors. Just before the guards open them, Star and the unicorn crash through, scaring the audience. As the unicorn crashes through the rear wall, Star jumps off and lands by her parents.
Star [panting excitedly]
Queen Butterfly Now, Star, this wand is a big responsibility. If it falls into the hands of evil forces, the universe could be destroyed.
Star [laughing]
Star takes the wand from Queen Butterfly, and it magically changes from a royal scepter form to a light purple form with white wings.
Star [gasps] Don't worry, Mom. I can handle it.
Smash cut to Star looking distressed outside Mewni. Behind her, Mewni is on fire and its civilians are screaming in terror. Star slowly shuffles off-screen. At the castle, King and Queen Butterfly and Glossaryck observe through binoculars.
King and Queen Butterfly She can't handle it.
Cut to shot of a manticore-drawn carriage. The camera pans over to Star pleading to her parents.
Star Nooooo! I can be good. Please! Don't send me to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses!
Thunder strikes. Cut to shot of Star being sent to St. Olga's Reform School on a conveyor belt while screaming. Cut back to Star still screaming while clinging to her mother's dress.
King Butterfly Sweetheart, we're not sending you there.
Star Oh!
Queen Butterfly ...Yet.
King Butterfly We're sending you to train in a safer dimension; a place called Earth.
Star Earth?
Queen Butterfly pushes Star toward the carriage as she wails.
King Butterfly Manfred, open the portal.
Manfred uses a pair of dimensional scissors to open a portal. The carriage moves through it as Star looks forlorn.
Star [sighs] Goodbye, Mewni.
Buff Frog appears from behind a bush.
Buff Frog [laughing evilly]
Cut to exterior shot of Echo Creek Academy. A teenager takes a photo of one of the manticores with his smartphone. The manticore roars at him, and he runs away. Inside Principal Skeeves' office, King and Queen Butterfly talk with the principal.
Principal Skeeves So you say you're from another dimension.
The office lights flicker on and off. The king, queen, and principal look to Star, who's toying with the light switch.
Star And you said there was no magic on Earth.
Skeeves Yeah... this isn't gonna work.
King Butterfly presents a chest of riches, and dollar signs appear in Skeeves' eyes.
Skeeves She is gonna love it here!
Star continues to mess with the light switch.
King Butterfly She's going to need a guide.
Cut to Marco Diaz in a classroom.
Skeeves (on P.A. system) Marco Diaz, to the principal's office. Marco Diaz, to the principal's office.
Marco Diaz [smiles] Oooooh... looks like someone's in trouble. So, I guess everyone who voted me "Safest Kid" must be feeling pretty embarrassed right about now.
Miss Skullnick is shown painting her toenails.
Marco Do I need a hall pass?
Skullnick Would you just go already?!
Marco [whimpers]
Marco slowly shuffles out of the room. Cut to Principal Skeeves and Star Butterfly outside the principal's office. Marco shortly joins them.
Skeeves Marco! I want you to meet our new foreign exchange student – Star Butterfly.
Star presses the button on a water fountain. When a spout of water appears, she backs away in fear and growls at it.
Marco Huh?
Skeeves I need a responsible, never-take-chances type to keep an eye on her, and who better than you, the safe kid?
Marco What?! No-no-no-no! I am completely wrong for this. I'm a misunderstood bad boy.
Skeeves [pinches Marco's cheek] You're adorable! Now I'm off to the ice cream shop. Daddy's getting all 52 flavors! [walks off-screen]
Camera pans over to Star trying to eat the water fountain. Later, Marco shows Star around the school; Marco walks as Star skips. They pass by several students in the background.
Star Thanks for showing me around, safe kid.
Marco What? No!
Star Ohhh...
Marco Look, whatever you heard about me isn't true.
Star [gasps] Hi!
Marco I don't know where people get the idea I'm so safe! Oh, watch your step. Loose tile.
Star [gasps]
Marco It's ridiculous! [closes an open locker] Careful. You wear a helmet in the gym shower one time, and you're labeled for life! Oop. Broken glass. Frankly, I like taking risks and would welcome a little danger in my life.
Star uses her magic wand to turn a butterfly into a screeching monster. It picks up a nearby student and flies away as the student screams in terror.
Marco What the heck was that?!
Star Oops. Heh. I thought you wanted a little danger.
Marco [looks at Star suspiciously] Who are you?
