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"Starcrushed" is the forty-first and final episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.[1]

It premiered on February 27, 2017, alongside "Face the Music".[2][3]


Hoping to help her forget about her strained friendship with Marco, Star's friends convince her to ditch the Diaz' end-of-the-school-year party for a more dangerous bash.[3]


The episode begins at the Diaz Household during a party to celebrate the end of the school year. While everyone else enjoys themselves, Marco and Star act awkward and desperately try to avoid each other due to the events of "Face the Music". Star calls Pony Head, Janna, Kelly, and StarFan13 to talk about her issues. After Ruberiot's song left Marco believing Star has a crush on him, Star denies the notion and says she just wants things to go back to normal between them. To help her, Star's friends suggest she ditch the party and go to another one being held by the "bad kids".

Meanwhile, at Ludo's monster temple, Queen Butterfly and the Magic High Commission storm inside and incapacitate Ludo's army of monsters. Upon finding Ludo in bed, the Commission seizes him, and Queen Moon takes possession of his wand. When asked where Glossaryck is, Ludo tells them that Glossaryck is gone, he doesn't remember anything after being shown the Magic Instruction Book's secret chapter, and his wand is now powerless. While the High Commission searches the temple for Glossaryck and the book, Moon stays behind to talk with Ludo, saying she recently went to see his family.

Back on Earth, Star and her friends join a raucous party on the roof of the Stop & Slurp. There, she meets up with Oskar Greason, who has shortened his hair. At the encouragement of her friends, Star stays to talk with Oskar. Through her talk with him, Star learns that Oskar dropped out of school to pursue his passion for music, and the two make a connection. Meanwhile, Marco confides in his father that things have gotten weird between him and Star, and Rafael suggests they simply talk it out.

At Ludo's monster temple, Ludo tells Queen Moon that, even after his troubled family life and losing his army and castle, he's still standing. However, Moon worries that won't be for much longer, considering his mental state. During the Commission's search for Glossaryck, Lekmet finds the book of spells, but its pages are blank, indicating that it's fake. When they return to Moon and Ludo, they find Moon unconscious and Toffee in control of Ludo's body again. Toffee forms a new right arm with Ludo's wand, embedding its green crystal into his palm. The Magic High Commission battles Toffee, but his power far exceeds theirs, and he absorbs the magic of Omnitraxus Prime, Hekapoo, and Rhombulus. Lekmet stays back to restore his fallen allies, but each time he does so, it drains his life force. When Lekmet uses the last of his power to revive Moon, his body turns to ashes.

Moon battles Toffee in her mewberty form, but he is still too powerful. After bringing the temple ceiling down on top of him, Moon collects the fallen High Commission members and Lekmet's remains and escapes through a dimensional portal. Just before she gets away, Toffee warns her that he'll be coming soon to collect his severed finger.

As the party at the Stop & Slurp draws the attention of police officers, Oskar tells Star that they should hang out over the summer, and Star accepts. She returns to the party at Marco's house to talk to him about what happened during Song Day. When Marco asks Star straight out if she has a crush on him, Star answers no, saying she just wants to have a fun summer with him as friends. Marco agrees with Star's sentiment, and they hug. Star goes to her bedroom and finds her mother Moon, who tells her that they are in danger and must leave for Mewni immediately. Star refuses at first, but when Moon informs her that Toffee has returned, Star realizes the gravity of the situation and asks for two minutes.

Going back downstairs, Star interrupts the party to speak with Marco again, with all of her friends and schoolmates listening. Star confesses that she does have a crush on him and didn't say anything hoping her feelings would go away. With this truth now in the open, Star adds that she has to leave Earth, possibly forever. With a tearful goodbye to her friends, Star runs back upstairs. When Marco follows her, he sees Star's bedroom loft and everything in it vanish into thin air, with the credits continuing to roll on the now-quiet house.


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Minor characters

Production notes



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Starverliefd Star in Love
French La Déclaration The Declaration
German Star im Gefühlschaos Star in Emotional Chaos
Hebrew סטאראהבה Star Love
Hungarian Csillagzúgás Starcrushed
Italian Star-cotta Starcrushed
Japanese 張り裂ける心 Broken Heart
Korean 마지막 The Final
Polish Zdruzgotana Star Devastated Star
Portuguese (Brazil) O Crush da Star Star’s Crush
Portuguese (Portugal) O Fraquinho da Star The Crush of Star
Russian Разбитая звезда Broken Star
Spanish (Latin America) Flechada Arrowed
Spanish (Spain) Tocada y Hundida Down and Out


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  • On January 11, 2017, Adam McArthur posted a picture of a memorandum for the episode to his Snapchat account.[4]
  • This episode was uploaded to the WatchDisneyXD website and mobile app before "Face the Music".
  • This is the first episode in which the End Credit Theme Song is not used (due to the fact that Star has left Earth).
  • According to Dominic Bisignano, the storyboarders did certain scenes all over the episode.[5]
    • Bisignano did the opening scene with Gina Gress and the Oskar keytar scenes.
    • Gress did the party scenes.
    • Aaron Hammersley boarded the Magic High Commission storming into Ludo's temple.
    • Evon Freeman boarded Queen Butterfly interrogating Ludo.
    • Le Tang did the action sequence of Queen Butterfly and Ludo's fight.
    • Tyler Chen boarded some miscellaneous shots but he boarded the scene of Marco talking to his dad in the kitchen, and the scene of Star and Marco talking on the stairs.
    • John Mathot's storyboards didn't end up in the final product.[6]
  • Throughout the episode, Rafael's upper arm hair, which appears visible in "Diaz Family Vacation" and "Royal Pain", isn't seen when he's wearing a sports jersey.

Revelations and continuity

  • Moon wears the same armor she wore when she fought Toffee the first time.
  • Toffee, while in control of Ludo's body, forms a new right arm around Ludo's wand and absorbs the powers of the Magic High Commission members, reducing Omnitraxus Prime to a skull and putting Hekapoo and Rhombulus in a vegetative state.
  • Chancellor Lekmet of the Magic High Commission is reduced to ashes as he revives Queen Butterfly.
  • This episode marks the second time Queen Butterfly transforms into her Mewberty form.
  • Star reveals to Marco that she has a crush on him.
  • Star leaves Earth, and her loft disappears from the Diaz Household.



  • Angie appears with no lipstick during the hip-hop dancing scene and her hair is drawn out of proportion.
  • Pony Head's star pupils are missing in one scene.
  • When Star is saying goodbye to Marco, his hoodie pockets disappear for several frames.
  • When StarFan13 lies on the floor as Star leaves Earth, she has two short pigtails instead of the usual one.
  • When the loft disappears from the Diaz house, only the hole from the loft was left. However, since two towers were created, there should have been two holes in the roof.
  • When Star looks at a photo on the fridge, next to it there's nothing. Then, a notebook paper is next to it.
  • Oskar calls Marco "Mango" in this episode (and all subsequent episodes), but in "Star on Wheels", he called Marco by his actual name.


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