"Star vs. Echo Creek" is the seventh episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on August 1, 2016, alongside "Wand to Wand".[1]


Star goes on the run after accidentally crushing a police car.[1]


The episode begins with Star and Marco having lunch at Britta's Tacos. When Star consumes a large quantity of sugar with her food, she has a sugar rush and starts casting magic hyper-actively. One of her spells hits the Britta's Tacos sign, causing it to fall and crush a police cruiser. The panicked Marco pulls Star into the restaurant alleyway to hide. Though Star doesn't see it as a big deal, Marco tells her that smashing a police car could land her in prison. As he explains to her what prison is like and how much worse it is than St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, Star decides to run away and go into hiding.

After "eluding" some police officers, Star stumbles into the city aqueduct to begin her new life on the run. The next morning, Star is awoken by a kindhearted woman named Brigid, who has also made a small home for herself in the city aqueduct. Star's stomach growls and Brigid invites her into her home, offering her a bed and some pancakes.

Brigid quickly deduces that Star has run away from home because of something she did. As Star explains what happened the day before, Brigid takes a strange interest in her hair. Star worries that Brigid is going to steal her hair, but Brigid assures her that she only salvages discarded hair and uses it to fashion things around her house, including nests for injured animals. Brigid reveals that she knew Star was in trouble because she saw her picture on a "Missing Persons" flyer. She tries to convince Star to go back home, but Star, still worried about going to prison, refuses and runs away again.

When Star sees what she believes is a police officer searching for her, she dives into the river and creates a magic air bubble around herself. Exhausted from all of her running away, she falls asleep and sinks deeper into the water. When she wakes up, she encounters a horned sea serpent who tells her about all the advantages of living a life in hiding. However, he also tells her what she'd be giving up in return: her friends and family. As it turns out, the sea serpent is simply a manifestation of Star's subconscious trying to convince her that she hasn't made a mistake by running away.

Star decides that she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life without her friends and family. She returns to the surface of the water and turns herself in to the police. They bring her to the station, where Marco has waited all night for her to be found. The officers reveal to Star that the police car she destroyed was scheduled to be decommissioned anyway, so she doesn't face jail time. However, for fleeing the scene of an accident, Star is sentenced to some community service of washing police cars.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Star vs. Echo Kriek Star vs. Echo Creek
French Star en Fuite Star on the Run
German Abgetaucht Submerged
Hebrew סטאר נגד אקו קריק Star Against Echo Creek
Hungarian Csillag kontra Echo Cheek Star vs. Echo Creek
Indonesian Star melawan Echo Creek Star vs. Echo Creek
Italian Star in Fuga Star on the Run
Japanese スター対警察 Star vs. Police
Polish Star kontra Echo Creek Star vs. Echo Creek
Portuguese (Brazil) Star vs. A Cidade de Echo Creek Star vs. the City of Echo Creeo
Portuguese (Portugal) Star Contra Echo Creek Star Against Echo Creek
Russian Звёздочка и Эхо-Крик Star and Echo Creek
Spanish (Latin America) Star vs. Eco Arroyo Star vs. Echo Creek
Spanish (Spain) Star contra Echo Creek

Star Against Echo Creek


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  • Yvette Nicole Brown, best known for portraying Shirley Bennett in Community and Helen Dubois in Drake & Josh, guest-stars as Brigid.
  • According to Amelia Lorenz, she and Sabrina Cotugno worked on the episode first until Giancarlo Volpe and Le Tang made additional changes to her and Cotugno's boards such as adding new sequences and the song "Anything You Want To." She said it was difficult having restrictions like they can't show Star smashing a police car, despite the premise saying "Star smashes a police car and runs from the police.[2]


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