"Starsitting" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on August 15, 2016, alongside "On the Job".[2]


When Star and Marco are in charge of watching Buff Frog's tadpoles, the duo’s babysitting styles clash.[3]


The episode begins with Star and Marco playing a board game, using sentient miniature versions of themselves as the game pieces. Their styles of playing differ in that Marco is mostly concerned with following the rules while Star just wants to have fun. Suddenly, Buff Frog arrives through a dimensional portal and asks Star to babysit his tadpoles while he goes to work. Because Buff Frog has no one else to ask, Star and Marco accept. Buff Frog gives them a binder containing information on how to care for the tadpoles properly and says he'll return to pick them up at 6:00.

Using the information in Buff Frog's binder, Marco learns that the tadpoles' daily schedule consists mainly of eating and sleeping, but Star says that's no fun. After putting the tadpoles down for a nap, Marco goes to the kitchen to make their lunch. While alone with the tadpoles, Star, unable to resist the tadpoles' cuteness, lightly pokes Katrina, the youngest tadpole, accidentally waking her and the other tadpoles up. Unsatisfied with the slop that Marco made them for lunch, Star feeds the tadpoles cake instead, causing them to spit up all over the living room. Marco insists that they call Buff Frog, but Star is determined to carry out her responsibility without fail. When Buff Frog calls Star's portable mirror, the tadpoles calm down from listening to Star's ringtone.

After Star and Marco give the tadpoles a bath and send a photo of them to Buff Frog, the tadpoles start sprouting their walking legs (except for Katrina). They start running around the house faster than Marco can keep up, but Star allows them to have all the fun they want. Unfortunately, Star loses Katrina four minutes before Buff Frog returns. Star and Marco search all over the house for Katrina, but she is nowhere to be found. The last place for them to look is in Star's bedroom, but it is too large for them to search by themselves. Using music to round up the other tadpoles, Star and Marco get them to help search for Katrina, and they find her in a pile of stuffed animals in the middle of a bunch of bear traps.

When Buff Frog returns to pick up his tadpoles, he is a little sad that he wasn't there to see his babies develop their legs. Fortunately, he is just in time to see Katrina develop hers. Buff Frog thanks Star and Marco for their help and leaves. Star and Marco go back to their board game, having learned that following the rules and focusing on having fun are equally important. But they quickly fall asleep, exhausted by all their hard work, while the miniature versions of them play their own game with miniatures of themselves.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Starsitting Starsitting
French Mission Têtarsitting Mission Tadpolesitting
German Mucki-Babies Buff-Babies
Hebrew סטארטף Star and Babies
Hungarian Csillagpesztra Starsitting
Italian Star la Babysitter Star the Babysitter
Japanese ベビーシッター・スター Babysitter Star
Polish Niania Star Nanny Star
Portuguese (Brazil) Star, A Babá Star, The Nanny
Portuguese (Portugal) Star Ama Star in Charge
Russian Звёздочка сидит Starsitting
Spanish (Latin America) Star, Niñera Nanny Star
Spanish (Spain) Star Hace de Niñera Star Babysitter


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S2E11 Buff Frog's tadpoles dancing
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  • The episode title is a portmanteau of Star's name and "babysitting".
  • This episode takes place at the same time as "On the Job".


  • At the beginning and end of the episode, Star and Marco play a board game similar to Chutes and Ladders.


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