Star I'm a magical princess from another dimension!
Star makes a rainbow with her wand, and several cute creatures appear around her. The rainbow suddenly bursts into flames, and the cute creatures run away. Marco looks stunned.
Marco Well, that brings us to the end of our tour. I'm going home now.
Star [waving goodbye] Bye, new friend! See you tomorrow! Bye! Bye, new friend! See you later!
Marco smiles at Star and then he lifts his hood over his head and runs away while the fire spreads to the nearby building. Scene fades to black. Fade in on the Diaz Household as Marco walks up. Mr. Diaz and Mrs. Diaz are heard laughing as Marco enters the house. He looks shocked.
Mrs. Diaz Oh, Marco! Come meet the new foreign exchange student who's gonna be living with us!
Marco Wha...? W-wha...?
Star What?! I had no idea these were your parents! I just assumed everyone on Earth had the last name "Diaz"!
Mrs. Diaz Won't it be nice to have Star's upbeat, lively energy around the house?
Marco and Star look toward the camera.
Marco We could've gotten that from a litter of puppies.
Star [gasps] I... love... puppies!
Star uses her magic to produce a litter of 8 cute puppies.
Laser puppies [yipping]
Mr. and Mrs. Diaz Awww...
The puppies start shooting lasers from their eyes, to everyone's surprise. Their lasers knock over a lamp and shoot a hole through Marco's face in a Diaz family photo. Marco looks at Star angrily.
Star Oh. Hehehe...
Mr. Diaz [chuckling, picks up a puppy] Well, they are really cute. [laughing]
The puppy shoots a laser at Mr. Diaz's right eye.
Mr. Diaz Ay! My eye! [laughing]
Mrs. Diaz Marco, why don't you show Star her new room?
Star Yay!
Star runs upstairs. Marco drags her luggage up the stairs, and the yipping puppies follow. Camera zooms out to show Buff Frog observing Star from a tree branch.
Buff Frog [laughing evilly]
He uses dimensional scissors to jump to another dimension. Cut to exterior shot of Ludo's Castle. Inside, Buff Frog jumps out of the portal and salutes and croaks.
Buff Frog Ludo, master, I've tracked down Star Butterfly. They've hidden her in the Earth dimension. Unguarded.
Behind the throne, a pair of yellow eyes can be seen.
Ludo [laughing evilly]
The throne turns around to reveal Ludo's diminutive size.
Ludo Excellent work, Buff Frog. I knew they couldn't hide that royal brat from me for long. Soon, the wand will be mine. And then the universe. And then...! Actually, the universe should do it.
Zoom in on Ludo's eyes.
Ludo I'm coming for you, Princess Butterfly...!
Cut back to Star's room. Marco drags her luggage in.
Marco [straining] Here's your new room...!
He drops the luggage and it lands on his foot.
Marco Ow!
Star Okay... I can work with this. [gasps] Sparkle Glitter Bomb Expand!
Star uses her magic to turn the room into a large castle loft.
Marco Whoa...
Star starts bouncing on the bed.
Star Ahhh! That's better!
Marco I wish I had a room like this.
Star [gasps, stops bouncing] You do?!
Marco Huh?
Star runs to Marco's bedroom.
Star Mystic Room Suck Transform!
Star creates a black hole in the middle of the floor, sucking up everything in the room.
Star [screams]
Marco [screams]
Star shuts the door before she and Marco gets sucked in.
Marco "Suck"?! "Suck"?!? Why was the word "suck" in that spell?!
Star I don't know! It just came out that way!
Marco [groans, slams his face on the door]
Star I'm sorry, Marco. Uh... how about a little sunshine to brighten your day?
Star creates a small sun over Marco's head. It immediately turns into a raincloud, drenching him in water.
Star Aw...
Marco I can't take this anymore! If you're moving in, I am moving out!
Marco moves toward the open window and slips outside.
Marco [groans]
Star Are you okay?
Marco lies in a bed of cacti.
Marco Luckily, the cactuses broke my fall.
Star Do you need any help?
Marco Ow! I'm fine! Just leave me alone! [walks off angrily]
Star [whimpers] Hmm... [whimpers] hmm... uh... ah. [walks away from the window, rushes back to the window] [whimpers]
Night falls. Marco stands outside the Stop & Slurp.
Marco Here he comes. Here he comes. Hey, brother, do me a solid! Refill this for me!
