(theme song)
Episode begins at the Diaz Household during its end-of-school-year party. Inside, camera pans over multiple Echo Creek Academy students gathered around.
Carrie Pretty crazy year, huh?
Tyler No more math.
Hunter Trying to find someone to give me a ride to summer school.
Camera stops on Marco looking dumbfounded.
Chet [to Justin] So, I was, like, "Look, Principal Skeeves, I'll start wearing pants when you start winning gold medals." Know what I mean?
Chet and Justin [laughing then Chet eats a burger]
Sabrina Backintosh [signing Bethany's yearbook with arms in casts] Okay, don't move. [drops pen] Aw, I dropped it again. [bends down to pick up pen, yearbook falls on her head] Aah!
Marco looks even more shocked as he looks around the room.
Alfonzo Dolittle [laughter]
Girl [distorted laughing]
Jackie Lynn Thomas Hey, Marco. Whatcha doin'?
Marco Diaz Jackie, can I ask you something? Why are all these people acting like everything's normal?
Jackie 'Cause everything's normal. [eats one of Marco's nachos] Mm, you should try those. They're delicious.
Marco You know what? You can have it. [gives Jackie plate of nachos] I can't eat. My guts... ugh... are all... blah. You know what I mean?
Jackie Is this all 'cause you're embarrassed of your parents?
Rafael and Angie Diaz dance to hip-hop music.
Rafael Diaz Oh! Oh! Oh!
Marco That's certainly not helping, but... no. Ugh! Everything's just all super weird with Star. I just want things to be normal.
Jackie You're having a Marco moment.
Marco Uh, yeah, I'm having a Marco moment. Ha,Yeah.
Jackie All right, well, you can tell me all about it on the way to the kitchen. I want some more of these little hot dogs.
Star comes down the stairs and nervously joins the party.
Star Butterfly [sees Marco, gasps, walks away] No! [deep breath] Be classy. [slides up to Marco and Jackie] Hello, friends!
Jackie What's up, Star? You having fun?
Star Oh, yeah. Totally. Hmm.
Jackie I just realized, I have to go to the bathroom.
Marco Oh, uh...
Jackie You two talk for a sec. Be right back.
Star and Marco [Star] Cool party, huh?
[Marco] So how are you?
Marco Oh, sorry.
Star No-no-no-no, please. You go first.
Marco What did you say?
Star [nervous laughter] Sooo...
Marco Um...
Star You look well.
Marco Oh, heh-heh, thanks. I brushed my hair.
Star ...Well, great catching up!
Marco Yeah. See ya around... [lightly punches Star's shoulder] ...buddy.
Marco sticks his hand out for a fist bump, and Star puts her open palm on top of it.
Star and Marco [forced laughter] [quickly walk away groaning]
Star Man! [looks at photo of Star and Marco on the beach] Aww. [groans]
Star takes out her phone and texts "EMERGENCY FRIEND MEETING" to her friends. Scene cuts to Pony Head on a date in a restaurant.
Pony Head So, yeah, those are basically all of the reasons why I would be the most reliable non-flaky girlfriend ever. Heh. [her phone buzzes] I gotta go. Sorry. [floats away]
Prince Huh? Hey!
Waiter Here are the four lobsters the young lady ordered.
Scene cuts to Janna watching a scary movie on TV.
Woman on TV [shrieking]
Janna [laughing] [her phone buzzes] [quickly eats popcorn and runs out the door]
Scene cuts to Kelly fighting Jorby, a wolf monster.
Jorby [roars]
Kelly [jumps onto Jorby's back, screaming, draws sword] [her phone buzzes]
Jorby [growling]
Kelly Wait, timeout!
Jorby [whines]
Kelly Something just came up.
Jorby Cool. Later, Kelly. [fist-bumps Kelly]
Kelly See you next week!
Scene cuts back to Star in the Diaz Household kitchen.
Star [sighs]
StarFan13 [heavy breathing]
Star Whoa, StarFan13, you got here fast.
StarFan13 I was here the whole time.
Scene cuts to Ludo's monster temple. The Mewnian tavern rats cheer for a rat eating dozens of cornstalks. Rhombulus bursts in and starts freezing rats in crystal. Queen Butterfly enters, followed by Lekmet, Hekapoo, and Omnitraxus Prime. Omnitraxus turns into a giant fist and punches through Ludo's chamber doors. Inside, the bald eagle is seen regurgitating bugs and grubs into the giant spider's mouth.
Moon and Hekapoo Eww!
