(theme song)
Scene opens with Star sliding down a slide
Star Butterfly Whoo! [gasps] Awesome! Again. Again. Again. Again. Again
A six sided die crashes overhead.
Marco Diaz Two. [takes steps] One. Two. [climbs up a staircase] Punch! Punch! Chiii-oop!
Star That's boring, Marco. Stairs are boring.
The die crashes overhead again.
Marco Hmm. Six.
Star [hoping] One. Two. Three. Fourrrr [notices slide, gasps excitedly] Fuh-fuh-fuh fiiivvveee! [exhales slowly and giggles]
Marco Uuh... Siiixxx... [gestures for Star to take another step]
Star I don't want to go six. I want to go five.
Marco You rolled six. You go six. Those are the rules.
Star If the rules get in the way of the fun what's the point?
Large Star Sing it, sister.
The camera zooms out to reveal that Marco and Star are miniaturized figures on a board game of (presumably) Slides and Stairwells. The real Marco and Star are above, watching.
Tiny Marco The point is to use the steps to get to the end.
Marco [chuckles] I'm sorry Star. I'm gonna have to agree with this super handsome little guy.
Tiny Marco Oh, stop it.
Marco No, you stop it.
A pair of dimensional scissors opens up a portal into Star's room
Marco + Star Buffrog?
Buffrog [pulls out stroller]
Star Buffbabies! [grabs board game]
Tiny Marco No please don't close it!
Tiny Star [screams]
Star [closes the game]
Buffrog Star Butterfly, I am needing your help. [whines] My babies. Please be baby-sitting them.
Star [coos excitedly] Babies.
Buffrog I don't know anyone else to ask.
Star Oh, I got this. I'm like, basically, the Crowned Princess of Babysittonia, right Marco?
Buffrog [phone rings] Excuse me. Da?
Marco [whispers] You've never baby-sat before, have you?
Star Noooo. But I was a baby once.
Buffrog Yes, yes, I bring weapons. What am I? Tadpole?
Marco It's not that easy Star.
Buffrog Will bring torture bag as well. See you soon. [closes phone] Here is Binder. All of babies schedules and informations inside. [hands to Star]
Star [hands to Marco]
Buffrog Oh, Katrina. My most delicate little glassy pearl. [kisses] Please be extra careful with her.
Marco It'll be just fine. Star and I got this handled.
Star Just like a suitcase. Totally handled.
Buffrog Take good care of them. Or else...
Marco [gulps nervously]
Buffrog Okay. Daddy will come get you after work. Six o'clock sharp. Be good and listen to baby-sitters.
Buffrog leaves through a portal.
Star Ooooh. So young, so full of dreams. What bright new adventures will we take you on?
Marco A nap.
Star What⁉
Marco We follow the instructions Buffrog left us and they nap.
Star Then this will be a nap they will never forget!
Marco Just read me what the book says.
Star Fine. Boris, Alexi, and Anastasia sleep on their sides.
Marco Mm-hmm.
Star Dimitry, Ana, and Igor prefer their stomachs. Mikhail, Leo, and Irina sleep on their right sides.
Marco Mm-hmm.
Star Nadia and Sergei on their left. Katrina is delicate and must be held to sleep.
Marco [hands Katrina to Star]
Star Awww. I got you lil' babe. Okay, what now?
Marco They sleep, then we feed them.
Star And theeeen?
Marco They sleep agaaaain.
Star And theeeen!
Marco That's it. They just sleep.
Star Oh, come on. Where's the fun in that?
Marco It's not just about having fun, Star.
Star But babies need fun.
Marco [in Russian accent similar to Buffrog's] No. Babies have routine and schedule.
Star Ugh.
Marco Now you keep an eye on them, and I'll make their lunch.
Star Hey, no fair!
Marco You wanna make 12 lunches?
Star I'll watch the lil' bits! [coos] Awww! So cuuute! Just. One. Boop.
Marco Star. No booping. Just watch.
Star Just watch.
