"Starfari" is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 13, 2017, alongside "Princess Turdina".[1]


Star goes out into the field to understand why Mewmans treat Monsters unfairly.[2]


The episode begins with Star and Tom shopping together in the Mewni marketplace. While Star is treated like any other Mewman customer, monster customers are turned away with cruel prejudice. Even Tom is briefly treated harshly before the shop owner realizes he's the prince of the Underworld.

At Butterfly Castle, Queen Moon is busy preparing for Eclipsa's trial. When Star bursts in, she asks why monsters are treated as second-class citizens compared to other non-Mewman creatures like Rhombulus, Lekmet, the Pony Heads, the pigeons, and the Lucitors. Moon explains that monsters are dangerous and that individuals of royalty or importance are exempt from prejudice. Star presses the issue, so Moon tells her to consult Dr. Jelly Goodwell, the royal monster expert.

After several mixups in finding Dr. Goodwell's office, Star finally finds the right office and confronts Dr. Goodwell about the way monsters are treated in Mewni. Dr. Goodwell completely agrees with Star, having waited years for someone in the royal family to see the discrimination toward monsters and want to change it. She offers to take Star out into the field to see the results of her research firsthand. Disguised as monsters, Star and Dr. Goodwell travel across the vast expanse of Mewni to reach Dr. Goodwell's research lab (hidden inside a small treehouse).

The lab is located not far from a large monster village, and Dr. Goodwell observes the inhabitants from a distance, including Buff Frog and his tadpoles. Star realizes that Dr. Goodwell views the monsters only as wild animals and research subjects instead of real people. Despite her belief that monsters shouldn't be prejudiced against, Dr. Goodwell doesn't believe Mewmans and monsters should coexist. She plans to blow up the nearby dam and turn the monster village into an island so that the monsters can never leave. Star disagrees with Dr. Goodwell's plan, but Dr. Goodwell sets off her explosives anyway, causing dam water to rush toward the village.

Star races into the village to warn Buff Frog of the approaching water, but Buff Frog says water trickles out of the dam from time to time and the amount of water currently spilling out is manageable. When Buff Frog meets Dr. Goodwell and shakes her hand, Dr. Goodwell accidentally presses the button on her detonator again and sets off even more explosives, blowing up the dam completely and sending a giant flood of water toward the village.

Before the village is flooded and destroyed, Star and the monsters work together to block the incoming water with a new dam. Even Dr. Goodwell joins in the dam-construction effort at the urging of Buff Frog's daughter Katrina. The water is successfully blocked off, and the village is saved. Amazed to see Mewmans and monsters working together, Dr. Goodwell decides to live among the monsters as one of their own. With Dr. Goodwell's job now vacant, Star appoints Buff Frog as Mewni's new monster expert.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Starfari Starfari
French L'experte en monstres The Monster Expert
Hebrew סטארפארי Starfari
Japanese 怪物観察 Monster-Watching
European Portuguese Starfari Starfari
Thai สตาร์ฟารี Starfari


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S3E17 Star and the monster cheering together
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Revelations and continuity

  • Queen Butterfly continues preparing for Eclipsa's trial.
    • She also reveals that the Butterfly family has been allies with the Pony Heads for generations.
  • It is revealed that the Butterfly Kingdom appoints a monster expert to determine which creatures are deemed as monsters and which are not.
  • Several more of Ludo's monsters are revealed to have survived the events of "Storm the Castle", including Big Chicken, Beard Deer, and Three-eyed Potato Baby.
  • Star Butterfly appoints Buff Frog as Mewni's new monster expert.


  • Dr. Jelly Goodwell is similar in name and profession to British primatologist Jane Goodall, who studied Chimpanzees.
  • Star walking around in the monster suit is similar to a scene from the 1960 movie To Kill A Mockingbird where Scout is dressed as a ham for Halloween.
  • The Dam of Constant Sorrow is named similarly to the 1913 folk song "Man of Constant Sorrow".


  • Dr. Goodwell's tracking device, shown on Buff Frog's ear, doesn't appear again after its first appearance.
    • Though certainly it was just for the sake of the gag.


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