(theme song)
Scene opens with Marco riding Star around on his bicycle, though he strains to do so.
Star Butterfly Faster Marco, faster.
Marco Diaz [grunts as they climb a hill]
Star Stairs!! [voice fluctuates as both bounce down them] Woowee!
Marco That's it.
Star Huh?
Marco If you love bike riding so much, you should learn to ride one yourself.
Star You can do that? Teach me, teach me, teach me!
Briefly later
Star [whimpers] You're not gonna let me fall, are you, Marco?
Marco Nope. I got you by the seat.
Star You won't let go?
Marco I won't let go.
Star Promise?
Marco Yes, I promise Star.
Star Okay. Vroom!
Marco [grabs Star] Okay, hold on. First, this bike is not a toy. It's my baby. My honey. Custom tuned alloy spokes, sweet ergonomic grips, custom forged titanium fork [kisses bike].
Star Okay, but where are the giant invisible goats?
Marco Invisible goats?
Star Come on, you know. To pull you! Everything ow Mewni is pulled by invisible goats.
Marco What? Uh, there are no giant invisible goats. On Earth, we use pedals.
Star Oh, cute! On Mewni, only flowers have petals.
Marco Okay, the first step of biking is to coast.
Star Okay, you've got the seat.
Marco I've got the seat.
Star Huh? Oh! Hey, I got this. Yes! Okay, Marco, you can let go of the seat now. I think I'm ready to do it on my own.
Marco Oh, I already let go of the seat.
Star What?
Marco Yep, you've been riding all by yourself.
Star Marco! You said you'd hold onto the seat. You lied to me!
Marco Ah, come on. I did it to give you confidence, and look at you. You're awesome, and I taught you everything you know.
Star Except how to stop [begins rolling down a steep hill]
Marco What⁈ [shouting] Use the brakes.
Star You never taught me... [screaming] how!!!
Marco runs home as fast as he can and enters Star's room.
Marco Call Star.
Mirror Calling Star.
Star [continuous screaming] Hi Marco [spits out bugs hitting her face]
Marco You have to use the brakes. Just put your feet on the pedals and push back.
Star That doesn't even make sense. It's spinning the other way. This princess says no thank you.
Marco Fine. Do you have your wand?
Star Oh, dip. It's in my backpack.
Marco grabs the bag and runs outside, discovering Oskar playing keytar in his car.
Marco Uh... Oskar? What are you doing in my driveway?
Oskar Greason Hmm, I thought this was my studio. JK. Everywhere's my studio.
Marco [throws his backpack inside] Whatever. Just drive. That way.
Oskar Seatbelt.
Marco [looks for belt] Uh, why is your car filled with garbage?
Oskar Yeah, it's sort of a live/work space. [reaches into bag and pulls out a marmot] Oh hey, it's Gene. Oh double hey, it's my keys.
Marco Go!
Scene jumps to Star. She spies a mother holding her baby crossing the street.
Star Stop! [looks at traffic light] Don't walk. It says don't walk! Aah! [crashes through a painting] Sorry.
Oskar's honks his horn as they recklessly catch up.
Marco Oskar, Oskar, Oskar, Oskar!
Oskar's Math textbook flies on top of the dashboard. It opens up to reveal Glossaryck.
Oskar Cool. Little book dude.
Marco Glossaryck.
Glossaryck Pop quiz, Mr. Diaz: Where is Star, and why do you have her wand?
Marco I was teaching Star how to ride a bike. She doesn't know how to stop.
Glossaryck squints at the road ahead.
Star Help.
Glossaryck Hmm. Where are the giant invisible goats?
Marco Arggg. There are no giant invisible goats. Star doesn't have her wand; you have to help her.
Glossaryck Hmm [begins to hum, creates a meatball sub, and begins to eat it]
Marco What⁈ Are you joking?
Glossaryck Boy, this isn't a magic problem, and thusly is beyond my control.
Oskar Whoa, you put corn chips on your subs? That is dope.
Glossaryck I love the crunch! You must try it [creates another sub]
Oskar Whoa! Cheers.
Glossaryck Cheers.
Marco Uh...
Glossaryck Ohh! What is that? [points at keytar]
Oskar You play?
The car crashes through a building. Many people begin screaming.
Oskar Okay, now to the right [car swerves right]. Back to the left [car swerves left]. You're getting it. Now put one finger here.
Marco Can you guys stop goofing around⁈ Star is in trouble!
Glossaryck [using synthesized voice on keytar] Trouble, Trouble...
Oskar Oh, yeah. MC Oskar on the mic. Marco make some noise!
The pair starts throwing down a beat
♪♫ Trouble, trouble, tr-tr-tr trouble
Star [screams]
♪♫ Trouble, trouble, tr-tr-tr-tr trouble
Oskar [rapping] ♪ Now in my car, I am the boss ♫
Star Ugh!