In kitchen
Marco Okay, let's see here. [opens binder] Feeding... feeding... feeding... [looks at page] Ugh.
Star Awww! Precious little babieesss! Especially little Katrina-kins.
Katrina [yawns]
Star You just wanna be boopity-booped. [looks to see if Marco is around] Okayyy... just one boop. Then I– No! But she's so cuuute! I just gotta... [pokes Katrina, shudders loudly]
Katrina Ribbit!
Star [gasps]
Tadpoles [croak loudly]
Marco Star, everything okay in there?
Marco runs back into the living room to find all the tadpoles jumping by Star, who's lying on the ground.
Star I booped, Marco. I booped so bad.
Marco It's okay. I got Buffrog's binder! [clears throat, in accent] To stop croaking, feed babies lunch. Ah, that's easy. I got lunch all ready in the kitchen.
Star Oh mah babies gotta eat! [gives Marco the tadpoles, runs to kitchen, looks at food] No way. My babies ain't eating that slop!
Marco Star, hurry up in there.
Star Aaall ready!
Star magically gives the tadpoles their lunch in bottles, but instead of the green mixture Marco had prepared, the babies are given something pink with sprinkles.
Marco Wait. What did you put in there?
Star Cake.
Marco You can't feed babies cake!
Star What? Fun, Marco. Remember?
Each tadpole spits out their bottle. Their outer membranes start growing and contracting vigorously.
Star You guys like fun, don't you? Don't you wittle guys?
A tadpole burps, spitting the cake into Star's face.
Marco No! No, no!
Marco graps the tadpole, redirecting its cake blast around the living room, destroying some of the plants.
Star [shudders] Oh wait. Don't do that.
Marco We gotta call Buffrog.
Star Whoa there, Diaz. I told Buffrog I was the Crowned Princess of Babysittonia.
Marco We're doing this by the book then.
The babies continue to croak and barf cake onto Marco.
Marco [falls on floor] It says they need a bath.
Star Okay. You corral the babies. I got the bath. [holding wand] Squeaky clean bath beam!
A bath tub materializes on a table.
Marco I got one! [slips and falls] Ow!
The tadpole he was holding rolls around the edge of the tub, barfs in it, and then falls off the side.
Marco Aw! Really⁈
Star's upper body appears out of the bathtub
Star [gasping] This isn't working. [phone rings, sees it's from Buffrog, screams] What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
Marco Answer it!
Star I don't want to answer it. [looks at babies] Aww, they're dancing to the music.
Marco Quick. Get 'em into the tub.
The phone continues to ring as Marco rounds up the tadpoles. After the bath, Marco dries one of them.
Star That is so cute. [gasps] Oh my gosh! We gotta send Buffrog a photo. Say "Co-o-orn!" [texting] "We miss you Daddy. We are counting on you." Aand send! You know Marco, you're pretty good at this!
Marco Thanks. I just used the old trusty binder.
The tadpole Marco was holding jumps out of his hand. Upon landing, it sprouts two legs.
Star [gasps] Leeegss! Legs, legs, legs, le-hegs!!
Marco There's not a chapter in the binder about growing legs!
Tadpoles [croak loudly, grow legs]
Star They're all growing legs!
Marco [screams]
The tadpoles start running around everywhere
Marco Quick! Catch 'em!
Star Aww, except little Katrina. She feels left out.
Marco Never mind Katrina. Do something!
Star Fine. [puts Katrina down] Stay put, little buttercup.
Marco Gotcha! Whoa! Whoaaa! Ow!
Star Don't play too rough now. Have fun.
The tadpoles work together to pick up Marco, and they run to the front door.
Marco Fun? This isn't fun–
The tadpoles throw Marco outside and lock the door.
Marco Hey! Let me in!
The tadpoles run up the stairs. Star pursues them. They then slide down the railing. Star too slides down the railing. Tadpoles run back upstairs, then slide down. Star does the same. Outside, Marco sees some of the tadpoles running on a treadmill.