The eagle and spider charge at the group, and Hekapoo opens a dimensional portal for them to slip through. They end up on Earth outside Britta's Tacos.
Drive-thru Woman Welcome to Britta's Tacos. May I take your order?
Rhombulus runs up to Ludo in bed and tosses him to the floor.
Rhombulus Time to rise and dine!
Ludo Aah!
Rhombulus crystallizes Ludo from the legs down.
Ludo [disoriented] Ugh... Who are you...? Please don't take my organs... Queen Moon? What are you doing here?
Moon Give me that! [takes Ludo's wand]
Ludo Hey!
Moon Where's Glossaryck?
Ludo Glossaryck? Um, he's gone.
Moon [gasps]
Scene cuts to Star's bedroom.
Star [groans] So now, Marco and I can barely make eye contact because of Ruberiot's dumb song. I mean, Marco actually thinks I have a crush on him. [hysterical laughter]
Pony Head Yeah, but, like... don't you, though?
Star What?! No! [stammering] Okay, maybe once.
StarFan13 [gasps]
Star But I don't anymore.
StarFan13 Aww.
Star I just think he's kinda cute. I think lots of things are cute. Puppies are cute, kitties are cute, tiny peppers are cute—
Janna Star, it's cool. We believe you.
Star [whines] I just want things to go back to normal. What if they never do, Kelly? What if they never do?
Kelly Girl, don't freak out. Maybe you two just need some space. Like me and Tad, we're on our third break this week.
Janna Come on, Star. Let's ditch this place and go to the party the bad kids are having. I heard it's super dangerous.
Pony Head Oh! Star, you know what? You love danger.
Star That is true.
Pony Head Boom! You're in! Let's go! [grabs Star by the collar and carries her out]
Scene cuts back to Ludo's temple.
Moon What do you mean he's gone? What did you do with him?
Ludo I didn't do anything. Glossaryck showed me something in the spell book, and next thing I know, I wake up, and they're gone.
Moon Oh, come on. You stole the book.
Ludo Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. Glossaryck said the book is mine now. How's that stealing? And I think we can all agree Glossaryck comes and goes as he pleases.
Rhombulus That's true.
Hekapoo Yeah.
Moon And I suppose it's just a coincidence that you've taken up shelter here in this ancient monster temple.
Ludo I'm supposed to know that? This place was empty, so I moved in. It's cold out there! I'm wearing a chip bag, for corn's sake!
Moon What about your wand? You have half my family's crystal embedded in it.
Ludo It doesn't even work anymore. If it's yours, you can have it. Face it. You've got nothing on me.
Rhombulus All right, all right, all right, this is getting us nowhere. Time for Plan B.
Moon No. Wait.
Hekapoo No, we need to find Glossaryck.
The Magic High Commission members leave the room. Moon starts to follow, but she stops and looks back at Ludo.
Moon Oh, I... I saw your family, Ludo.
Ludo My family? Let me tell you about my family.
Scene cuts back to Earth; kids are seen partying on top of the Stop & Slurp with loud rock music.
Star, Pony Head, Janna, Kelly, and StarFan13 Wow!
Aaron Dominic [holding failed math quiz] "See me after class"? See this after class, Mr. Kimball! [throws quiz into trash can fire]
Pony Head Ooh, burning homework! So dangerous!
Star Is that legal?
Firefighter Woman [puts fire out] Don't worry. It's a controlled burn.
Kelly This is pretty cool, right? Janna's having a good time.
Janna [throws books into fire] Burn! Burn!
Star Yeah...
Pony Head Oh, come on, B-Fly, you need to loosen up. Here. Throw this math quiz into the fire.
Star [throws math quiz into trash can fire] Yeah, I don't feel anything. You guys were so awesome to bring me here, but I just don't think I'm in a party mood right now.
Pony Head No, I'm not like that.
Star You guys stay and have fun with your controlled burn. I'll see you back at my place.
Oskar Greason (o.s.) Star?
Star Huh?
Oskar Greason, with his hair shortened, sits on a car hood with his keytar.
Oskar [walks up to Star] Is that you?
Star Um... yeah. Maybe. Do I know you?
Oskar It's me, Oskar. I got a haircut. Check it out. Mmm!
Star [surprised] Oskar?
Oskar You're not leaving already, are you?
Star Uh... [looks at her friends]
Pony Head, Kelly and StarFan13 [Pony Head] Oh, yeah.
[Kelly] He's cute.
[StarFan13] Go for it.
Star [nervous laughter]
Scene cuts back to Diaz Household; Marco stands alone in the backyard.
Jackie Hey. What are we staring at?
