Star vs. the Dungeon of Evil is an action-adventure game based on Star vs. the Forces of Evil in which Star and Marco are captured by Ludo's army of monsters and must navigate his castle to escape.

It was made available to play on Disney XD's official website and mobile app on April 2, 2015.

Official description

"Star and Marco battle their way out of a dark labyrinth beneath Ludo's castle filled with menacing monsters and unexpected enemies."[1]


Star vs. the Dungeon of Evil gameplay 1
The game is an action-adventure dungeon crawl with some elements of a role-playing game, similar to The Legend of Zelda. Players control Star and Marco and must navigate a three-level dungeon maze filled with various monsters and puzzles.

Players can move in all eight directions with keyboard arrows (Up, Down, Left, and Right) or by clicking and dragging Star and Marco in the desired direction. Attacks can be performed by clicking on monsters and other targets on-screen. The objective of each floor is to clear all mandatory tasks and defeat the boss at the end.

Each time the player gets hit by an enemy attack or touches a non-stunned enemy, they lose one heart of health. Health is restored by using collectible health pickups: nachos restore one heart, and smoothies restore two hearts. If the player's health falls to zero, they must restart in the last dungeon room they started from.


Progression through the game is mainly done through Quests for a talking laser puppy character. Such Quests range from retrieving an item from another room or floor to simply talking to an NPC. Each completed Quest rewards the player with an item required to advance or an ability upgrade.


Throughout the game, players will have access to various upgradeable abilities for Star and Marco to use against monsters and bosses. Star's abilities are all long-range magic spells, and Marco's abilities are all close-range karate moves.

Star's attacks:

  • Rainbow Blast: Shoots a basic short-ranged shot.
    • Rainbow Fist: Has more power and reach than Rainbow Blast.
      • Flaming Rainbow Fist: Has more power and reach than Rainbow Fist and can hit more targets at once.
  • <3 Arrows: Fires a shot that travels in an arc over barriers.
    • Crystal <3 Attack: Fires three shots that travel in an arc over barriers.
      • Crystal Rainbow <3 Attack: Fires three arcing blasts that linger on the ground for a few seconds.
  • Narwhal Blast: Drops a narwhal on a target.
    • Mega Narwhal Blast: Drops two narwhals on a target.
      • Baby Narwhal Blast: Drops four narwhals on a target.

Marco's attacks:

  • Karate Chop: Hits a target with a karate chop.
    • Super Karate Chop: Covers more area and does more damage than Karate Chop.
      • Monster Arm Chop: More damage and wider area than Super Karate Chop.
  • Karate Kick: A kick that can deflect some enemy projectiles.
    • Double Kick: A double kick that can deflect enemy projectiles.
      • Backflip Kick: A flipping kick that can deflect enemy projectiles and open secret rooms.
  • Karate Throw: Tosses monsters with a karate throw.
    • Roll Throw: Does more damage than Karate Throw.
      • Arm Monster Throw: Does more damage than Roll Throw.

Star and Marco can also combine Flaming Rainbow Fist and Monster Arm Chop into a combo attack by stunning monsters with one attack and following it up with the other.


The game awards the player achievements for certain actions that are taken during the game:

  • Better with Friends: Blow up 30 enemies alongside other enemies
  • We Like Danger: Defeat 80 enemies
  • Skulls O' Fun!: Destroy 20 enemies with explosives
  • That's Teamwork: Defeat 20 enemies with combo attacks
  • Curiosity... Leads to Awesome!: Find all items in the secret rooms


Major characters

Minor characters





  • Like Creature Capture, an instrumental version of the series' theme song plays on the game's title screen.
  • Several of Ludo's army members' names are revealed, including Big Chicken, Bearicorn, and Beard Deer.
  • A character named Lost Lazer Puppy appears in the game.
  • Illustrations by Evon Freeman are used for the game's cutscenes.
  • The chibi versions of Star and Marco which appeared in the game Creature Capture are used again in this game.
  • Most of the show's voice cast reprise their original roles from the show in the game.
  • The background music that plays during the boss battle against Big Chicken is the music that plays at the Scum Bucket in "Party With a Pony".
  • The background music that plays during the boss battle against Beard Deer is the Lance Lance Revolution theme from "Party With a Pony".
  • The background music that plays on the third floor is the music that first plays at the Bounce Lounge in "Party With a Pony".
  • The background music that plays during the boss battle against Buff Frog is Stop n' Slurp Showdown.
  • At the very end of the game, the characters break the fourth wall, fully aware that they are in a game.
  • An instrumental version of the series' ending theme song plays on the game's ending screen.


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