Marco What the? Oh, no! No! Hey! [opens window, jumps on treadmill]
The tadpole jumps on the increase speed button.
Marco He-e-ey! No! Stop! Sto-o-op! [flies off and into wall]
Meanwhile, the other tadpoles continue to run up the stairs and slide down the banister, Star always following behind.
Star Whee! Whee!
Marco Star! Quit messing around! Buffrog will be back in [looks at clock, gasps] Four minutes⁈ We have four minutes to get these babies under control!
Star Relax, Marco. We got this. You take care of the ones with the legs, and I'll take care of [gasps] Katrina? We gotta find her!
The pair searches the kitchen.
Marco No. No!
Marco check his room
Marco No.
Star check the bathroom.
Star Nope.
Scene shows multiple rooms at once.
Marco She's
Star Not.
Marco In.
Star Here!
Marco There's only one room left in the house.
Star blasts down the door to her room. It's huge.
Marco We need an army to search your room!
Star Great idea! Hey Babies! I hope them legs came with buunnnss!!
Star's wand stars playing "Space Unicorn". The babies begin to run to her.
Wand ♪ Space Unicorn! Soaring through the stars! Delivering the rainbows all around the world! Space Unicorn. Shining in the night ♫
Marco It's working! Now what?
Star Give them their marching orders.
Wand ♪ Smiles and hugs forever all around the world ♫
Marco Alright babies. Line up...
Star Marco, make it fun.
Marco Hey babies, wanna learn a new dance? First, shimmy your leg like this. [dancing] Ah! Ah! Alright. Now-ow-ow!! Pose! Great. Great. Now back it up. Back it up and spin! Then look for your sister under the nearest object!
Clock [gongs]
Wand ♪ Space Unicorn. Soarin through the stars ♫
Marco They're doing it!
Wand ♪ Delivering the rainbows ♫
Tadpole [gestures to Marco]
Marco I think they found something!
Wand ♪ All around the world! ♫
Marco Katrina!
Katrina is sleeping in the back of a room full of bear traps.
Marco Star! Why do you have so many bear traps?
Star You're afraid to tell Jackie you have a crush on her, but you're not afraid of bears? I don't get you Marco.
Marco How are we gonna get to her?
Star We use the binder.
Marco What⁈
Star [throws the binder]
Marco [slow motion] Noooooo!
The screen goes black. Many snapping and clanging sounds are heard. Scene reappears with Buffrog walking in from a portal all beat up. Star, Marco, and the tadpoles are nicely arranged in the living room.
Buffrog Babies!
Tadpoles [croak, stand up]
Buffrog [gasps]
Tadpoles [run over to Buffrog]
Buffrog [gasps] Awww. [sobs]
Marco Hey, are you okay?
Buffrog [sobbing] I miss baby tadpole grow legs! Most important developmental stage of child development.
Star [holds Katrina] Well, little Katrina hasn't grown her legs yet.
Buffrog [gasps] My little late bloomer.
Katrina [grows legs]
Buffrog Come to Papa! [giggles] Boooop!
All the other tadpoles stand on Buffrog's shoulders
Star Bye little Katrina-kins.
Marco Don't forget the binder. Look, we added a chapter.
Several bear traps fall off the binder Buffrog looks inside the binder at a bunch of images of his kids with his babysitters.
Buffrog Aww... Thank you, Star girl and Karate boy. I will remember this, like something I will never forget.
He steps into the portal, and it closes.
Star I like that guy.
Marco Yeah. Me too.
Scene changes back to the game of Slides and Stairwells they were playing earlier.
Tiny Marco [going down a slide] Wohoo!
Marco You know, sometimes you do have to forget the rules and focus on just having fun.
Star You can't forget them completely though. They make the fun that much sweeter.
Marco You think they'll ever get that?
Marco points to larger version of Star and Marco, sleeping outside of the game. They, in fact, are playing the game within the game.
Middle-sized Star Give them time. They're still young.
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