Marco Oh, nothing. Just thinking about, uh, stuff.
Jackie Marco, it's the end of the year. We don't have to think about anything!
Marco and Jackie [laughing]
Jackie Let's only think about you, me, and what we're gonna do this summer. Now, what am I thinking right now?
Marco Uh...
Jackie Come on, Marco. Read my mind.
Marco Mm-hmm.
Jackie Imagine all the time we'll save if we learn to read each other's minds.
Marco Mmm... You want me to kiss ya?
Jackie Um, no. I just wanted you to feed me pizza nuggets, but hey, good first shot. [kisses Marco's cheek] Now go get us some pizza nuggets.
In the kitchen, Rafael takes a tray of pizza nuggets out of the oven.
Rafael Diaz Hello. Welcome to the world. Oh, Marco. How are you?
Marco Feelin' pretty great, Dad.
Rafael Oh, that's good. Hey, where's your partner in crime?
Marco Oh, Jackie? I guess we are pretty good partners.
Rafael Star, Marco. I was talking about Star.
Marco Oh.
Rafael Jackie is no criminal. Star, however? Now she's a criminal. I haven't heard any explosions or magic sounds. Is she okay?
Marco Well, uh... things are a bit weird between us right now.
Rafael What could be weird? Two teenagers sharing a home. One boy, one girl. ...Oh. Oh, no. Well, if things are weird, it's always good to talk it out. I feel great talking right now, and I don't even have a problem.
Marco Thanks, Dad.
Rafael Now, go. Get out.
Marco What?
Rafael I have to make more pizza nuggets.
Marco Oh.
Rafael Leave!
Scene cuts back to Ludo's temple.
Ludo Oh, and then, and then, and then, when I was, like, five years old, my big brother Chudo was walking me home from the park, and we stopped at this old, burned-down castle, and he said, "Well! [claps] Looks like the house burned down. Guess we've got to live outside now."
Moon That must've been difficult. But I do know that Dennis misses you. He says hello.
Ludo How is he?
Moon He's worried about his big brother. And so am I.
Ludo Worried about me? Don't you get it? I lost my army, my kingdom, my clothes! And look – still standing!
Moon Yes, but for how much longer? You don't look well, Ludo. Tell me what's going on, and maybe I can help you.
Scene cuts to black, then back to the Stop & Slurp.
Star So I haven't seen you at school in a while.
Oskar Yeah, I... dropped out to pursue my music.
Star Oh, you just gonna play.. that right now?
Oskar plays some synthesized rock music on his keytar. He then spins his keytar around his neck until the strap snaps and sends the keytar flying into the sky.
Oskar You think maybe.. it'll end up on Mars?
Star Oh, I don't know. I mean, heh, Mars is pretty far away.
Oskar What are you saying?
Star Oh, no, no. I mean, yeah! Yeah, maybe. Maybe. Maybe it'll end up on Mars.
Oskar You see, Star? That's what I like most about you. You always believed in me. [holds hand out for a fist-bump]
Star Oh, no, I... I always do that wrong. You know, that fist punchy thingy.
Oskar What are you talking about? You can't do it wrong. Just do what you feel.
Star [puts hand on Oskar's fist] Is this okay? [Oskar blushes]
Scene cuts back to Ludo's temple; the Magic High Commission searches for Glossaryck.
Hekapoo Glossaryck? [goes through dimensional portal] Glossaryck?
Omnitraxus Prime Glossaryck! Glossaryck! [phases through floor]
Rhombulus [holding partly crystallized rat] Tell me where he is!
Rat [squeaking]
Rhombulus You're a liar!
Lekmet Baaa?
Lekmet moves a pillar on the ground aside and finds a pile of corn. He bites one of the pieces of corn, and the book of spells falls out.
Lekmet Hmm? [spits out corn, picks up book] Baaaa! [echoing]
Hekapoo, Omnitraxus, and Rhombulus regroup with Lekmet.
Omnitraxus You found Glossaryck?
Lekmet Baaaa!
Lekmet opens the book; its pages are blank.
Rhombulus Blank?
Hekapoo That's not the real book.
Rhombulus, Hekapoo, and Lekmet return to Moon and Ludo.
Hekapoo and Lekmet [gasping]
Moon lies on the ground, unconscious with black eyes. Ludo stands over her with glowing green eyes and holding his wand.
Ludo [Toffee's voice, laughing evilly]
Toffee's flesh regenerates over the wand and Ludo's right arm, restoring Toffee's arm with the wand's crystal embedded in his palm.