Oskar ♪ Tracking down Star at any cost ♫
Star [swerving to avoid traffic signs] Whoa. Ahgg.
Oskar ♪ Booker can't help 'cause there is no magic. Star will b e fine, this won't end tragic. ♫
♪♫ Trouble, tr-tr-trouble. Trouble, trouble
Star [jumps to avoid a sign] Yeah!
Oskar ♪ Got sloppy hot rhymes like a meatball sub. Little book dude he is my bud. Drivin' through signs 'cause we doin' our thing. Marco lookin' chill like he relaxing ♫
Marco Oskar, could you maybe be looking at the road?
Star [to some barking dogs] Oh, you are just so cute. ra-ra-ra-ra-rawr. Woof. Okay, Mama doesn't have time to play. Shoo, shoo.
Oskar Uh, I'm out of rhymes. Wiggly fan man, take the mic. [wiggly fan man ripples in the wind]
Marco Great song. Number one hit. Now can we just get focused on Star getting her wand back?
Oskar I'm with you man, but I don't think we can get to her before the...
Star Sinkhole?
Marco [panicking] A sinkhole⁈
Star [screams, begins flapping her wings to avoid crashing] Good work, wings.
The dogs pursuing her fall into the sinkhole.
Marco If only those dogs had been wearing helmets.
Oskar Wish we had some.
Marco, Oskar, and Glossaryck scream as the vehicle flies over the sinkhole, safely landing on the other side.
Marco Star, pedal in reverse. It will work. Trust me.
Star I don't trust you anymore, Marco Diaz. Besides, I'm moving forward. Pedaling backwards doesn't make any sense.
Oskar I know just how she feels 'cause I can't stop either. The brakes are out. Steering wheel too.
Marco Whaaat! [car speeds up] Everybody lean!
Marco forces everyone to the left side of the car, causing it to serve and not hit Star.
Oskar Cuddle puddle.
Marco Star, [holds out backpack] quick, the wand. Use your magic.
Star What? [sees Oskar, stops paying attention] Oskar!
Marco Star wait. Your wand [gasps].
The car hits a dirt ramp and flies over a factory smokestack.
Oskar Total eclipse!
It crashes down on the street.
Marco [gasps]
Star Marco!!
Marco Star!
Star [shrieks, as a large truck barley misses her]
Marco I should've never let go of her seat.
Glossaryck Okay, no more kidding around. This calls for magic. [chants, stomach growls] Uh... which is what I'd do if I hadn't eaten that... ooh... that meatball sub [groans].
Oskar Word [groans].
Glossaryck Okay, it's up to you, Marco. Give her wand to her, and save her life.
Marco How? The car's wrecked.
Glossaryck Ride the invisible goats, of course. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna be sick [vomits].
Marco [angrily stammers] For the last time, there are no giant invisible goats.
Glossaryck Sure there are; you just need to believe. If you want to save Star, trust in goats [vomits].
Marco Fine. If it saves Star, I'll believe.
Oskar + Glossaryck Believe, believe, believe, believe, believe!
Marco trust falls off the car wreckage and lands on an invisible goat.
Goat [Bleats]
Marco I'm on an invisible goat! [laughs] Okay goat, tally [goat takes off]whoa!! Whoa!
The goat tramples through the street, smashing several cars, successfully catching up with Star
Marco Star, take the wand.
Star Marco, you're my hero... who I'm still upset with for lying to me about holding my seat.
Marco Come on, give me one more chance. Hurry!
A oncoming car causes the goat to swerve, and Marco drops the wand.
Marco Aah!
Star Help, help, help! [screams]
Goat [bleats]
Marco You're gonna have to stop the bike by yourself. Pedal in reverse.
Star I told you, that is not how we do things on Mewni.
Marco You're not on Mewni anymore, Star, and if I can believe in an invisible goat, then you can stop that bike. [grabs seat] I got you. Trust me.
Star Thanks, Marco. But you believing in me is all I need.
Star lets Marco let the seat go, and she pushes back on the pedals, screeching to a stop.
Marco Star!
Goat [bleats]
Marco I was so worried about you.
Star Marco, you were right. I can ride a bike. And I am awesome at it.
Oskar How about Mysterious Sonograms? That's a good band name.
Glossaryck Hmm, but does it match our sound?
Star Hey Oskar, I'm really sorry about your car, but if you want, I can give you a ride home on my bike.
Glossaryck Cool. Hey Glossaryck, Gene, hop on.
Star Safety first [creates a helmet with her wand]. Marco, you coming?
Marco No thanks Star. I'll take the goat. [whispering] Believe [falls face first on to the ground]
Glossaryck [laughs] Oh Marco, the goat left long ago [laughs]
Marco [groans]
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