"Starstruck" is the ninth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on August 8, 2016, alongside "Camping Trip".[1]


When Star's biggest hero Mina Loveberry, a rogue magic-wielder from Mewni, loses her mojo for battle, Star attempts to help her get it back.[2]


Behind a donut shop, Star and Marco hover around the dumpsters waiting for the old donuts to get thrown out. However, when the donuts are finally thrown out, a purple-haired woman in pigtails and dirty clothes gets to them first. Much to Star's shock, this woman is Mina Loveberry, a famous magical warrior from Mewni. To Marco's eyes, however, she is just a crazy lady. Mina explains that she is vacationing on Earth at the insistence of her doctor and has come to observe humans. Star, familiar with all of Mina's exploits and achievements, asks Mina to teach her how to be a true warrior, and Mina agrees.

Mina's bizarre teaching methods involve wading through the Echo Creek Mud Pits, trying to ride a stuffed woolly mammoth, and terrorizing children on a playground in order to make "weapons". Throughout this, Star hangs on Mina's every word, and Mina declares the two of them to be "mud sisters". Marco simply follows the two and continues to think that Mina is crazy. While in line to get hot dogs, Mina talks to the locals and learns that Earth (specifically American) society is based around the democratic system of voting. Mina embraces this sense of freedom and sets fire to the hot dog cart. Marco tries to convince Star to stop all this before Mina causes more damage, but Star can't bring herself to do so because of how much she idolizes Mina. Meanwhile, Marco gets into trouble with the park police due to the damage Mina has caused.

On top of a large hill, Mina carries out the final phase of Star's training and announces that they are going to conquer the Earth and rule over the ruler-less humans. Finally realizing how crazy Mina is, Star says she doesn't want to conquer the Earth. Before a battle breaks out between Star and Mina, Mina witnesses the power of democracy firsthand when the people around her vote against her plans to rule the planet. Having been "defeated", Mina angrily takes her leave. The park police arrive with Marco to arrest Mina, but she vanishes into a dumpster.

Star tells Marco that he was right about Mina all along. To help cheer Star up, Marco suggests they go dumpster-diving behind the French bakery for some day-old baguettes. Meanwhile, on Mewni, Mina sits under a tree and laments leaving her "mud sister" behind.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Sterrengek Starscrazy
French Sœurs de boue Mud Sisters
German Das große Treffen The Big Meeting
Hebrew אבק כוכבים Starstruck
Hungarian Csillagcsapás Starstruck
Italian L'idolo di Star The Idol of Star
Japanese あこがれの人 The Idolized Person
Polish Starscynacja Starsination
Portuguese (Brazil) A Pegadinha da Star Star’s Catch
Portuguese (Portugal) Star Cega Blind Star
Russian Боготворит Worship
Spanish (Latin America) Star, Guerrera Warrior Star
Spanish (Spain) La Guerrera Star Warrior Star


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S2E9 Star Butterfly bowing to Mina Loveberry
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  • Amy Sedaris guest-stars as Mina Loveberry. This marks Sedaris's second guest role after Lydia in "Fetch".
  • Star doesn't have her wand in this episode, making this the first time it has been absent.



  • When Star talks to Mina after being encouraged by Marco, Mina's boot does not reach up to her knee, causing the boot's knee guard to appear detached.
  • During Mina's line "Please protect us", her gloves are missing.


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