Hekapoo Ludo?
Ludo (Toffee) Ludo's not here right now. But if you'd like, you can leave a message.
Omnitraxus [phases up through the floor] You did not wanna do that, little man—!
Toffee blasts Omnitraxus with dark magic, reducing him to only a skull mask.
Rhombulus, Hekapoo, and Lekmet [gasps]
Toffee absorbs Omnitraxus' power, and he rises off the ground with Omnitraxus' crags sticking out of the bottom of his crystallized legs.
Rhombulus That's it!
Rhombulus attacks Toffee, but Toffee blasts him away. Hekapoo, using a disconnected pair of dimensional scissors like daggers, attacks Toffee with a flurry of thrusts, but Toffee lifts her up and down onto the ground. He starts to absorb Hekapoo's power, but Rhombulus blasts him in the back. While Toffee fights Rhombulus, Lekmet revives Hekapoo.
Hekapoo [deep gasp]
Rhombulus falls, and Toffee absorbs his power. Hekapoo attacks Toffee again while Lekmet revives Rhombulus.
Lekmet [belabored bleating]
Rhombulus You can't keep doing that, Chancellor.
Hekapoo makes multiple clones of herself.
Hekapoo Get him!
Hekapoo and her clones attack Toffee all at once, but Toffee blasts them away. As Toffee absorbs Hekapoo's power, her clones vanish. He absorbs Rhombulus' power again, too.
Lekmet [weak bleating]
Lekmet crawls over to Moon and revives her.
Moon [deep gasp]
Lekmet [weak bleating]
Lekmet's body starts crumbling to dust.
Moon Chancellor! No!
Ludo (Toffee) Hello, Moon. It's been a while. [reveals his severed middle finger]
Moon [gasps] Toffee...!
Moon blasts Toffee with magic, and Toffee returns fire. Moon transforms into her winged, six-armed mewberty form and trades magic blasts with Toffee.
Moon [grunting]
Ludo (Toffee) [laughing]
Toffee grabs Moon with long vines and pulls her toward him. Moon makes a sword of magic energy and clashes swords with Toffee. Toffee shatters Moon's sword, and she falls to the ground. As Toffee hovers over Moon, Moon creates a great explosion that brings the roof down on top of Toffee. Moon picks up Hekapoo's scissors and opens a portal. She throws Rhombulus into the portal and gathers Lekmet's ashes and Omnitraxus' mask. As she picks up Hekapoo, Toffee rises from the rubble. Moon blasts a pair of pillars to collapse the ground between them. As the temple crumbles, Moon carries Hekapoo to the portal.
Ludo (Toffee) Tell Star... I'm coming for my finger.
Moon escapes through the portal, and it closes. Scene cuts back to the Stop & Slurp.
Oskar So you just say stuff and magic comes out?
Star Yeah, pretty much. I've even been creating my own spells. Want to see?
Oskar Yeah, I'd be honored.
Star Okay, I haven't practiced this one too much, so if your body explodes, whoopsie-doopsies! Heh. That's a little magic joke for you.
Oskar Oh. [laughs nervously]
Star Okay. [inhales] Sparkle Kitten Fireworks Shower! [creates fireworks that explode into raining kittens]
Kittens [mewing]
Oskar Whoa! It's beautiful.
Boy 3 Wow. What wonderful colors. Hey, what's that?
The screeching kittens fall on kids' heads and bite and scratch. The party erupts into a frantic panic.
Star Aw, geez, I gotta stop making cats.
Oskar [laughs] Seriously, how have we not hung out before?
Star Well, I'm usually pretty busy fighting monsters and stuff.
Oskar Oh, yeah, with your buddy. What's his name? [snaps fingers] Mango! It's always just you and Mango.
Star Oh, Marco.
Oskar Yeah. Where's Mango?
Star Well, Mango's going out with Jackie now, so he'll probably have less time to hang out with me.
Oskar Well, I'm not doing anything this summer. I'd make a great Mango.
Star Oh, uh... Yeah.
A police siren is heard.
Police Officer [amplified through megaphone] This is the police! You punks better be having a study group up there!
Boy 3 I've never read a book in my life!
Officer [growls] [amplified through megaphone] That's it, I'm calling your parents!
Boy 3 Everybody, run for it! [jumps off roof with wingsuit]
Star Whoa.
Oskar Hey, Star? I had a great time tonight. I think we could have an awesome summer together.
Star [laughing nervously] Yeah, maybe we could.
Oskar Give me a call. [walks away]
Star Good-bye!
Janna Good work, Star.
Kelly Great work.
