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The Stop & Slurp is a convenience store located in Echo Creek.


The store is built with lavender bricks and has a light blue roof, with a sign reading "Stop &" in it, with "Slurp" written on the roof, in a dark blue color.


The store is first seen in "Star Comes to Earth" when Marco hangs around outside asking passersby to get him a drink refill. When Star arrives to apologize for inconveniencing him, Ludo and his army appear to claim Star's wand, and Star and Marco team up against them in the store parking lot.

In "Fetch", Star goes into the Stop & Slurp to purchase a frozen drink. Unable to pay for the drink because a stray dog has her magic wand, she puts it on Marco's tab.

In "Starcrushed", several kids from Echo Creek Academy hold a party on the Stop & Slurp's roof to celebrate the end of the school year.

In "Cleaved", the Stop & Slurp is briefly seen as Marco races to the giant portal connecting Earth and Mewni.


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  • The name "Stop & Slurp" may be based on the real-life supermarket chain Stop & Shop.
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