The innocent civilian runs inside the store to get away from Marco.
Marco They won't let me back inside because I'm soooooggyyyyy!
A mother and her son come out of the store.
Marco Did you bring me my refill?!
The mother and son quickly walk away.
Mother Don't make eye contact.
Marco noisily chews on a bar of chocolate.
Marco You come to my house, you bring toilet paper!
Star appears behind Marco.
Marco Wa-ha! Whoa! What are you doing here?
Star makes the raincloud disappear.
Star I didn't get a choice about coming here to Earth, and you didn't get a choice about having to deal with me.
Marco's angry expression softens.
Star I'll... I'll find another family to live with.
Marco's expression turns from regretful to nervous as he sees something behind Star.
Marco S-S-Star?
Star turns around. Ludo and his minions are seen behind them.
Ludo's minions [growling]
Ludo Star Butterfly! At last, I've found you!
Star Ludo! How did you know I was here?
Ludo [chuckling] Wouldn't you like to know?
Star Yes. That's why I asked.
Ludo Well, Buff Frog—hey! I don't have to tell you anything! Get her!
Ludo's minions [roaring]
Star assumes an attack stance when Marco jumps in front of her.
Marco Hi-yaaa!
Marco drops a three-eyed minion with a punch to the gut and an axe kick to the head.
Star [laughing] You can fight?!
Marco It's called... karate!
He drops Bearicorn with a cross chop. Star fights Beard Deer who is wielding a hammer; she kicks him in the stomach, and the hammer bonks him on the head. Marco gives a karate yell as he does a flying kick across the screen.
Ludo You said she was unguarded!
Buff Frog [confused grunt]
Three-eyed Potato Baby flies on and off-screen, and Beard Deer is hit with a blast of water.
Marco Hiiii-ya!
Marco chops between the heads of a minion with two heads.
Marco Huh?
Two-headed minion [growls]
Marco punches the minion's two heads continuously. Star jumps behind a giraffe-headed minion.
Star Rainbow Fist Punch!
Star produces a rainbow-colored fist to knock the giraffe minion through a car window. While fighting the first three-eyed minion, Marco opens the car's driver side door, and the giraffe minion's neck stretches to knock the three-eyed minion out.
Star Hah!
Star knocks a minion over with her wand, and it whinnies in pain like a horse. Marco appears next to her, and they smile at each other as Marco karate-chops the two-headed minion. Star blasts Buff Frog back into a streetlight.
Ludo You're embarrassing me! Get up!
Buff Frog gets up and breaks the streetlight off its base, using it as a club.
Buff Frog [roars]
Star Jellybean Hallucination Mist!
Star blasts Buff Frog with magic, and he hallucinates raining jellybeans and faces on his hands.
Buff Frog Whoa... what is happening?
Three-eyed Potato Baby and Big Chicken punch Star and Marco to the ground.
Marco Hiiii-ya!
Marco knocks them away with a jumping chop and kick.
Star Mega... Narwhal Blast!
Star knocks out all the minions with an army of narwhals.
Ludo's minions [groaning]
One of the narwhals slithers away. Ludo looks surprised, then displeased.
Star You want some of this, Ludo?
Ludo No... [takes out dimensional scissors] You see, you morons?! This is what happens when you don't work out! [opens a dimensional portal] Your muscles are like pudding! Come on, back in the portal, back in the portal.
Ludo's minions, groaning and covered in bruises, shuffle through the portal.
Ludo You even retreat like losers!
Buff Frog [still hallucinating] I'm freaking out...!
Ludo enters the portal last.
Ludo I'll get you, Star Butterf—! [gags]
The portal closes around Ludo's neck, choking him. He pulls his head in at the last second, leaving behind his skull crown.
Marco That was amazing! I was amazing! You were amazing!
Star Yeah. I guess we were. ...Well... I should probably go pack my bags.
Star walks away sadly. Marco goes to stop her.
Marco Wait! I don't want you to go. I want you to stay with us.
Star Really?! Hugs!
Star hugs Marco, and he smiles. They starting walking home, and Marco does some karate moves.
Marco Are there gonna be monsters attacking us all the time?
Star Yeah, probably.
Marco All right! Sounds so dangerous!
Marco stops Star before she crosses the street.
Marco Whoa! Let's cross at the light.
Star Okay, "wild man".
Star shoots a fish-shaped magic stream from her wand. It flies up and swirls around the moon.
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