Pony Head That's some fine work.
Star [embarrassed] Ew, gals, stop! You know, maybe this summer thing won't be that bad.
StarFan13 [carrying a dozen cats] We're off to a pretty great start already!
Star Yeah. I guess there's just one thing to take care of.
Scene cuts back to Diaz Household; Jackie tosses pizza nuggets into Marco's mouth.
Marco [chewing] Again! [chewing]
Star All right, Star, let's get awkward.
Jackie Okay, now do me. Ahhhhh...
Star Uh, hey, Marco? You got a sec?
Marco Star? [walks away from Jackie]
Jackie ...ahhhhhhhhhh...
Star and Marco [Marco] I have to tell you something. [chuckling nervously]
[Star] We need to talk. [chuckling nervously]
Star Let's go somewhere more quiet.
Star and Marco sit on the stairs.
Star Okay... [inhales deeply] Marco, I know things have been "different".
Marco Definitely "different".
Star I wanted to talk to you after Song Day, but I feel like we've been avoiding each other.
Marco Oh, I've definitely been avoiding you.
Star Yeah, me, too. I guess I just got scared that everything would change and that you didn't want to be friends anymore, and I miss the way things used to be, and, and...!
Marco Star. I miss the way things used to be, too.
Star [gasps] You do?
Marco Yeah. You're my best friend. But... but do you have a crush on me?
Star Uhhh... No. I don't.
Marco But the song...
Star Marco, you're my friend, and I just want to have an awesome summer with my friend.
Marco Friend?
Star Friend. [hugs Marco]
Marco Well, maybe let's just forget Song Day ever happened.
Star What's a Song Day? That sounds like a terrible day.
Marco [chuckles] You know, I think we deserve a couple of months where we just don't do anything.
Star That sounds great.
Marco Star, it's called summer, and it's gonna be great.
Star [whispers] Great.
Star goes upstairs to her room and finds an open dimensional portal.
Star Huh...? Wha...? How did this get here?
Moon (o.s.) Star!
Star Aah! Demon! ...Mom? Wha... What are you doing here?
Moon I don't have time to explain, but suffice it to say, we are in danger. We must leave for Mewni immediately.
Star What? Mom, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No!
Moon Yes, I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter.
Star You sent me here, and I didn't have a choice, and now you're just telling me to leave?
Moon Star, this is different.
Star Mom, I've learned that I get to make choices here. I chose to fix things with Marco.
Moon Star.
Star I'm choosing to have a crush on Oskar, I guess.
Moon Star.
Star And apparently, there's this thing called "summer", where you just don't go to school.
Moon Star.
Star So I'm choosing to stay here with my friend...
Moon Star!
Star ...and I'm not changing my mind!
Moon Star!
Star WHAT?!?
Moon ...Toffee has returned.
Star [eyes widen] No. No, no, no, no, no. [she picks up a picture of her and Marco and gazes at it sadly]
Moon I'm sorry, Star, but you need to leave.
Star [sighs] I need two minutes.
Star goes back downstairs.
Star Mmm... [shouting] Marco!
All [gasps]
Pony Head Loud.
Marco Star?
Star Marco, we need to talk. Just one last time.
Marco Is everything okay? You shouted pretty loud. Everybody's just staring at us.
Star Yeah, I know. But some stuff just came up, and I've only got a little time.
Marco What? Why? We got the entire summer.
Star Marco, I don't know how to tell you this, because you're my best friend...
Marco Star?
Star ...and that makes this super weird because...
Marco What's wrong?
Star ...because I... I... I do have a crush on you.
All [gasps]
Pony Head Who called it?! I called it! Boom!
StarFan13 [faints]
Pony Head I called it.
Star I didn't want to admit it because I know you don't feel the same way, and I thought if I just pretended the feelings weren't there, they'd go away. But they haven't. I have to leave Earth, probably forever, and I couldn't go without telling you the truth.
Marco Uh... I, uh...
Star [crying] Good-bye! Good-bye, everyone! [runs back upstairs]
Marco Star! [follows Star upstairs] Hey!
As camera follows Marco, Janna looks at Jackie, who appears stunned. Star runs inside her room and shuts the door. There's a bright flash of light inside.
Marco [opens Star's door] What do you mean—? [gasps]
Star's bedroom reverts to the state it was in before she moved in.
Marco Star?
Episode ends on an exterior shot of the Diaz Household as Star's loft vanishes. Closing credits play over the same shot with complete silence. Just before the "Disney Television Animation" logo, Oskar's keytar falls out of the sky.
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